Top 10 Recent Rules WWE Wrestlers Have To Follow in 2018

Top 10 Recent Rules WWE Wrestlers Have To Follow in 2018

We all know how awkward an
office romance can be,
especially if you break up,
and then have to see your ex
from 9 till 5 every day.
But in WWE, female talent are banned
with having personal relationship
with any officials,
to avoid any accusations of
preferential treatment.
While Superstars are allowed to
date other superstars,
there can be no flings with behind
the scenes talent,
regardless of how they may feel.
According to a leaked report
by ScreenRant,
the creative team is not even
supposed to be friends with
the talent,
because it will make them biased
when it comes to creating storylines
for certain stars in the company.
It does seem very controlling that
the company is able to say
who you can be friends with,
I guess it makes sense in an industry
where backstage news is leaked
seemingly daily.
The last know relationship between
an official and a diva
came when Rosa Mendes split with
long-term producer Michael Hayes.
This one makes sense. When you sign
with WWE, you sign your image
over to them.
So if you show up on Impact,
Ring of Honour or any other promotion,
all it does is add viewers to that show.
A situation just like this happened in
2016 at a WWC show,
where Paige showed up,
and proposed to then-boyfriend
Alberto Del Rio.
Not the only issue WWE had with
the anti-diva at the time,
many fans believed that she would
be quickly released,
which thankfully didn’t happen.
Unfortunately, Robbie McAllister of
the Highlanders wasn’t so lucky,
with the Scottish Superstar being
spotted at TNA in 2008,
despite being signed with WWE at
the time.
Not being as huge star like Paige,
Robbie was quickly ordered to leave
by a WWE rep,
and was fined his 5-grand
WrestleMania pay check.
If losing money wasn’t enough,
McAllister was quickly released in
August that year,
alongside partner Rory, an innocent
victim in this badly judged appearance.
8. Women need to ask permission
to have tattoos
Another rule that came to light
thanks to Paige,
the WWE have a very strong opinion
on their female roster
getting any tattoos on their body.
Appearing on Total Divas,
the British Superstar showed her
idea for a chest tattoo,
which caused her to get in hot water 
with the company, both on and
off screen.
Things were made worse when Paige
decided against the tat,
instead opting for some ink on her
hands, a far less noticeable choice,
but one that still got her in trouble,
as she got it without the company’s
Paige isn’t the only UK star to get in
trouble for this however,
as former UK Champion Tyler Bate
debuted a hand tattoo in 2017,
which reportedly left him in hot
water with WWE officials.
With WWE owning your image,
it pays to think, before you ink.
7. WWE Stars are not allowed to
show any cuts
There was a time where the WWE
was well-known for it’s excessive
use of blood,
with many top champions being
left in a pool after main events.
But in July 2008, the company
shifted to becoming a PG show,
with blading being banned from
the show,
with any blood being seen
on programming since
being unintentional,
with screens going to black-and-
white if they bleed in front
of the camera.
According to leaked documents,
Superstars are now being fined
if they deliberately blade,
with former World Champion
turned Marvel star
Batista being fine 100,000
dollars after blading
in a 2008 Cage Match against
Chris Jericho on RAW.
While some say it’s ruined a
crucial part of wrestling ,
I definitely agree with the rule,
with the risk of Hepatitis being
a constant threat when blading,
and NXT Commentator Nigel
McGuiness being forced to
retire because of it.
Also, now when we do see
someone bleed,
it can really elevate a match,
knowing that this was
completely unintentional.
6. Superstars are not allowed
to cut promos without permission
We all know that Vince McMahon
is a bit of control freak,
who according to rumours
even hates sneezing,
because it shows a lack on
But according to a leaked
that surfaced online states
that no superstar can cut any
promo without permission
from the company.
Of course, there are certain
stars who are above this rule,
most notably established talkers
like The Rock and John Cena,
who have entertained millions
of fans
for decades with their mic skills.
That doesn’t mean that both men
haven’t gotten in trouble despite
their status,
with the Brahma Bull getting into
bother after calling CM Punk
in February 2017,
three years after the best
in the world
waked away from WWE.
While Rocky did get in trouble,
he still remains one of a select
