5 Unscripted Moments In WWE That Got Wrestlers In A Lot Of Trouble

5 Unscripted Moments In WWE That Got Wrestlers In A Lot Of Trouble

On a recent episode of SmackDown Live on the
7th November 2017, Sami Zayn went one-on-one
with Kofi Kingston in a match that ended in
an awkward conclusion. The match finish saw
Zayn lose after Kingston caught him off-guard
with a crossbody pin combination. Even as
a heel, Sami Zayn is still booked to lose…
I was just pointing out… you’re welcome
I guess… I don’t know if Owens was supposed
break-up the pin or what but what is clear
is that Owens and Zayn were supposed to “feed”
for The New Day after their attack on Kofi.
In other words, Owens and Zayn (the heels)
were supposed to take a beating by The New
Day (the babyfaces) in order to make them
look strong. However, Owens and Zayn just
thought “nah, I’m outta here” and fled
the ring. Xavier Woods and Big E were not
impressed that’s for sure. You could argue
that Owens and Zayn were just doing their
jobs as heels but since they went against
a creative directive and conducted business
for themselves, consequences followed. Owens
and Zayn were sent back home for “unprofessional
conduct” and missed the rest of the WWE
European tour, a decision that was approved
by the Chairman, Vince McMahon. Maybe Vince
was still hurt from the headbutt that Owens
gave him.
If you ever make it to the WWE, one thing
you should never do is piss of The Chairman
and Titus O’Neil did exactly that. Seconds
before Monday Night RAW was going off-air
after an emotional retirement speech from
Daniel Bryan, Titus O’Neil thought it would
be a smart idea to jokingly grab Vince McMahon’s
arm, saying “ladies first” to allow Stephanie
McMahon to exit the stage first. However,
Vince McMahon wasn’t amused in the slightest
and shoved O’Neil back. I don’t know what
Titus O’Neil was thinking but laying your
hands on The Chairman is effectively career
suicide, well… except if your name is John
Cena. I guess you could say that Titus O’Neil
finally got a “push” from this. In all
seriousness, O’Neil was suspended for 60-days
and was even fined around $5000 for his actions.
Since the incident, things haven’t been
working out too great for O’Neil as far
as championship accomplishments
but I guess he’s too busy managing Titus
Worldwide… sorry, Titus Worldwide!
It is well known that Kurt Angle won an Olympic
gold medal with a broken freakin’ neck,
however, in a segment on SmackDown on the
4th November 2004, Angle nearly ended up with
a broken freakin’ arm at the hands of Daniel
Puder. During the segment, Angle challenged
contestants of the WWE reality show, Tough
Enough, to a shoot wrestling match. After
Angle defeated one challenger, another one
stepped up to the plate, mixed martial artist
and season 4 Tough Enough winner, Daniel Puder.
The two tussled with one another before Angle
brought Puder down, however, in the process,
Puder locked Angle in a kimura lock. Most
MMA fighters would have tapped at this point
but this is Angle we’re talking about, he
won a gold medal with a broken freakin’
neck, if I haven’t mentioned that already.
Besides, Angle couldn’t tap as that would
have tarnished his reputation as an amateur
wrestler. Thinking quickly on his feet, referee
Jim Korderas quickly awarded Angle a pin-fall
victory despite Puder’s shoulders not being
fully down, saving Angle from humiliation
and a broken arm, of course. As you can imagine,
Angle was not too happy about what happened,
in fact, he was furious. Although Puder went
on to win Tough Enough season 4, he was released
from the WWE shortly afterwards but not before
he was destroyed in the 2005 Royal Rumble,
most likely as punishment for what he did
to Angle. Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, and
Hardcore Holly just straight up victimised
Puder in the ring and each of them took it
in turns to deliver many nasty chops to his
chest. Just listen to the sounds of those
chops. Ouch!
The storyline between Mickie James and Trish
Stratus was one to remember as we saw James
gradually progress from being Stratus’ biggest
fan to an obsessed stalker of Stratus. Their
feud eventually culminated in a match at WrestleMania
22 for the WWE Women’s Championship, which
James went on to win from Stratus, but not
before she made a provocative gesture that
got her into a lot of trouble. During the
match, James grabbed Stratus’ crotch and
then proceeded to make a vulgar gesture by
licking her fingers…OK, that would be a
straight trip to demonetisation. It probably
still will get demonetised just like the rest
of our videos pretty much. Following the match,
James headed through the curtain backstage
to find an irate Vince McMahon, who scolded
her for the unscripted gesture she made. Due
to the highly sexual nature of the gesture,
it was edited out of DVD releases but thanks
to the power of the internet, the original,
un-edited version is still available for us
to enjoy… I mean, watch.
The MSG “Curtain Call” incident in 1996
forever changed the landscape of professional
wrestling in terms of kayfabe, when kayfabe
was actually a thing back then. Kevin Nash
and Scott Hall were set to leave the WWE to
go to WWE’s biggest rival at the time, WCW
but before they did, they wrestled their last
WWE matches at a live event in Madison Square
Garden. The closing match of the night saw
then WWF World Heavyweight Champion, Shawn
Michaels, defeat Kevin Nash in a steel cage
match. Immediately after the match, Michaels,
Hall, Nash and Triple H group hugged in the
ring which was very unusual to see back then;
babyfaces and heels embracing one another.
I can imagine Vince McMahon looked on like
this. With Nash and Hall leaving the WWE and
Michaels being the World Champion, Triple
H was solely punished and his big push and
scheduled King of the Ring 1996 win were taken
away from him. But maybe it was a blessing
in disguise as instead, the push went to “Stone
Cold” Steve Austin, who went on to win King
of the Ring 1996 and delivered the iconic
Austin 3:16 promo. The
incident certainly did not affect Triple H
in the long-term as he went on to become a
14-time World Champion.

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  5. Another recent punishment was for Sasha banks when she talk trash about Alexa Bliss and it was unscripted all the things she said. WWE make her win the tittle just to make her loss it against Alexa after an 8 day tittle reign.

  6. I watched this video, very pathetic and stupid, and I know people believe this shit,dont know which is dumber, the wrestlers or the fans.

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  9. So, i don't watch wrestling, saw Undertaker live back in the 90's, was real to me back then damnit!! And, it was A LOT of fun. So my question to the fans is this, what was the deal with Angle and Puder? Was Angle legitimately upset? And Puder seemed to respect him, said "Yes sir." Then he walked away. Just a simple question and wanting to know the answer to it, ty!

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  14. #3 was bogus. I can't believe Guerrero would take part in that. A bunch of cowards ganging up on that kid like that. He would have broken each of them down if it was real.

  15. Haven’t even started watching yet and I’m guessing Curtin call is on it?

    (Edit) Yup I was right….

  16. So basically your actual job at wwe is to not to piss of the chairman.. Unless you're super famous

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  19. The Titus situation was ridiculous. A verbal reprimanding is one thing…A suspension and fine is a whole nother

  20. The MSG curtain call incident did change WWE professional wrestling. I wonder, if HHH had gotten the opportunity to win that years King of the Ring instead of Stone Cold, how would the Attitude Era really panned out. As one of the biggest Stone Cold fans, I'm going to say Steve Austin still would have prevailed as the toughest SOB, but…it is interesting to think about.

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