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sometimes in order to grow you have to fall down get knocked on your ass and get back up it’s so much easier to take advice from someone when they’ve really think through the same thing you’re gonna be 31 years old with diabetes and high blood cholesterol and all that and hey are you doing get over these pictures of me I’ve spent my entire career trying to make sure that I never have a DUI or a drug test oh yeah we’re going a little off-kilter on this you didn’t have a DUI or a drug date your wardrobe malfunction who cares it’s not something that you can control you can control how you get in the range and what you do and you’re amazing at this so stop what are you ready yeah I need to get this out of my head I’m someone my own head right now but I’m not even like you have a match to worry about like move on to the next all right forget about it go out and have a good match [Applause] um you know maybe help me like just brainstorm ideas of ideas of like doing do I need to involve my character like my story ideals are more like physical physical yeah yes yes yes it’s so much easier to take advice from someone when they’ve really been through the same thing trend is one of those people that hasn’t been on TV all the time and look at her now she’s inspiring to me you’re my all-time favorite all-time no one isn’t interns like you [Music] I would love to help you with that so let’s explore let’s do it all right please single it’s so weird it’s good though yeah it’s nice it’s your chapter totally it’s exciting it’s scary and exciting things so scary everyone keeps trying to set me up on dates but I’m not ready for that at all they don’t get that they honestly don’t get I feel like you know it’s the age I’m gonna meet 35 that’s what everybody’s pushing isn’t it so annoying do you get that to you oh yeah they’re like hey don’t you want kids I’m like yeah I do of course but I also don’t want to like I’m not gonna rush into something and that’s how my life’s going you know I think so alright I’m enjoying you it’s kinda nice if I was to like dream up like okay yeah next guy my life like I think I’d want like just like a businessman like I guess isn’t like in this industry is more on the other side of it you know what I mean isn’t like an actor I guess I should say no you did not you cheat on me with some damn chocolate for Sunday no one does like this here we go here we go [Music] she’s gonna be 31 years old with diabetes and high blood cholesterol and all that and the other stuff everything everything going oh no I can’t watch this this would be a greatest part be the best no nation we ever drop off Christmas camera I get it I know I have to eat clean and eat healthy but the more he tries to keep me away from the sweets the more I crave it and the more I want it okay look what was it yourself if you want to see more total divas make sure you subscribe to the YouTube channel so you never miss a clip

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