few who are able to cut promos
without the company’s blessing,
though it’s harsh that there are
rules for some stars
and not for others.
5. No High-Fiving fans on the way
to the ring on televised shows
One of the newest rules on this list,
this mandate was revealed just
weeks ago,
saying WWE Superstars cannot
high five fans on TV.
The belief is that it takes up far
too much time on screen,
when every second counts in
building superstars and hype
to the next pay per view.
Interestingly, the only Superstar
who is allowed to high-five
is Ronda Rousey,
who no doubt is getting over as
seemingly the only Superstar
wanting to interact with the fans.
Although I realise how precious
each second can be,
I do think Superstars should be
able to high-five, as the simple
could mean so much to fans
both new and old,
who will be able to have a
genuine, albeit brief,
connection to their favourite
The new rule has not changed
how many fans at ringside
hold out their hands,
hoping, sadly in vain, for that
special high-five.
4. The Women of WWE have
a strict dress code
Another rule for the women
that the men don’t have to follow,
the ladies have a strict code to
always look their best when
on the road.
According to reports,
women are forced to wear a dress
and heels when travelling to arenas,
in the company’s efforts
to make sure fans see them as
the glamorous confident women
they appear as on Total Divas.
It makes sense that WWE would
want their Superstars to look
with only a few notable exceptions
dressing in their own style,
most famously Mankind,
who wouldn’t be caught dead
appearing in a suit and tie backstage.
But this rule about dresses does
seem like
very controlling mandate by the
who expect paparazzi to follow
their female talent around
every corner, at all times .
3. WWE Stars need permission
to undergo medical procedures
As part of their contracts,
the WWE will pay for surgery
if a Superstars have injuries that
affect their in-ring performance.
It’s a very positive rule,
with medical costs for athletes
in the United States
often running into the hundreds
of thousands.
However, for a superstar to get a
much needed surgery,
they have to plea their case
to the company,
with Paige, once again,
being in the company’s bad
books for this.
Even though the former
Diva’s Champion
doctor said she needed surgery,
the company refused,
as their own physicians said
it wasn’t needed.
Getting the surgery anyway,
Paige was out for almost a year,
returning briefly before announcing
her retirement in April this year.
Now rocking as SmackDown
Live General Manager,
it’s a scary thought of how much
worse her life could’ve been
if she’d not gone for the surgery,
and gotten even more hurt in a
match on the company’s watch.
This is a huge thing for WWE,
who despite the rule,
still expect their women to
showcase a lot of their lives
on Facebook, Twitter and
Following a series of
controversial releases,
the company made it clear that
that no woman on their roster
can post anything without
their permission
to make sure everything follows
their family-friendly edict.
Most famously, NXT star Zahra
Schreiber was released in 2015,
for what the company said
were “inappropriate
and offensive remarks.”
Those remarks included photos
of Swastikas on her social media,
and even though they were deleted,
the damage had been done.
While it may seem as another
controlling effort by WWE,
it makes sense that even online,
a Superstar represents the company,
though you would think that the
company would be just
wary of men damaging their
reputation online.
1.WWE have an input on who
their women can date
In what is a worrying trend,
we have another rule exclusively
for the women of the WWE.
In a HIGHLY unethical trend, the
company does have an input
on who their female talent can
date and be seen with,
with potential punishments
including fines,
and even being released.
Once again, Paige found herself
in breach of WWE’s rule,
with the company reportedly
ordering her
to split from Alberto Del Rio in 2016,
which she eventually did, but
for personal reasons.
Even though WWE shouldn’t
have any say
in who their employees date,
never mind the fact that the
men are exempt from this rule,
this treatment has sadly become
an unwritten rule
that all women have to consider,
regardless of the genuine
feelings they may feel.
Well guys, that’s our list. Do you know of any recent WWE Rules that you heard about, please share your commenrts below
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100 Replies to “Top 10 Recent Rules WWE Wrestlers Have To Follow in 2018”

