Superstars looking invincible: WWE Top 10, Jan. 1, 2018

Superstars looking invincible: WWE Top 10, Jan. 1, 2018

Yeah, I think they’d like to
see Miz’s face rearranged.
>>That may do it.
>>Look at this.
>>The Miz.
Miz, Skull Crushing Finale!
Miz, Skull Crushing Finale
to keep the championship!
And Zigler, two.
[SOUND] And work out that pile driver.
That’s not gonna affect
that heavily thick muscle.
No, no!
Kick to the mid section.
Phineas down with a neck breaker.
>>And Cena now from the top turnbuckle.
Khali thinks he’s just won
the Royal Rumble, look out!
Cena just ran right into a concrete wall.
Good grief, what a clothesline.
>>Helmsley, for the lay up, sets him up.
Whoa, missed him with a clothesline.
And a boot to the midsection, all over.
Look, here we go, yeah, Pedigree.
>>This is not gonna last very long!
>>Pedigree coming right about, yeah!
>>It’s over!
>>No it’s not.
>>And there’s that turnbuckle power bomb!
Superman Punch!
What a follow through!
>>Look at this.
Look at this.
Look at this.
>>The monster is alive.
>>Triple H!
>>A chair to the back of Kane!
>>It didn’t even affect him.
Kane can’t be hit by a steel chair.
>>Luke Harper says now it’s over.
Went for the clothesline,
ran into the kick.
>>There it is!
There it is!
New tag team champions!
Harper got him!
Harper got him!
Match up.
>>His brother Jay.
>>This is awesome.
And it may end right there.
Suplex of Yokozuna, that’s unbelievable.
>>He’ll raise up, the man’s not human.
See, see!
>>He’s not a human being!
Lesner lands on his feet.
Going for the German suplex, but Strowman-
>>Stood right back up.
>>But Strowman got right back up.
Strowman popped right back up and
Brock can’t believe it.
>>Lesnar looks like he’s seen a ghost.

100 Replies to “Superstars looking invincible: WWE Top 10, Jan. 1, 2018”

  1. 2:10
    The Uso was looking at the titantron to make sure his brother was coming or he was going to kickout. I know it was fairly obvious but just shows how coordinated you have to be to do this stuff.

  2. Man at no. 1.
    There should be kane with when jeff jarret hit him with the guitar and kane was standing there just as nothing had happened.

  3. Dolph zigler hits miz with a good move but id didnt effect the miz and still he give a skull crushing finale so miz was invincible not dolph

  4. The Deadman Rises is the best one imo. It still pains me when I saw he was unable to do that anymore in his match against Reigns

  5. How about if a superstar no sold the WMD? Imagine the shock if someone kicked out at two after being hit by a knockout punch.

  6. I’m surprised that they had the balls to include the pedigree on Warrior, especially when you know the history behind it.

  7. The Miz should be at higher order.
    If Kane, The Undertaker, Braun and the great khali did it not a big move.
    If The Miz did it is a big move.

  8. Triple H Vs Ultimate Warrior
    Triple H : pedigree
    Ultimate Warrior : *lays on ground for 2 seconds. Jerry : screaming.
    Also Ultimate Warrior : stands up and pretends that nothing happened

  9. Headline ‘superstars looking invincible’ when it should be ‘when superstars forget to act hurt’

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