Ultimate 1 Wrestling News Ep:8 AEW, G1 Climax & Evolve Events Review

Ultimate 1 Wrestling News Ep:8  AEW, G1 Climax & Evolve Events Review

[Music] to ultimate one rustling news episode 8 and tonight we’re here to bring you more news on the professional wrestling world as you all know this past weekend there was a lot a lot of wrestling events from aew New Japan Pro Wrestling evolve and WWE we’re not gonna go through every match and we’re not gonna go through every event as you know every single match because it will be here all day I’m gonna go through some stuff that I liked my opinions on it so you know that was that I felt that it was good it was very entertaining but I just want to thank all you subscribers who have subscribed to my youtube channel I want to thank those who actually been viewing this channel for the last two months if you like what I bring every week here you can subscribe to my youtube channel you could hit the notification bell for new content and new uploads every week and you get first hand first things that are gonna have that has happened in the wrestling business up I’m trying to change the little format like don’t 1 like I said I don’t want to get into the reviews every single match I’m just going to through very quickly what happened last weekend and then we’re gonna get to what’s going on in the news today first of all we’re gonna go through real quick the first thing was I’m gonna go through the new Japan the Vblock started last week and as you well know the B Block started with what the guy said teamed up the week before and black ate on the Block II started in Los Angeles so one of the matches there pretty much of all the matches in New Japan we’re very interesting there was an upset and of course there were great matches first of all I was kind of surprised at Jews Robinson was able to be single Takagi and I mean I thought Shingo was gonna call beet juice Robinson and make a marker himself of a heavyweight division apparently that’s not what happened so Shingo and evolution to Robinson Saturday Jon Moxley wrestle Taichi and that match when Mach Li was coming to his interest watch the same style that he does when he was with the shield coming through the crowd tyshee attacked them trying to jump on him and try to take the advantage of the match point of course you know Jon Moxley is he did his move he ended up on a to Paolo bomber Taichi and a table outside of rank and at the end jon moxley ended up being side he with a def def rider DDT and he wants that mess the upset of the night which it kind of caught me off guard because this when I Ito has been wanting to do is to become the first New Japan wrestle to win the IWGP World title and the IWGP Intercontinental title and he already has one which is the intercontinental belt it was to be the first guy to hold both of them well last Saturday unfortunately general pendant and night o night o end up losing a match because ya know of course you know general his little gimmicks he ended up no blowing Nighy don’t depend on you and he ends up beating and that was the shock of the shock of the night to make tomorrow a she had bristle Jeff Cobb that match was hard-headed these two big bowls went had it and nothing nothing was not putting in this mess at they each other with chops for stiff arms you name that they did everything I’m Jeff Cobb of course he did his team you know suplex and all that stuff it was a great match but at the end Tomer he would eat she beat Jeff cop which brings me back to what I said a couple of news about Marco alguien new Japan tree to him they’re doing the same thing to jeff calm which I don’t find it good for Jeff cop because you know okay he’s a gauging which means he’s an American wrestler he’s not Japanese but they’re not push him like they’re supposed to and keep pushing these old guys like Tommy or a she I mean I don’t understand it but that’s just my opinion then the next match was her will she go to versus Jane white it was a great match these guys went at it at one point jy ended up suplexing go to and to the edge of the Ring Jay white is vicious I love his whole heel gimmick and he’s the leader of the bullet called pretty good match and Dan was it I will go through g1 climax with brackets maybe sometime next week next weekend if I have a chance I’ll get to that but then there was another show happening which it was evolved and evolved what happened with that evolve had a couple of matches because WWE decided that a we want to point evolve time anniversary on the network to go against Conor I aw5 LaFollette which was kind of stupid because if I’m from the following was a charity but as you all know that even though it was a charity it was a good show even though it was Green it was hot Jackson was hottest out but they were able to accomplish that what they try to do and was to get back to the community but before we start on a double it ago to evolve evolve was not a bad show it was pretty good so didn’t some of the matches that I saw were pretty good one match that really caught my eye was the the girls match which is Brandi Laura versus a shot see black heart this match was a hardcore match and at one point shots on black heart we wanted to do a dive between the ropes landed on a bunch of seats a stomach area hit the back of the seal so hard that I thought she was not going to finish the match when unfortunately she did finish the match but ended up getting paid by Brandon Lori there was a lot of outside interference there was a young leaning in Natalya came in and it’s a fear before even the match started the guard named Anthony greens got involved in their match it was just chaotic damage but it was a great match I like it the girl I’m loving how now under wrestling is taking it to the next level where they’re putting themselves in a spot where they can’t you know do hardcore stuff like the men so that was a great match there was also one guy they called my eye in this event was a to a war this guy looks like a Steve Blackman version from back in the Attitude Era he looks good he dressed for a guy named