5 WWE Wrestlers Who Turned Into Big Memes

5 WWE Wrestlers Who Turned Into Big Memes

Brock Lesnar is known as the beast incarnate
and that’s for a good reason. His immense
size and quick speed is a very deadly combo
and has been used to take out big superstars
such as: The Undertaker and Goldberg. However,
a meme which surfaced online of Brock Lesnar
changed Lesnar’s intimidating presence into
something more of a joke. The meme which surfaced
online simply changed Brock Lesnar’s name
to Bork Laser, a misspelled nickname given
to Brock Lesnar. The meme originated when
the WWE were first starting up their YouTube
channel. The WWE were taking down videos belonging
to the WWE that people had uploaded on YouTube.
In order to combat this, people got around
the issue by renaming common WWE phrases into
odd, humorous phrases. Brock Lesnar therefore
was given the name, “Bork Laser.” A lot
of video titles also had the phrase “cheese
soufflé” in the title. You sometimes wonder
why the Internet is such a weird place…
Back in 2015 at the Summerslam pay per view,
The Undertaker was up against Brock Lesnar
in the main event match. The Undertaker ended
up defeating Brock Lesnar using his “Hell’s
Gate” submission hold which caused Lesnar
to pass out, holding his middle finger up
to Taker as he did so. However, roughly half
way through the match Brock Lesnar sat up
and started laughing at The Undertaker who
was still on the floor. The Undertaker proceeded
to sit up and deliver a laugh of his own to
Lesnar, only with more hyperbole and sarcasm.
This captured moment was posted on the WWE
Universe’s Twitter Channel and gained just
under 3,000 re-tweets and favourites in just
24 hours. The photograph was quickly turned
into a meme featuring The Undertaker’s face
superimposed over actor Kelsey Grammer from
the sitcom Frasier. Another meme even had
The Undertaker’s scream edited with the
1999 Anheuser-Busch commercial “Whassup?”
I suppose you can also use that meme to represent
Mr McMahon’s reaction towards the WWE universe
when Roman Reigns beat The Undertaker and
retired him at WrestleMania 33.
Speaking of Mr McMahon, the faces that he
has pulled over the course of the WWE is hardly
surprising to see that they have been turned
into memes. Take Vince McMahon’s reaction
face. During a 2002 episode of Smackdown,
former women’s wrestler Stacy Kiebler entered
the ring and danced in front of Mr McMahon.
The results were pretty damn funny! Mr McMahon
pulled so many of what appeared to be “orgasmic”
faces, many of which have now been turned
into memes all over the Internet. One funny
meme in particular was Vince reacting to bodybuilder
Gary Strydom. Let’s be honest, we all know
what happens when Vince sees a big muscular
man… Vince McMahon’s face is now popular
throughout the Internet, particularly as GIFs.
He’s even got his own subreddit called Vince
McMahon GIFs. I’ve got a meme of my own
actually. Vince McMahon when he first saw
Roman Reigns.
Watch out, watch out! RKO! I’m pretty sure
you’ve all seen this famous meme but if
you somehow have been living under a shell,
I’ve made this funny compilation for you!
Enjoy! As you saw in these clips, this meme
features Randy Orton delivering his famous
finishing move the RKO to people tripping
over or falling down on the ground. The meme
originated from a football/soccer game in
2013 between Real Madrid and Juventus at the
UEFA Champions League tournament. In the game,
Arturo Vidal was awarded a penalty after tripping
over the ball as a result of a misaimed kick
at the ground. A year later, a parody version
of Vidal’s fall with Randy Orton delivering
an RKO out of nowhere was created. Now the
Internet is flooded with memes of Randy Orton
delivering RKO’s to pretty much everyone
and everything. So, I guess you better watch
your back because you never know when Randy
Orton will deliver his RKO out of nowhere.
When it comes to John Cena, he is the centre
of all WWE-related memes. You firstly have
the meme where you apparently cannot see John
Cena. Seriously, where is he? All I see is
a floating ring… And you also have this
meme. And his name is John Cena! Don’t worry
I won’t show it to you again. Ah be honest,
you thought I was probably going to show…
Last but not least, you have the meme of John
Cena saying “Are you sure about that?”
This meme originated from a prank that John
Cena was involved in, set up by Cricket Wireless
called: “The Unexpected John Cena Prank.”
In this prank, individuals were invited by
Cricket Wireless to audition for a chance
to introduce John Cena. However, little did
they know that John Cena was right behind
them. In one notable scene, John Cena appears
on set after he rips the paper to push his
face through to only say: “Are you sure
about that?” Internet fans were quick to
capture this moment and turn it into the funny
meme it is today.

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  1. I dont get what the big deal about lesnar beating goldberg is. I mean it's 2-1 with Goldberg winning. And Goldberg beay him in less than 2 mins

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  3. Natasia: hello I'm 13 years old and I have sex with ten boys and my mom won't whoop me about it.me: makes a bork Lesnar face and grab a belt and said are you sure about that

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  5. The Brock Lesner meme I heard before because I was playing a wwe game on roblox someone said Bork laser

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