did you get to watch any a bloodsport – I had a ticket I when I was like kicking myself but I bought it because of you but it was a great truck I did I pretty much watch the whole thing I really enjoyed it man it moves along really quickly it’s easy to watch maybe not for everybody I love tech Korres I love you know the way I started was like all you do is take bumps box box box box logs you know menu one little thing at I’m house-trained really old-school well before you start you know doing all this it was a very crawl walk run way to to learn the sport and yeah you get throw the ring and you just you wrestle you don’t hit the ropes you know he grab holes maneuver out of holes and you learn do you know and like it was easy for me there’s through me and the dependents but put them in stuff let them get out and I came right out of like high school wrestling so real easy for me and always got a lot of like submission reticle in a tree especially lately and that’s that the time so I love watching yeah not everybody loves to see dudes on the Mac because they don’t understand what they’re watching but uh you know a lot of times people watching like maybe like I hate it when they just like lay on a man hug but if you don’t know if you know we’re watching is interesting so I like watching that style so I was pretty disappointed not to be there but I thought it moved was it great to see another side of Anthony Corelli the man men both through from noticing you know dude a he’s bad motherfucker yes I was in Toronto I was gonna be training up their history his gym bloodsport but his gym battle arts before summer so it gives you better this point of your life business really how you personally reflecting on your personal growth yeah really up I really do feel like an entirely different person like not not just in the ring not just has character obviously but uh like I just feel like a better person I just feel like myself again I just feel like I didn’t like the person the house becoming this used to be there’s a lot I just negativity around that whole situation like I didn’t really realize how miserable I was for as long as I was until it was over because you’re just you’re at the top does that always be like I’d never want to be a complainer or not be like grateful because I’m like well I got I came into this with nothing but I drove I drove the Florida with nothing but like my beater car and like whatever cash I had in my pocket and like my wrestling bag and literally had nothing when I moved down Tampa I drove from Philly to Tampa and and that was the gamble that was like all right let’s see if this WB thing works out a lot of people funnily enough didn’t think I had even shot of making it because they’re like well if he can’t bleed and swear and stab everybody that he’s never gonna be picked over though he can finally enough I became almost to child-friendly sorry succeeded too much but you know the devil to be gambled not that I had anything to gamble but uh it worked out you know I went down there with nothing and I left with literally everything so I’d be like thinking to myself like the most beautiful white greatest person perfect house yeah my dog said I got my truck I’m like I don’t I got everything in it and I’m at the top of the endive bands I’d be like I don’t want to complain so it’s just I kind of ignored that anything was wrong wrong was I hate him a freaking job but I didn’t you know I just I’d be like oh Lisa not working in like a factory somewhere I always try to like look at it I don’t think I realized how miserable it was because I kept trying to put a positive spin on it because I wanted to be like grateful to the universe like and you know you feel like a responsibility to like fans and stuff and like we’re gonna make a wish program things like that you know see you don’t want to just bitch about like you’re bad creatives and there’s people who have to work 12 hours in the factories like now it’s like I feel like it literally was asleep for like years something that we’ve all recognized but also inspired a great conversation the situation in the nearly where’s the independent survey not about it now 8w conversation so how you frightened on now it’s a bigger picture I mean my situation was just like right place right time like when I was leading dota VI enough everything aww thing wasn’t even a thing yet you know it just literally happened at the exact same time there’s like I didn’t even like I didn’t even find aww aww found me is like we just passed just the convergence of the exact same time so that was really fortunate but uh I think it’s good its coolest for the fans but well it’s good for everybody right now this is the most exciting time to be a wrestler to be a wrestling fan that says I’ve been a business there’s the most exciting time for the wrestling business twice since I was 12 yeah 96 97 so 98 you know and back then you know ECW is filling up buildings so WCW so it’s doubly so I think right now everybody’s I think everybody’s gonna start doing better than they’re doing right now you know and you know the right cuz Ian wrestlers who are getting more money with BB you know just because they’re trying to lock everybody down which is great it should have been like that all along don’t set foot out we seen you know I think I think they’re gonna start reducing their schedule to it’s good you know which is good because they’re scheduled stupid it makes no sense you’re gonna I think you’re gonna see a better quality of life for guys you know in the competition so to speak just because of the existence of aw I mean those guys in Japan that are getting writ that I know that are getting raises that are under contract that aren’t even coming how many more I come here but just it just sounds like a sign of good faith so there’s literally the entire industry all over the world is like benefiting from the fact that now there’s like a fireball alternative then once we like it 10 o’clock and we got two hours in the can the other night we’re like we did it high five there and now we get the ratings out there is a viable alternative you know I mean this is real this actually happened like I’m sure there are