John Cena’s Greatest World Title Triumphs: WWE Top 10

John Cena’s Greatest World Title Triumphs: WWE Top 10

(theme music)
(crowd cheering)
– [JR] Both men reaching for the WWE Title!
– [King] Look out! Who’s got it?
– [JR] Who’s got the,
oh my God! Oh my God!
John! Don’t do this, John!
Good God almighty!
– [King] Oh no!
(table breaking, crowd cheering)
– [JR] God almighty!
– [King] Look at this!
– [JR] John Cena!
– [JR] Yes!
– [King] John Cena has won!
He’s won!
– [Announcer] The AA!
Look at this, The AA!
Cena is World Champion!
Cena does it! Cena does it!
Cena’s the champion!
– [Announcer] Batista,
look at him put Cena away
with a Batista Bomb! Cena’s in trouble.
– [Announcer 2] No, no, no, no, no!
– [Announcer 1] Rolls through. Got him!
Got it! Can he roll him over? He does!
– [Announcer 2] He’s locked in!
– [Announcer 1] Will
we see a new champion?
– [Announcer 3] Batista
needs to get his chest off
the mat to alleviate the
pressure. He’s tapping, Cole!
– [Announcer 1] He is the champion!
– [Announcer 1] Oh, my God. No.
– [Announcer 2] You’ve
got to be kidding me!
John Cena had both men up, and there’s the
Attitude Adjustment to The Big Show!
– [JR] How does Cena…
– [Announcer 2] Attitude
Adjustment to Edge!
– [JR] My God, Cena, Cena, John Cena!
– [Announcer 2] He did it!
John Cena is World Champion!
– [King] John’s got a feeling back there.
He’s gotta know it. No.
– [Announcer 2] And again Cena counters!
– AA! Cover!
Cena does it! He’s your winner!
– [Announcer 1] There’s the STF.
– [Announcer 2] There it is!
– [Announcer 1] Locked in!
Triple H in trouble! He’s
got to get on his back!
Triple H has got to roll to his back!
– [Announcer 2] Brutal
submission hold that puts
the pressure on the head, neck and knee!
– [Announcer 1] Triple H
has got to get to his back!
He’s got to get to his back here, folks!
– [King] And Cena looks as
if he’s riding a wild bull
– [Announcer 1] Triple H is
fading! Look at his
hands! Look at, hey, hey!
Is that? That’s a tap! He tapped out!
– [Announcer 2] John Cena is
The WWE Champion!
– [King] Look at this!
– [Announcer 1] Small package!
– [King] Look at this!
– [Announcer 1] And Jericho
could steal one! But John Cena,
the strength of Cena, the brute strength!
– [King] Good grief!
– [Announcer 1] Of John Cena!
– [King] Oh my God!
– [Announcer 1] Can you
believe this?
The cover!
– [Crowd] 1,2,3!
– [Announcer 1] John Cena’s done it!
He’s the World Champion!
(crowd chanting)
– [Announcer 1] It’s almost there.
– [King] Hey! Hey!
– [Announcer 1] John
Cena going for the STF!
– [King] Oh, my God! Look at this!
– Do you quit?
– I quit! I quit! I quit!
– [Announcer 1] Randy Orton
has reached his breaking point!
(crowd cheering)
– [Announcer 1] Cena now
pumping it up! Watch the champ,
though! Ooh!
– [Announcer 2] Cena walked
into it!
– [Announcer 1] There it is!
Watch out!
– [Announcer 2] From Hell!
Cena ducked underneath it!
– [Announcer 1] Oh, here
it comes! He got him!
– [Announcer 2] The cover! 1,2,3!
Cena is the champion!
– [Announcer 1] Oh, man!
– [Ring Announcer] Here
is your winner and the new
WWE Champion,
John Cena!
(crowd cheering)
– [Announcer 1] Cena’s
got Orton! John Cena
with Randy Orton!
– [King] Look out!
– [Announcer 1] AA to Orton!
John Cena’s gotta climb
the ladder! Cena’s gotta climb the ladder!
Cena’s to the top of the
ladder! Cena’s at the top
of the ladder!
Cena for the championship!
John Cena is the WWE World
Heavyweight Champion!
(theme music)

100 Replies to “John Cena’s Greatest World Title Triumphs: WWE Top 10”

  1. Fun fact: Cena was originally scripted to lose at Unforgiven 2006, be drafted to Smackdown and run it as a dominant heel. He wanted to do it, but management decided to keep him face and give him the w. You can see on his face how disappointed he is when he unhooks the title atop the ladder after destroying Edge.

  2. 3:57 look at John Cena's hand that grabs Randy Ortons wrestling underwear or whatwver it is. He almost pulls his thing down close to exposing orton's butt. Then he quickly puts it back up. THANK ME LATER

  3. Too bad he's a part timer now. I get that other wrestlers need to have their spotlight moments too but ot sucks we don't see John as much as we used to. I hope he'll come back sooner maybe be a full timer again.

  4. I LOVE U JOOOOOHN CEEEEEEENAAAAAA👍👍👍💝💝💝💘💘💘💟💟💟💋💋💋❤❤❤💚💚💚💙💙💙💛💛💛💖💖💖💗💗💗💜💜💜😍😍😍😘😘😘😻😻😻

  5. John Cena😀😀😀😀😀😀👍👍👍🤛🤛🤛🤛🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷 Greece

  6. Jhon cena is the greatest 16 time wwe world heavyweight champion,I respect you jhon sir and I am the greatest friend of your

  7. Cena was by far the most charismatic, talented and hard working world champion of his era. He deserves to get a few more title runs before retiring and definitely more than Ric Flair's 16.

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