All Elite Wrestling has me excited about pro wrestling again

hello boys and girls let me take a freak 11:27 here a ewu wrestling Wow these past couple of shows that I’ve watched of a aew dynamite which I have to catch the next day because if I were to watch them live I’d have to stay up until something like 4:00 a.m. I got to tell you let me begin by saying that when I stopped watching WWE when I finally said you to Vince McMahon and WWE and I stopped trying to do the mental gymnastics required to support a company that was doing business with Saudi Arabia despite saying they love their women’s tell and it appreciated them and we’re gonna feature them more money they didn’t even really need money that Mitzvah absolutely doesn’t need at all but he took it anyway because he’s a greedy capitalist that’s just who he is he’s 73 years old knocking on death’s door he’s just trying to just bring in all the money he can it’s look at all the money they’re getting on the TV deals okay yeah so it’s not just the ramblings of a leftist it’s just why would you okay so there was that but I was so burned out like three hours of Raw two hours of Smackdown an hour of NXT and then the pay-per-views which could go like six hours plus pre-shows and then they’d expect me to watch main event or whatever other crap they put on and then all of the network specials and it’s just like that’s what they want though that they want you to believe that this is all there is this this WWE Universe as they call it this is all there is so we’re just gonna throw as much wrestling at you as possible but they also throw a lot of crap at you to it and over time it becomes less wrestling and in more entertainment less actual wrestling and more entertainment and I was just it really made me lose my interest in wrestling just in general and that goes against all of my better judgment I understand that because it does kind of make me sound like one of those idiot fanboys I talk about who thinks that there’s nothing else out there I was aware that there was other stuff out there I had a new Japan World subscription I watched ROH when I could find it on TV but then I moved to Europe and it’s harder to find I I tried to keep a breast of wrestling as much as I could but it just ww just just sort of sucked the fun out of it for me it’s kind of like when Barry Sanders retired in his prime from the Detroit Lions he could have gone somewhere else but he didn’t because the Detroit Lions culture of losing and just made him lose passion for football the same with Calvin Johnson on the same football team it’s a lot like that um but I got to tell you much like the archfiend I know he’s making a video about this as well we we both pretty much lost interest in double W at the same time not because we’re joined at the hip or any of the things that people have said about us over the years or we’re like a gay relationship which LM neither confirm nor deny but you know we both saw the writing on the wall there’s way too much of it Vince is a piece of he treats the fans like marks and I think that anybody who is honest with themselves who is actually analytical of the art of professional wrestling can look at what WWE has been producing over the past five or so years and go in conjunction with the Saudi Arabia deal which I have moral objections to and and the the advertising of stars would never show up the false advertising of stars who don’t show up and stupid things like like ending a like what the sort of mental gymnastics you have to do to to to get things like a disqualification in a Hell in a Cell match and and think that Vince McMahon still has your interests as a wrestling fan and hearty you’ve just got to be either really dumb or you have to really be trying to just to just continue to be a part of this universe that don’t that that Vince McMahon wants you to be sucked into this universe that and all of this that you have to watch that it almost sort of becomes a compulsion it almost sort of becomes a chore like something you have to do well I gotta tell you ATW I when I watch iew whether it was all in all-out fight for the Fallen fighter fast or double or nothing I never felt like I was being condescended to I never felt like I was being treated like a stupid Marc Brian Alvarez had a very very amazing rant against Vince McMahon and WWE about how Vince McMahon is just treating fans like marks and the reason you keep getting crap is because you keep tuning in because you kind of have to be at this point you kind of have to just be a brainless markt keeps throwing your money at this company that doesn’t give a about you or just just not at all but I don’t feel that way with aew and then the first episode of dynamite came and to see that the focus was on wrestling and the decieded the focus was on the stories and and I wasn’t being bombarded with stupid live commercials to get even more money that Vince McMahon absolutely doesn’t need and I wasn’t being bombarded with with endless segments and and the fact that yes the programming is tv-14 and that is a sticking point with me because that gives them more creative leeway and that means even more so that you’re not going to be tree you’re going to be treated more like an adult rather than the PG family-friendly audience that Vince is trying to