WWE 2K19 – 30 Man Royal Rumble Match 2019 | Surprise Participants (PS4)

[Applause] the following contest is the Royal Rumble match now the two superstars that drew number one and number two will start in the ring at the same time other superstars will join in in the order that they drew this will continue until all 30 superstars have entered the ring eliminations occur when you are thrown over the top rope with both feet landing on the floor the last in the ring will be declared the Royal Rumble winner and will advance to the main event of Wrestlemania wait for it wait for it god I love when he does that that’s pretty cool and from Panama City Florida weighing in at 205 pounds [Applause] the leader of undisputed era how could you not respect the man who says his name with so much style and passion Saxton let me try it Adam Cole baby the world traveled superstar band making waves all around the independence scene for nearly a decade loves to carry the NXT North American Championship got a cool last name to any relation greatness runs in packs Byron like the three of us [Applause] and from Maryville Quebec Canada weighing in at 266 pounds Kevin [Applause] [Music] I hope for Kevin’s sake everyone leaves him alone poor Kevin’s got the worst luck is constantly mistreated by general managers on both Raw and SmackDown never stop to think that maybe the fault is Kevin Owens maybe it’s the fault of the guy looking at him in the mirror Kevin Owens is the most paranoid superstar I’ve ever seen it’s always everybody else’s fault except for Kevin Owens he’s good though here we go Royal Rumble Nixon kicking off here talk about drawing the short straw I don’t like these competitors chances at all I don’t know where Adam Cole gets the nerve and thinking he can come in and take what he wants Saxony I just want to take everything Adam Cole wants to rule the entire industry [Applause] Bleriot boy the TARDIS flies doesn’t it what a stop good grief kick to the get a barrage of strikes endless Cory what do you think of his chances here tonight I definitely have him on my short list of favorites Oh [Applause] neckbreaker oh my he looks a bit off his game ish but we all know that he isn’t afraid of a good fight which is what we’re seeing here yeah but of the guys in the ring right now he’s just a pible as any of winning this thing and going on [Applause] oh and he can definitely make a difference here guys without a doubt [Applause] and gets out of harm’s way oh boy that could have been bad Michael one of my favorite things about the Royal Rumble really is the element of surprise you just never know who’s gonna come out next there we go [Applause] we now striking blow looks like he’s starting to sweat now he looks incredibly motivated though don’t expect to lead down for long hey if he can’t handle a little punishment here and there maybe he has no business being in the Royal Rumble match I’d have to agree with Cory’s comments on the element of surprise it seems each year I find myself shocked at some of the names we see competing in the rumble that’s kind of funny coming from you Michael considering many might say that year 2012 appearance in the Rumble match was the biggest surprise ever big-time slam vicious using the elbow as a weapon and Jeff Hardy’s out next guys I don’t think we can watch a Royal Rumble match without mentioning the mastermind behind the epic event of course that person is WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson a true legend when this guy’s on out look out he might have it here I think you’re right Michael oh now it’s entry number 7 reflecting a bit more on Pat there’s the elimination firing that was amazing oh boy he is named well it looks like the rock is going to get involved with this he’s looking a little wobbly too here guys Michael his legs look like they’re about to give out on him harsh impact what a great escape Wow I cannot believe it Michael looks to make an elimination hair trying for the elimination here dammit Kevin Owens there’s the elimination the 2016 Royal Rumble match had quite a unique stipulation in fact it became the largest WWE championship defense great job escaping trying to turn this thing around oh boy look out here he comes guys and that’s elimination right there guys with an exclamation point no less Oh [Applause] could be trouble here guys dragon screwed me eliminated what what a strike Oh a backbreaker right to the spine check to the gut even when he’s not scheduled for match this has got trouble written all over it guys yeah this might very well lead to an elimination Dodge’s tros coming out next who is it and it’s the rock with the reversal do you brought up the rock at WrestleMania 31 and forgive me for being less enthused why celebrate a pair of egotistical movie stars like Rousey and Rock attacking our hard-working bosses Triple H and Stephanie McMahon because the authorities started it