  1. Good thing only females can't use sex to further their career, Triple H wouldn't habe half the career he does if it was the other way around 😂😂😂

  2. To anyone bitching about the rules, and the treatment of women, please point me to any woman on the roster who had a contract signed against their will.

    When you want to work for a humongous company like the WWE, you have to accept that there are rules, and they are not required to be fair. If you can't handle them, then that's your problem, and you miss out on a WWE career. Everyone has to decide for themselves what they're willing to put up with, for their dreams.

    Many, MANY jobs have strict dress and conduct codes. And yes, any one of them can dictate what they'll allow you to put on social media. Even if you work for McDonald's, if something you post is considered a risk to the company's image, they have every right to fire you on the spot, for it. You have the freedom to post it, and they have the freedom to choose to not tolerate it.

    What? Did you think being a star was easy?

  3. Stop lying it’s not women can’t get tats it’s you cannot get tattoos if you never had any before signing the company

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    There IS no "Divas Revolution"

    What a joke…

  6. I understand a lot of these though i do agree that a large portion of them are overly sexist. That being said however I do not understand why they cannot attend other shows. In essence it's nothing more than scouting talent or researching if you will. I get the whole it'll get more fans watching other shows but real fans aren't so fickle as to just stop watching entirely just because there's another show out there.

  7. So both guys and girls should ask for tats why did you just says girls as you just said a guy got in trouble for having a tat

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  9. Wasn't Stephanie a WWE Official when she began "dating" HHH? That single relationship is the perfect example of employment bias. He absolutely had advantageous opportunities over other employees/talent that he would not have had, had he not engaged in a relationship with a WWE Official. And Joanie/Chyna would have grounds for a multitude of HR infractions.

  10. How about in 2018 when Alister Black & Cien Almas rivalry on NXT…Zelina Vega speaking to her real life boyfriend in a promo…Alister Black! Also Rusev’s manager is STILL his real life wife…Lana! So…is it true that you can’t have interactions with your spouse/partner ?

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    If I paid more attention to the video I would be able to rattle off about the things they're putting the whole women's locker room through. The women are just as good as the men so why don't they treat them the same? It's flat out BS!!!!

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  21. Superstars have to get permission to get Surgery or an operation which is ridiculous, they could be held liable, what if they need to have an emergency surgery such as open heart surgery a bypass, decompression of the Skull etc.. ur telling me the have to get permission first, YA OKAY WWE , Go fuck ur self

  22. Wow how are the legally allowed to Tell an Employee OOPS IM SORRY Cuz they are not employees, they are INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS..Which is unreal & so unethical & depending on the specific Language of that “Rule” , they are potentially opening Pandora’s box… Wow the WWE’s Greed & need for complete control, is going to cost them a ton of money (potentially), Cuz now this opens up some serious potential litigation & possible Lawsuits against them! & Also the WWE can lose its ability to have their Employees listed as an Independent Contractor, (due to these “rules”)that must be exclusive to the company, they also open themselves up to a pretty easy discrimination lawsuit right now with that type of language in the contract, I would love to Represent a Wrestler & help them take on the WWE by suing for them, for their Potential illegal & unethical & discriminatory Statutes of those contracts & the possible illegal practices of The Publicly traded company known as the WWE. With the WWE becoming a Publicly Traded Company, it adds some additional requirements, rules, & regulations for a company to follow.. some of the Things Allegedly in these contracts are just baffling! also some of the practices the WWE has engaged in the Past & Presently, are close to being BORDERLINE of a Violation of some Statutes, laws, & regulations when referring to the Laws; in reference to the Federal Laws & Regulations Of monopolies/monopolize/Monopoly etc.. Having so many things that they think will protect them & allow them to think that they are operating The WWE Legally & Lawfully due to their Stable of high powered Attorneys, legal Counsel & specialty lawyers representing them… All it takes is one thing they are in Violation of, to be able to completely dismantle their current practices, which could potentially force them to completely change the way they do business, like Losing the ability to have their employees listed as independent contractors which would cost the WWE millions more( just from that change alone not including any potential Lawsuits / civil Cases) if they had to have Superstars fall under the category of an Employee & which will also leave the WWE open to a large number of future potential Lawsuits…

  23. I understand these rules to woman are dumb but some are actually "good" we all know woman are more emotional and usually run online to trow shade at someone or something while the guys probably prefer to take care of business face to face. One thing i understood is that Paige is the bad bitch that can do whatever the fuck she wants lol

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