Anthony Henry who’s a bimini star wrestler damage was pretty good but the war ended up beating him one minute they’re caught my eyes also was he Kingston and Jolie see who was the evolve tacking chambers and then finding a our Fox and Lil ROK I hear Fox I saw him and a 8w wrestling match with lax and he showed me that he got a great wrestling skill and he was pretty good we also had 205 versus annex team which was a Jew gulag versus my riddle I’m not a marital fan ever since he started talking crap with about Bill Goldberg I really don’t care for I mean I think he’s just a snob but this mess was pretty good it was mostly some missing style wrestling which it was mm-hmm you know kind of it remind me what they tried to do with like when you Japan with Sac State Virginia he wrestles but this much was pretty good in my rhythm and then I went and met Austin theory the evolved champion wrestled against JD dragged a WWN champion former unification mats before the match started it was a special ring announcer and the guy supposed to come running I don’t want supposed to be the special ring announce that all he did was stand in the ring and pretty much Nixon you know Paul Heyman came out which it was proper for me because Brian Oh Heyman came to give his thanks to the fans because the event was done at that 2600 arena which it was the ECW Arena back in a days so if Paul Heyman did his stick thing also he made fun of somebody who walk one of the fans who all talk over and try to be part of the show so he was a special ring announcer for the Austin theory he walked him against ad dragged it down here Chad that match was pretty good on JT drag he kind of impressed me for a big guy he did like to moose off the top rope Austin Terry is one guy 21 years old he’s great he looks great and is in great shape he’s only 21 so you don’t know what the future brings to this guy most likely you’ll see Austin theory and JT dragon and ik state when they bring all the other guys up in the future and match that I see here that was the main event which was a carrot Izawa versus Adam Cole but an exceed bell 205 versus the next see again it kind of surprised me they had a key resolve in this match Kentucky with the solid AI crap all over him and the main roster and 205 he was a former cruiserweight champion I think and they don’t post these guys but there they wrestle each other like an NXT or involved show like that they show their wrestling skills because they’re given the free will to do what they do best and that’s Russell the WWE stops them and kind of like lakhs a month while you can – did you have a rest of the WWE which is crappy on anyway anacs anacs teaching I don’t Cole ended up pinion accusers are out there he gave me and my shining wizard that matches pretty good Johnnie gokano came up showed up in the middle of the match outside and you know that Johnny Gargano wrestle each other and the next and his teeth take over and Brooklyn I think it’s in Brooklyn Oh in Toronto one of those I think it’s in Toronto this year so it’s not in Brooklyn so so that was the evolved show the fight for the Fallen the match the pre-show started with sunny kids versus uh Peter Avalon the librarians there was one thing that I heard over the week by a podcast which I would not name him here was had an issue with the fact that sonya kids jump what he is he’s a gay wrestler and he was like oh that’s not my cup of tea you may like him whatever that he swerves whatever my point is you already knew that when AAW started they made it clear over Chandra all genders will be allowed so so what if Sonny kids is gay and he does his little twerking without that says gimmick and you know and to me he showed me he was a great wrestler not a great rest but a good wrestler and did a lot of high-flying risk-taking spots he ended up being Peter a blonde in that mess then we had the the then it was the tag team match between the girls which it was a Brit Baker and Rijo again Kojima and Brie presently we bracele irony mister that match was pretty good I won’t point blue bracelet II jump off the top rope jock cake Britt Baker and gave her a concussion and that’s why at the middle of the match you saw that she would attack the wrong partner and at one point in the match so it was crazy but Bri Brittany and Kojima end up defeated Baker and Rio so the next match was a six-man tag the beginning of the show with mjf Shawn Spears time ago Varro was a Genoa havoc and Darby that matches pretty good there was a lot of comical stuff from mjf I love him I love him Jeff is that next grade he’ll very cocky whatever he doesn’t go well then Matt’s I won’t point Jamila did it II Spicoli driver on Semak Rivera outside and as he landed on the edge of the ring and Genoa landed on the floor he said fu Cornett I don’t know what that coming from – I have no idea what’s going on with that so but at the end shows pmj absent Rivera beat Danilo havoc and Darby the next match was the Brandi rose versus Ali that managed Brandi roots ended up coming out with awesome Khan that matches a lot of bunches from Brandi Rose she needs to work a home wrestling skill at the end of the match the also come kind of interfere gigant up in the ring apron Brandi rules took advantage of his spear Ali and opinion higher at the end also comes about to do some type of from Buster or whatever they are jack on the woman who meant her and Ted ended up coming in the ring and facing also con so these two would have ended up finding it all out the next one was jungleboy muchas horas versus dark order and a helical Evans not match was great these guys went and did what they had to do I was very impressed with lucha stores and jungleboy these guys are the future of wrestling and helico and Jack Evans in a good dark order they look pretty good very good what’s going on with them so six minutes not six-man but a three-way it’s higher team match was pretty good at the end talk order ended up winning damn nice kids saving versus hangman page that match was pretty good to kind of slow put hanging my page in it up giving him the Deadeye I