but the rock topped it at WrestleMania 32 at the first WrestleMania I ever announced on The Rock accepted an impromptu match against Rowan and beat the bearded brute in just six seconds a WrestleMania record the rock was just one step behind there guys the rock has an impressive entering resume that puts him in the discussion for the greatest WWE Superstar of all time but he’s matched with a movie career that cemented the number 10 will be joining us momentarily beautiful technique and now it’s Jeff Hardy again he pushed to the limit he’s not careful this should snowball out of control for him in our furry give him credit guys he’s not giving up and with so much on the line that’s exactly the attitude game full of impact Kenney ended here that’ll knock you silly that’s for sure my gold core you both discussed the rocks dominance on the big screen and I have to point out that he brought his start on full circle when he actually produced a movie about Paige’s career I actually caught an advanced screening of the movie and loved every minute of it but if the rock listen to this crowd count the next one in the Rock has ice defendant you’re much and now Chuck he’s making a statement here with this attack here’s Cesaro as long as he’s been healthy John Cena hasn’t missed the showcase of the Immortals but he was almost a healthy scratch in 2018 when Cena had a very weird Road to Wrestlemania looks like we might get an elimination guys here comes the rock you’ve got to believe this one’s oh there’s the elimination quarry what took him so long nice job getting out of trouble there talk about a great get ready Michael mentioned John Cena and WrestleMania 34 Cena found himself outside of the title picture after losing at the Royal Rumble and in a title match at Fastlane that’s when he pulled a wild card and trash-talked the Undertaker in fact he truly earned the ire of The Deadman the WrestleMania started we still hadn’t heard from the Undertaker but once he showed up he conquered Cena faster than any of his previous 23 WrestleMania victims the rock turns it around John Cena’s WWE cool lucky 13 right across wanna strike right on the mark what’s gonna happen now nobody does a better Michael here he comes Roman reigns they can’t walk after that attacked in the back the rock is being outworked here tonight where do you think he should go from here quarry in the beginning of John Cena’s career the rookie was among the legends of the Ring Cena became US Champion defeated my Foreman look out John Cena is oh nasty impact Oh look at a possible elimination coming up [Applause] it’s Callisto this is going to get interesting real interesting look at that tremendous ring presence very impressive he’s left wide open here I don’t think he even realizes it he looks dazed about to get bad that’ll mess up your shoulder the rock is in position [Applause] there’s the elimination firing that was amazing they’ll clap we know that music can only mean one man it’s fun dango backbreaker flawlessly executed and there’s this speed paying off Callisto showing some quickness beautiful just breaking down the opponent he’s not in a good spot here guy oh man what a food wanna stop good great [Applause] showing off some of his speed there to talk a lot about dream matchup from the luck of the draw at the Royal Rumble it’s a good reason but the 2017 Royal Rumble we saw two icons go knows to know that before then was only possible in WWE video games and if you were playing with your action figures at home like firing time stood still when Goldberg stood before the Almighty Undertaker but we’re about to get another one bats bathroom to be in here I receive oh god foster its Batista Oh kalisto is looking at del Sol had to do it this is what makes him one of the best in the business here we go guys elimination coming up oh he’s in trouble here horse impact this crowd never doubt this crowd never doubted the rocks ability to get back in this thing this night could be over for kalisto for my money guys there’s no greater Royal Rumble competitor than stone poop there we go yeah and he seems to have an endless supply of energy oh boy he is rolling Oh oh boy he is oh he’s able to reverse it look who’s coming now guys this could be a game-changer Michael asked Laurie mentioned stone cold certainly has an impressive Royal Rumble resume and it’d be even more impressive if he was able to hold on and win the 1999 Rumble match by Guam still miffed about that one mr. McMahon literally stole the victory out from underneath Austin there’s no doubt there’s the elimination fire I mean that was amazing here comes 19 and what a reversal from Jake Roberts what’s up now it’s braun strowman what impact mike is crushing it focusing more on Michael’s Hall of Fame argument I definitely agree that reigns belongs just look at everything he’s already done from WrestleMania main events to WWE championship reigns and