Huge wrestling news c m Punk not for sure if he wants to return wrestling

Huge wrestling news c m Punk  not for sure if he wants to return  wrestling

hello wrestling fans back once again interesting wrestling new CM Punk speaking out bur behalf of WWE now Triple H said he is open for a CM Punk return it would probably be to NXT so they could fight off a EE W so wrestling fans very interesting news drops regarding Punk and WWE he says he has a heart trust when it comes to wrestling still he says you know after the situation the diet was supposed to protect him in the rain the doctor you know we all heard the lawsuit everything Punk said you know really this came to you know to head too much for CM Punk wrestling fans this is definitely one of those things that really gets you in your seat and makes you wonder what is next in the rain a professional wrestling I couldn’t believe you know so Punk was just like hey I don’t know who I to trust punk punk goes on to talk about he’s been good friends with Dave Bautista they’re both grown men they haven’t agreed on everything but he said you know when it comes to the wrestling business ye it’s a very dangerous business you need to feel protected when you’re in the ring if you’re injured are you hurt anything so you don’t end up dead in the wrestling business now Punk said you know there was no care for him now the wrestling business has changed Punk says he has heard but he’s still wondering how much has it changed are they gonna change for him are they only doing this for some of the newer talent you know the questions were asked for CM Punk would he feel like teaching some of the younger guys some of the craft some of the other people some of the major good stuff in the wrestling business Punk still doesn’t know apparently what he says at this time he doesn’t know how he feels about this whole situation within the wrestling business and the WWE so wrestling fans were all sitting here wondering will CM Punk returned to the rest’ wereld circle or will be continuing on many more years of wondering what is next we know he’s early did a thing with Fox to be part of the show backstage and so much more stuff CM Punk does draw interest to the wrestling it’s just a matter time before he makes his return now obviously wrestling fans a lot of you guys know CM Punk would get a major deal be more money and WWE wants to do what they can to bring Punk back so he does not jump to aew aew held a very good show last night and the ratings were good apparently so wrestling fans your comment your opinion lemon I you guys feel and CM Punk and the interview said he is not for sure yet about professional wrestling stay tuned for more

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