What in the hell was Hell in a Cell Bryan & Vinny Show

What in the hell was Hell in a Cell  Bryan & Vinny Show

well shit Wow which just got started as important the first word that I mouth here be profanity it’s my Vinny’s show everybody the hell in the cell shit in the cell paper for your recap everyone always gets oh I don’t know if they get disappoint it probably will today all I heard was oh I can’t wait to hear Brian rant about this show I can’t wait to hear him freak out about it dude when it reaches this level it’s funny fair enough you know I’m saying and besides if you didn’t hear Observer live today what you probably didn’t because I ran head-to-head with the pre-show like if you actually cared enough to watch this pay-per-view I did a nine minute non-stop didn’t take a breath rant about this company this WWE se was such contempt in my voice it’s big long rant about Hell aw beats him on Wednesday nights and how do they respond do they respond like a normal company and/or rational person or people and try to do the best they can for their fans oh they don’t they continue to torment their fans and haunt them drew them in grew them every way possible at Lee they false advertise their biggest stars on Friday they humiliate Kofi Kingston in seven seconds to prove to you that you were an idiot for believing in that guy they don’t bother announcing a card for Hell in a Cell they they think you’re a dumb mark that’s what they think about you fans I’ve been saying this for nine minutes I went on and on about how they think you’re such a dumb mark and you’re gonna buy your tickets anyway and you’re gonna watch the shows anyway and they’re gonna screw you here and they’re gonna screw you there and you’re just gonna take it over and over again that was before this show air you’re Nostradamus I hadn’t even watched this show yet I didn’t think it could be this bad now somebody on the board said this is as bad as it gets I thought no no we’re watching WCW 2,000 people it ain’t as bad as it can get it can’t get worse than this it can get worse I think it’s gonna get worse I was gonna say this maybe that WCW was worse but this may be more infuriating because this company should have learned from that companies fail no Vinnie the problem is Vince McMahon is still running the shell and he ain’t getting any younger that’s why I’m telling you it can get worse you got a point this is Vince at 73 years old you know he’s not gonna stop doing this till he’s in the grave so if we presume that you know he lives another 10 years can we all stop for a second and trying to imagine 83 year old Vince McMahon putting a pay-per-view together for you I see your point it’s gonna be worse it’s only gonna get worse every year every year he’s a year older guys realize that the XFL starts in like what five months now for four months from now he’s gonna be doing this and he’s gonna be running the XFL Annie’s gonna be four or five months older it’s only gonna get worse so I can only get so angry and it really is kind of funny I was really mad watching this show and did I not laugh at the disqualification in the main event did I not laugh I laughed in a way we both did I did not literally laugh I’m or I laugh snapped I literally laughed I did tell you not to quit you did yes I did not scream I just started pointing at you with my eyes bugging you did Vinnie did you not see my tweet the other day were W he’s own social media did a poll I understand one of the options was disqualification the point I was trying to make what I pointed at you was to remind you of that poll but I was so far Berg acid I couldn’t even speak I did not need in fact speechless I was laughing because as always I say something on Twitter and crazy people act all crazy and then I get the last laugh you know many people Eddie here on Twitter tell me Brian it’s just a poll why do you take this seriously they’re not gonna do a DQ you know me people out of here tell me that well guess what everybody they did a disqualification they did a DQ in a Hell in a Cell match they did a DQ and a hell of a nacelle match in the main event of the show for doing something that had already been done two dozen times in the very same match yes you can hit him in him you can hit a man you can hit a woman with a chain you can hit a woman with a chair you can hit a woman with a ladder you can hit a man with a chair you can hit a man with a ladder you can hit a man with a toolbox full of tools right you can hit a man with a mallet you can you can try to impale a man with a square mallet but God forbid game is I hold on a second which is a fucking ballot hold on a second vide I don’t wake up your babies so you’re not gonna wake up the baby can we move so I feel well we’re talking about the whole main event now or get it over with do you realize how painful it would be to impale a man with a square mallet think about this Vinnie if you had the option would you rather be skewered with a sharp sword or a square mallet well I suppose I must between those two I would go with the sword this referee was okay and if you think we’re joking the deal men actually said he’s trying to impale him that’s the word he used impale with a giant square mallet okay you can’t do that but if you did this would be horribly painful okay that’s okay this referee thought that was okay you can impale a man with a square mallet but God forbid you get a small mallet small melon and you hit a man in the head when he in fact has armor over his head to protect it like chairs and ladders was not a direct shot you know I didn’t think about this tool right now but what happened was a giant mallet is okay yes but a little mallet is not okay yes but that’s the rules right in a hell of a cell phones they happened like 25 minutes ago he just figured it out I ride I laughing at him now frightened oh do you understand why now Bryan you know Eric went to rant about this so this camera mounted kind of a yeah it’s my phone he got you stop recording Rob you’re fired I would never I lost it why we snapped I’m sitting out so they can picture I finally snap why are we so burgers I’m not sure I am I don’t know you know what I don’t feel sober I feel alcohol is a poison right you take alcohol you as a poison that causes damage your brain which causes the inebriated feeling I feel poisoned [Music]

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