Icons of Wrestling – Abdullah the Butcher

Icons of Wrestling  – Abdullah the Butcher

boy she likes right here at ringside while we go in for a riot of roughhouse the family called rasslin the outrageous behavior about Dilla the butcher in the professional wrestling arena has been his calling card for more than three decades to find the roots of Abdullah the Butcher we must travel the most southern tip of Canada to the City of Windsor which is in the Canadian province of Ontario it is here that on January the 16th 1941 Abdullah was born and christened Larry Shrieves his father George Russell Shrieves came from North Buxton Ontario his mother Martha came from Ann Arbor Michigan Martha shree’s was to bear eight children all of who were raised in their small two-bedroom home in Windsor Ontario a house his mother still lives in to this day this is how Martha remembers her little son Abdullah he was a very cute little boy fat like his cousin David David could pass for twins almost round-faced you didn’t have no hair on his head we lived in a wartime house on Madhu Missouri it had two bedrooms a front room and had a kitchen so Leslie we had five rooms Cruden the bathroom whatever and whenever we were kids we have a couch we used to pull out but if we ever had company then we had to wait too for the company to leave because we couldn’t put on the couch he’s having a prayer meeting or you know whatever and they’d be there for so long it I think everybody be setting like this here huh I’d hope they leave I don’t they leave and that was it well my mother used to get up and she used to make bean soup and cornbread and after we got done eatin it and my mother was saying you know what my mother used to tell me the next day it always tastes better so that meant that we had it Monday Tuesday then when it came for Thursday we had the big pot again with you know with stew we’d have a nice date nozzle my mother said you know my mother used to say we know ma and I would say oh yes all you better the next day and they would eat it enjoyed it and it was better the next day during the year of Larry’s birth in 1941 World War two was raging throughout Europe at sea devastating battles were fought London Blitz Norway had been invaded nine months earlier by Germany and was now occupied they had been betrayed by one of their own almost insignificant member of the Norwegian government his name was quizzed on the home front spirits were still high as they danced to the new Glenn Miller hit Chattanooga choo-choo while awesome wells in Citizen Kane took the movie industry by storm Abdullah’s father George fries was working at this time at the Ford Motor plant and Windsor helping to produce much-needed wartime vehicles young Abdullah was to also start his early working days at the Ford Motor plant but as of diller explains his creative money-making schemes actually began at a very early age well they kicked me out of school when I was maybe 16 years old because I used to have I used to go when I was a kid at 13 I used to sell papers I’d be standing up there on the corner stand by the clubs and I’d be crying and a man would come to me and say son what’s wrong I said if I don’t sell these papers I can’t go home in those days a newspaper cost five cents so he’d reached in this project how many papers you got it so I got maybe 15 you’d say here’s a dollar you know go and take him go home son like that I’d say okay as soon as he left him went to the next corner right so one day I was up there and I was crying and I’m up there breaking down and my dad I didn’t know was walking across the other side of the street and he seen his white man you know leaned over me you know with his arm around me and my dad come running over the road fast he says what are you doing to my son right am I didna so the man looked at my dad said her sure you should be shaming something this is your son and you’re telling that he can’t go home unless he sells his papers right my dad looked at him and said I apologize and he grabbed me by the year it took me home and then he gave me you told my mother what I done my mother said I know you bring all the money home you give it to me and you’re trying to help whatever but you can’t be doing that right I said they said mom dad know what me I said I promise I won’t do it no more right anyways he whooped me anyways three weeks later I was fighting rot away from him where he could never see me and I was doing the same thing at a young age Abdullah was to master the Arts at Taekwondo and karate you taught the Crotty in his backyard and he started some of the policemen’s in the backyard he was very young then and crowded and he taught him things you do too he just loved that kind of work and then he kept on going from there Abdullah’s taekwondo seventh-degree belt was to serve him well when Vancouver wrestling promoter Rob Fenton took the young Abdullah under his wing Abdullah realized his dream of fame and fortune well when I got into the wrestling business I started making money in Vancouver and the first time they had me on TV the people started calling in the ratings jumped so high it was unbelievable rod Fenton came to me and says son in six years we have never so disabil damn out like this so he said amazing the place is packed and the people just coming oh like flies and the promoter came in a sign here slice I’m happy to cash money look at it still we have on there 700 jumping by Spicer well thank you sir right shaking he’s account the money you know I was so nervous gonna mean I’ve never seen this kind of money before then all of a sudden he says okay said you keep up the good work then I went to rent to the bathroom real fast I flushed the toilet leg was going under style started taking the money out Kahn I kept counting it coming like that and all sudden I said to myself oh my god one time a preacher said to me Abdullah why do you get the people so excited you get them screaming and hollering and shouting nice as well I’m in the same line as you he said what do you mean it’s different I said you get the people screaming and jumping up and rolling on the floor and hollering is out so they can come back so they can do what give you more but it is taking its toll on big leaveit verbal I remember my mother used to be on our hands and knees scrubbing floors for a funeral home those days I think she’s getting maybe $10 $12 a week or whatever was one day I came home as a where’s mom this is oh she’s at the funeral home working I went over there and I says mom get up come on this is come on you’re finished that’s what he said right there he says get your things you’re through you’re not working here no more you’re you’re uh I’m taking care of you’re not working here no more my mother left and that was 36 years ago a great deal of the money Abdullah has earned is due to his great success televised wrestling events in Tokyo Japan here in a tag team match goes to work on Greta Steve guru puja yeah this is a really interesting 32 I direct too much this kind of style but a very good character you know very people like this character well the first time he wanted me to go to Japan they made me an offer and I says it’s not enough and I said to him people have never seen me as if people never seen nothing like me in Japan whoever is over there Lou Thesz or Bruno Sammartino huntsmen Bobo Brazil