thought the end of the match one of the dark old minions popped out turned out he got jumped by this minion and it turned I was Chris Jericho Jericho ended up hitting up kicked out hangman page in their face he opened up his eyebrow kill him a black eye so an accident nevertheless but you know he got a jump by Jericho Jericho Johnson it does there was no fight on the line so you guys back that and then after that matter we had the SCU versus a neutral Bros great match high-risk moves and everything bootable and a wooden that meant that they challenged the young books to a ladder match all out and I believe the triple attack sometimes on the line for that match so then seam up versus kenny omega great mats these guys show that a seamless show one side of him that I did not see no Maya Resik wins but Daniels pretty much these guys weren’t added and it was a great I think they took they stole the show and Saturday so kenny omega ended up giving him won’t we angel and Omega wins after that Chris Jericho came out and did a promo talking about that he needed to win the magic as had my page and if he doesn’t win at a time he’s gonna fall apart at the end he could hang my page a bitch hammock pitch comes out jump stone beats him up the back all these Russell from the back security you know I came out to break him up so that was pretty cool today that’s the set up already for aew or one out for August and then the mats and me event was the young bucks versus the roads the end it was kind of a classic kind of mass old style and old-school versus new-school type of Matt and Matt Jackson throughout the match he sold injury on his arm so that match was pretty good to the end the motor driver on Cody Rhodes by the young book and the young bucks won the match so that was pretty much in on the events also so I’m gonna give you a couple of more news that happened during the week then happened this week so so Waldman is done with rest meeting he claims that he’s not gonna wrestle anymore and he would not rest on Matt Orleans if it’s a Wrestlemania or a special match so looks like Sean woman has done he probably gonna stick to his podcast Seth Rollins WV news everyone in complaining about fans painting with Toby Davi he claims that this is the new gig a new thing then you need to hit on the WV that is a trend well mr. Seth Rollins and you know that I’m not a fan of yours you could do all the complaining you want at the end of the day you know that you could say that a lot of the WV workers they work hard and everything but you’re working extra hard to keep your spot because you’ve been catered to since 2012 as part of the shield and even 2014-2015 when you was giving the world tight so you’re still talking a lot of crap for a guy who doesn’t have the belt anymore you try to be the flag bird for the week and your company still producing and promoting crap every Monday night so that’s what I gotta say about that Harley Race hospitalized last Thursday on his way to Expo and Knoxville Tennessee and he ended up being hospitalized a lot of his appearance has been castle that we don’t know what is the why is he’s hospitalized but I know Harley races up there and eight so I wish him the best of speedy recovery friend Balor though another Daily News got engaged to a Fox sport I believe I forgot name but she works for Fox sport the biggest breaking news that happened to came in yesterday CM Punk to be in star cast 3 that what question is would he be an AE w/o loud it’s a Chicago so I don’t see why he could you know has to wrestle he could come in as an outside interference his contract is up on the MMA thing so you gotta check that out Shawn spirit has now signed to Lee Blanchard chess obliges father as his manager and neew so that’s that is something to look forward to and it’s perfect because Shawn spear and Cody Rhodes on up on a restaurant or Lao and who better to be in a corner than tui Blanchard who always had crazy and I’ll let crazy matches with Dusty Rhodes the American League Cody’s father back in the 80s and 90s so what better to wait it’s the storyline it’s great I’m telling you these guys in aw I don’t know what they doing Kiley ray a lot of people are wondering why she has not been and in the ring it says double or nothing she’s asked um dealing with some Hospital situation all medical situation at that so she’s she’s keeping lord yes and she’s are the last thing I her was that she has medical problems and that his wife you haven’t seen the home TV New Japan is having their fighting spirit coming to Boston Philadelphia and New York in September New York is gonna be in the Hammerstein Ballroom I am going to go try to go to that show to see who’s in that car and I’ll take his own state of July 26 show so that pretty much pretty much is it as the war like I said I’m glad that you guys enjoy a lot of this stuff that I put on and I try to give it as best as I can I try showing it showing the the shows but so much stuff going on and I’m not trying not to review shows because it’s to it this this week was a lot of shows going on and had to review it to give it to my wrestling fans also this weekend mahan mayhem going on Ring of Honor it’s gonna the main event I think it’s my table versus j’leeta for the world title there’s also a street fight coming up between the gorillas of destiny and the Briscoes when the Ring of Honor world titles tacton bells so you know that’s gonna be on this I believe tomorrow and they’re gonna be the Hammerstein Ballroom so if you are in the New York area go check that out it’s just gonna be something to look forward to so for all you guys again I thank you for supporting my podcast here if you’d like to subscribe so much it’ll just hit the subscribe button hit that thumbs up it’s the notification bell for new upload content and leave me a comment do not be afraid to leave your comment with us negative all positive I will and see you back that you’ll be what you would be because that is your opinion Who am I to judge so with that have a good night enjoy next time

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