pander to so you guessed it he can make more money originally it was about his wife’s stupid political campaign and gloriously failed twice but yeah but but even the the tv-14 aspect and not just because of the blood and not just because of the language but because they can make the stories feel more real and more believable and and you can immerse yourself in them more because they’re not having to be tailored to just one specific you know they’re not having to refine them so they’re palatable for a family audience so that’s a sticking point with me too and they have used that leeway that they have creatively very very well like I hear in Europe you hear the word on television it’s it’s you know nothing but hearing just uttered on television and and nobody going go oh my god wow I have seen the top of the bottle again I know it’s very small and trifling but it’s just something that that adds to the overall aura the mystique that is all elite wrestling and the dynamite television show I’ve been waiting for so long it seems for a show a wrestling show that gets down to the wrestling at NXT to an extent does but again I have a moral objection to supporting Vince McMahon in any way shape or form from what he’s doing in Saudi Arabia so even though NXT does focus more than wrestling I don’t want to watch it I don’t want to give it the time of day that’s juice me you can rail on me all you want for that but everybody has their reasons everybody has their opinions and those are mine but I think the match that sealed the deal for me it was Cody versus Dustin Cody Rhodes versus dusty our dustin runnels excuse me the natural that match right there if you only if you’re on the fence about aew you only watch one match to to to try to gauge whether or not it’s something you would be interested in watch that match that match had all it had the intensity it had the wrestling it had the storytelling it had it had the the theater it had everything that a great match should have and you know what they’re doing that on the weekly television show they’re jam packing these shows they’re filling these shows to the absolute capacity with wrestling and with with with story and with entertainment as well as it so I’m not just trying to say it’s just a bunch of mat based wrestling and it’s you know just just a hold fest it’s still very entertaining and there are lots of different styles too as well so this is what happened I don’t have a stand for this this camera that I’m using my iPhone as a camera but I do have a magnetic case on the back of it that attaches to this wallet folio case that I got at some place at a shopping mall here and how dinky uh and I just thought hey I could get a sort of decent angle by putting the phone on this metal case that has the preamps for the microphones for my drums and it felt yeah so that’s why there’s the cut um I do these videos so infrequently that I didn’t feel the need to and and Afghan the screen is even more oh nice it’s even more cracked but that’s fine because I have a new iPhone coming soon so there is just so much talent on this roster and you you can only assume that it’s going to get even deeper I mean you got Jon Moxley you have jake hagar and yes – despite what WWE tried to tell you Jack Swagger’s or Jake Hager whatever you know him as is a talented wrestler and intelligent martial artist to you you have Chris Jericho you have the young bucks you have Kenny Omega you have Cody Rhodes you have Dustin Rhodes who my god Dustin Rhodes is older the dirt and he is still putting on really really good matches especially with Cody but even last night’s match that he had the tag match he was really good in that match and that’s the other great thing about AAW that I find is that even the matches so so I can still find something in these matches to the so far and in all of the shows without exception that makes me not go what the was that all about I think there was one there was one match I can’t remember at the moment I think it was like a battle royal one of the women’s battle Royals that I was like what the hell was that all about that was terrible but you know awesome Kong and and nyle arose and and you know I could go on and on and on but they’re there there’s so much talent on that roster to MIT to keep things interesting Jimmy havoc I’ve grown to love hang hang man a page who I watched a little bit of a new Japan and I began to like there he is a really good talent and he’s probably a future champion you just you you can’t go wrong at this point what do you got to lose really you might actually find that you like it and if you liked your WWE stuff you know fine whatever keep watching like it I’m not gonna try to make this like a hole convinced you out of watching donut because that’s kind of like trying to convince somebody out of you know breathing air once you’re sucked into that Vince vortex it’s really hard to get out for good but anyway yeah that’s what I wanted to say all elite wrestling has restored my interest in professional wrestling and I absolutely will be tuning in every week every pay-per-view as much as I can and I got nothing but free time these days so hey anyway um that’s all she wrote that’s not how I end my videos oh yeah have a good day folks

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