all these guys Killer cocks all of them they have never seen me the guy says okay I’ll give you this amount of money show me what you can do when I went there they see me on the TV everything went sky high when I got back to Windsor Ontario they asked me to come back in two weeks went back in two weeks got finished they wanted me back they wanted me back I’ve been going to Japan 30 years hold on those must’ve been we donated one cologne stretches seventy-five Abdullah’s first marriage had collapsed and then divorced his wife with whom he had had his only son Alan but every adversity carries with it the seeds of a greater benefit in a dualist case was a young woman by the name of legal the way I met my second wife I used to do business with her father at that time she was going to college and I’ve never seen her and every time the father would take me out in the clubs in Japan the people would always pay me for taking pictures or they’d say after all the butchers come in and it was a fee that they had to pay me and I went to the house there was this young lady so the father said come on I want you to meet up bill to the butcher crazy man from Sudan one day we went out and I says you know I like your daughter Japanese married Japanese you marry your own kind known as Isis but you’re not Japanese you’re half and half he said to me yes half and half marry you marry your own kind I married this kind I can marry this kind right but you never ever have you you stay away from my daughter everyone’s not like that you know come my house no more we only do business office okay so don’t his attention switch back from love to war Japanese fans witness his unforgettable battle against whole program Jeff isn’t under guard honestly you you until it continued to give his all in the ring his inner thoughts were constantly centered around me soon after the family problems was sold and he married Lee and Lee was to prove invaluable to Abdullah in his business ventures and I’ve been so happy they just rest her in here I was driving down the street this place was a dump baking for 12 years probably after years he said we’ll make it Chinese and you always want to have a good place we have both Chinese and this and then highlight of my professions when the people told me tonight you’re Rosalyn Lou Thesz that was a Vancouver we sold the building out twice and I saw my god this man’s going to kill me Lou that was a kind of person he hated gimmick men if you used a fork Lou Thesz was a professional wrestler he’d have time for gimmicks and he aided a gimmick man okay so one day the guys are coming to me all you’re going to get your ass whipped tonight boy tonight is the night and Lou Thesz when everybody went to show went on Lou Lou Thesz snuck over in my dressing room he says I’m Lou Thesz I’m like this yes sir how are you he says whatever you want to do kid we got a packed house let’s go up there and give him some there is no doubt that Abdullah the Butcher scars his opponents but he was also suffered the same fate one of the scars on my forehead it’s uh it’s a long story a lot of my scars are from the hard way one time a promoter asked me is that Billa you may be split you open spinel hard way as I don’t care go ahead they used to bat me run me into the post those daisies have bolts bolts into the into the pose right and the guy take me run me in there not go bloody shoot out of my head right but the scars is when the people say that’s the real Abdullah the Butcher was done every time I look in the mirror at myself I say this one made me this much money this one made me so much money and this one made me so much money and this scar here is when a fan threw a chair had a sharp edge on it cut me open you can see the little muscle you know blood this curtain out and a fan got me here or the razor here I was knifed going through the crowd is about 10 or 15 police officers around me and somebody still it got me another time I was rasslin and the lady came with a long hair pin stuck it right into my ass but I’m gonna keep them focused on they stop the beer tomorrow but it’s in me I’m used to getting up I’m used to traveling I’m used to going here and there did you ever see that the boxing movie champ when the kid was there and you’re saying it’s Holland for his father champ jab don’t die on me or don’t quit champ don’t quit right it’s something the people for so many years been hearing people hollering and screaming right well when I put on my trunks when I put on my thing or I go to an arena I go to a store the people say that’s happy hola Abdullah the Butcher was one of the wildest people in professional wrestling and there’s a business where there was a lot of big strong tough wrestlers that do anything new I remember seeing Abdullah in a tournament in San Antonio Texas Abdullah actually pulled a kitchen fork out of his trunks jumped out of the ring and stabbed his photographer who sat in ringside in the forehead with this fork I was glad I wasn’t shooting pictures at ringside because it would have scared the heck out of me your main thing is you never forget where you came from and a lot of people who know me when I go to Windsor Ontario I always knock on their door how are you understand mrs. case or how are you I knock on these people’s doors not to walk in to have a cigar oh I’m uh I’m this no I don’t have time for that because a lot of people who make it they forget where they come from what I mean and I have never forgotten that’s why I tell a lot of people a lot of people says well you never worked a day in your life hey my mother and my father my brothers and sisters we all worked together to keep the house going I sold papers this one done this one worked the elevator the everybody done what they had to do Abdullah’s Korea’s still today as relentless as ever even the great cannot hide from the realities of life and death Dilys case it was the loss of his father and the tragic death of his closest brother Harold these losses have brought him ever closer to church and family the whole key is everybody is the same people come to me so I’m doing you’re a celebrity year this year that’s it we’re all celebrities when you talk about money Fame it’s what a man who’s a millionaire or being there whatever they put him in the ground or they cremate you everybody goes the same place so I’ve never changed because I know where I come from I could depend on him he said my you can always depend on me don’t worry about that I need anything call up to him it’s almost Wayne my very good like that very very good you took care of me I’ll never get out the rest of the group I’ll probably die in the rain I love it I can still go and still move on the other side if my mother sent me many times when you get a given it before my right hand I go to an arena I go to a store the people say let’s have to Allah you mean he’s be going keep me alive I’m going to ring still draw the people I’m still the head of people Holland I’ve been a little bit you have a little bit you right this is the real thing when I can’t produce then I get out and I told my wife something never happens to me this pre made me take my ashes if my mother is still alive go to my mother and father’s grave sprinkle my hand she was taken that’s the way I want to go please refer to your manual

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