Roman Regins Vs Sn Cara wwe2k19 game play wrestling news United States Championship Match

Roman Regins Vs Sn Cara wwe2k19 game play wrestling news  United States Championship Match

I can’t wait to see what the big dog Roman reigns has in store tonight settle in guys this is going to be a blast to watch Roman reigns calls the ring his yard and I don’t expect him to give it up tonight pull the big dogs on the hunt and I wouldn’t want to be in his sights right now go back Oh damnit using the elbow as a weapon – behind it up against the barrier now I think that barrier might be the only thing holds them up I think you’re right [Applause] and destroy your face guys it’s imperative he gets back in the ring yeah otherwise he’s looking at a count-out you gotta believe this one’s over y’all seen Cara in a precarious situation with these two guys we all knew this was going to be [Applause] it’s more than appropriate that there’s a mysterious corner around Sin Cara since the name the self in Spanish means faceless but that’s just the beginning when this really luchador hits the ring this guy’s the machine he’s making a statement here with this attack [Applause] blacks we’ve seen seen cotton unbelievable victories ever much larger just take a look at the faceless ones victories of the likes of titus o’neil drew seven the bitter rival the lone wolf Baron Corbin the faceless ones capable of so many amazing maneuvers it’s hard to keep track of Oliver [Applause] we knows he’s in trouble [Applause] the impact no doubt about that one let’s see that again definitely worth a second look [Applause] Sin Cara just too fast go way back horse impact now it’s Roman reigns on his heels he looks incredibly motivated though don’t expect to be down too long well he had to expect to take some punishment tonight he don’t step in the ring with this guy and walk away completely unscathed well he had to expect to pay shutting her down rage powers out not yet too early [Applause] there he goes clashing to the floor Oh nasty impacts what are they just too fast form [Applause] Cara’s showing signs that it could be ending soon [Applause] at this point he has to be thinking to himself what do I have to do to get back in this thing Clement [Applause] we may have a count-out here guys it certainly looks that way Michael here we go back inside the ring [Applause] it’s worth more than an amazing eight great American bash paper tears took place in this great city of Baltimore driver or boy he he’s in trouble [Applause] to think I almost wrote him off earlier oh man well the range doesn’t even know where he is the pinfall in the victory these superstars put on quite a show here’s another look [Applause] and we’re underway look into these two men I don’t think there’s going to be anything traditional about this one-on-one matchup and man I never get tired of watching these guys compete [Applause] that’s how you wear down your opponent we’re at a crossroads neither competitors backing down here history was with Roman reigns at the 32nd WrestleMania he’s got the shoulders down kick-out too early for that [Applause] he’s got him covered he’s alone the three-count I can tell you that yet anytime a WWE Championship changes hands its historic but the conflict between Triple H and Roman reigns was so intense that the only place their differences could be settled was WrestleMania the odds were against all the reigns in every possible way at the a 30-second showcase of The Immortals the game Triple H was read down once in thrall but the big dog had other ideas as he beat the odds and became WWE Champion the gate for all the glory here very curious move to go for a pinfall at this point no not yet too early cinq para struggling some here he came into this match expecting a fight that’s exactly what he’s getting oh shit [Applause] here he goes [Applause] oh boy he is wrong [Applause] honey thanks free but the damage might have already been done Michael see car [Applause] perhaps a powerbomb here Cory that certainly seems to be the case incredible impact now it’s Roman reigns honest heals we all know though this guy is plenty of fight left in him yeah but it looks to me like he still has plenty of energy in that body of his I wouldn’t look too much into this right now the good news for him is that he doesn’t appear to have taken too much offense up to this point but that can obviously all change here this is going to be big one way or another I think steam power might be a little too full of himself right now you better stay right where he is look at this Roman reigns unable to be contained and he doesn’t stay down too long too early in the match standard this is what makes him one of the best in the business [Applause] and there’s the reversal from seed car slang Steve Parra beginning to breathe a little heavy now it’s to me like he’s starting to feel the pressure guys he’s really starting to fatigue here guys and that happens your whole body starts to give out on you he’s gonna need to be careful this match certainly isn’t trending in the right direction for him he’s gonna need a change in momentum and fast [Applause] Sin Cara just too fast Oh in what a reversal from seen Cara [Applause] and he’s playing with him [Applause] Brown instant all for good he got him let’s look at this again and into a quick coverage that’s covered in this one’s history what a win now let’s take another look at these guys in action [Applause] well that match wasn’t much to look at but at least they gave a little bit of effort kind of like some women these superstars didn’t exactly set the world on fire we put this match had its moments as we see here here is your winner [Music]

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