a lot of people that are gonna keep wanting to wake up from the nightmare like this is a really real like oh this has happened and this is arm is that real and it’s it’s great for everybody and it’s great most and I don’t say this to try to like do some corporate speak like that passive-aggressive ass nobody’s day to do it is ultimately the fans benefit you know because they get to see these guys who are like all across the board are more inspired or from like from the Indies getting hyped up to like all across the board is everybody’s born passion more excited and like it’s the other night I was watching wrong like with my wife the other night it was like I was like this is fun because we’re like watching that them react like oh now they got now they were up I roll back like now they’re bringing they brought it home and it’s watching them try to like make moves it’s like it’s fun it’s exciting they’re like the fan part of me is like this is so much fun so when you walk down the street you people shout out Dean Ambrose Jon Moxley or ray Donovan of the spirits which you get inaudible yes still both I mean it’s like bringing me like shield merchandise some people like I like sign it nicely and up like and you see on their face like there’s some people aren’t even like quiet about it cuz they’re just like collectors they resell stuff and they’re like can you put a DA on that okay all right I’ll do either I don’t care I’m not like ashamed if I had a great run so yeah there’s also gonna make a joke about beautiful like we have Schreiber of ray Donovan thing so it’s curious to get some all I’ve heard in before it’s not too bad he’s Wolverine so much fun you know I didn’t plan on doing the g1 that was never something I was on my radar until I got floated out to me and I was like that’s really tough shit and now I have to do know I’m like now I feel I’ll feel like a wuss if I don’t so alright I guess we’re doing that now so I prepared and without their own well Pinkus woman’s went for it was like we’ll see what happens and kind of it was like almost like the perfect vehicle for me it’s just like kind of work out the kinks wash off all the dough to be off me and just get in there with these aggressive guys because I’m an aggressive wrestler naturally if you like let that side and come back out and not have to be trying to like if so I’m trying to like do the be the guy that lage didn’t saw me as which is not really the way I’m normally wrestling you know I said the last thing I’ll say is again first match I had outside Adobe was in Japan that guy couldn’t picture him I was like I don’t even remember I wrestle I couldn’t I just couldn’t picture it sorry I just went hi fucking place it take away all preconceived notions or any expectation I’m going to take everything to empty my brain and just go out there and rely on instinct since I’ve been doing this for a long time I like to think I’m very good at it so just see what happened two minutes later I’m beating the fuck outta juice Robinson I’m like oh yeah this is what I used to do all the time because I’m just naturally a pretty hyper aggressive wrestling that’s what I plan to bring bring the aw I plan on beating the most physical yeah you know when I say the word like violence I don’t mean like I’m gonna bring in chairs and tables of barbed wire or whatever unless it’s a special occasion I say I’m saying like the bells bell rings if you sign a contract you get in the ring with me I’m going to her I’m trying to bite you like I heard Chuck Liddell that quote one time he’s like dude he’s like I got no problem with a guy but like as soon as that case or close like I’m sorry chili I’m trying to take your head off like he’s one of my favorite items most alike I like that mentality like yeah this I’m not here to like do a dance or throw stuff to the crowd or like do a little spinny like I’m not here to do like some gimmicky clap with me crap I’m trying to hurt somebody trying to be that’s what I’m trying because that’s that’s the way I just like that I like that wrestling I think that’s gonna kind of do you are kind of separate me a little bit back you know the you know so would you say it’s more fun I’m always an intake by Nature yeah like I never I never went like and like I’m not trying to wear a black hat or a white hat necessarily I think oh they’re just a lot of shades of grey and AW and that isn’t always a good thing because sometimes the people need somebody to cheer and if it’s too ambiguous then it just doesn’t really hit all the notes but for for like going into like full gear kenny omega has a giant fan base I have a giant fan bitch there’ll be some crossover and some people will just be cheering us both somebody might hit well I don’t know right out let the chips fall where they may as far as like food crops supporting you know how do you want to be remembered I don’t know I’ve gotten that question before and like you know a lot of people always fun but I want to be my legacy in this and our you know it I kind of try not to think too much about it because I’m dead the way people remember me who gives a shit I’m dead if nobody remembers me at all I don’t you know that’s you know that leave in Dover w/e like whoa well you know a lot of is like I thought about like what were like the perception is there they’re going to be like then it’ll be like what was he like I’m failure with a failure at all I did great fucking on that it’s like there’s a perception me going to be that I’m majorly gonna miserable and after I’m dead I’m remembered as major leader try and go be happy and work as VFW even if nobody knows who I am like the fame part of people recognize me on the street and so forth it’s not important to me at all I find it a burden fading out I’m cool just like I don’t need that so going back to your car in Japan a g1 how much badly do you want to get back and remove the Yano and give a little bit of a violence to him I never want to get in the ring with him again that was never that was the worst night in my life I was like I woke up after a cheap date felt taken advantage of I never want to experience that whore again

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