everything in between it seems like a silly argument if you ask me but hey I’ll play along also agree Roman reigns is a slam-dunk hall-of-famer he’d get in twice as a member of the shield Paul when he reverses it Oh Frank our right to the spine little-known fact guys the first ever Royal Rumble was broadcast on free television at fair he can end it here right just barely got out of the way so quick Oh things have gotten much worse for Roman reigns he could be out of this match at this point is confidence has to be a sealable to elaborate more in the 1988 Royal one bolt bunkhouse Stampede controversy it’s worth noting that the competition held their event in New York that night a location long considered to be WWE territory a bull move indeed but I’m willing to bet in retrospect the competition wishes they never did poke that bear whoa strowman dodged that one [Applause] there’s the elimination byron that was amazing Stroman is taking no prisoners right here oh and you could tell he’s got evil intentions on his mind in a match like this you have to Michael it’s like a light went on and it’s shining bright Roman reigns just too fast for him there’s the elimination byron that was amazing it’s not surprising that Fonda goes his own biggest fan but he’s not going to stop until he’s at the absolute top spot in this company [Applause] who’s gonna be 21 this is getting interesting nailed it wanna stop good grief braun strowman faltering son i don’t think he expected to be in this position here the Royal Rumble match will absolutely test your resolve guys and that’s exactly what we’re seeing here with him trying for the elimination here though what impact [Applause] that could have been disastrous Byron bigger than Eternity suplex what a strike look at the look of their realization firing that was amazing Mooney had rolls the pace of backup beauty the Russian legsweep 5 foot don’t go can he finish him off here man that happened in the blink of an eye eyes got him here it’s got a POW this is what makes him one of the best in the business Fon dango bless what a strike well strowman dodged that one look at Xavier whoops is headed in looks like we might get an elimination guys talk about dismantling your opponent and that’s the elimination right there guys with an exclamation point no less there’s no doubt that fun dongles victory over Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 29 was impressive around that time fond and O’s entrance guys it’s almost time what’s to make an elimination here look out a possible elimination coming up things are about to get interesting now you can say that again nice job getting out of trouble there talk about a great escape of course it’s a long-standing tradition that the winner of the Royal Rumble goes on to main event WrestleMania but newer fans might not realize that the rule did not go into effect until 1993 [Applause] on them neckbreaker amen Bray Wyatt going for it as Byron mention 1993 marked the first time the Royal Rumble winner advanced to Wrestlemania in that year it was Yokozuna who won the rumble and challenged Bret Hart at WrestleMania nine you imagine if that rules in effect prior to 1993 WrestleMania five ages that racism on the Huracan run it’s heating up now how’s it almost kind of survived oh man this is crazy and it’s time for number 26 hey it’s getting crowded in there when we look at the prestige of winning the Royal Rumble match and how the event itself puts the world on the road to Wrestlemania we must go back to the success of the first Royal Rumble the match started off with two future WWE Hall of Famers in Bret the Hitman Hart and Tito Santana and every two minutes thereafter saw an incredible list of superstars enter the match oh boy he is rolling escapes trouble there quarry a few moments ago you talked about the phenomenal lineup of superstars who participated in the envisage of this crouched out the next one [Applause] it’s big show on the way you better look out now nobody enjoys the pace of a match quite like this guy hi such a tough target and Byron you never want to find yourself in a spot like this especially in a Royal Rumble match Michael Wow Byron why do you think the change of plans here we’re running out of options right to the back of the neck this might be it oh my it’s Apollo Cruz this is an interesting change of events look at this cheese is letting everyone know exactly how he feels he’s making a statement here with this attack what a stop good grief he’s to put him there he’s getting roughed up pretty bad here he may very well be on Dream Street right now guys there’s no way to sugarcoat this one he’s getting absolutely destroyed right now it’s man’s The Miz is on his way and you know it’s not just chitchat [Applause] what a strike not where he wants to be right now hey he got himself into this mess he’s got to get himself out of it now there’s the ama nation firing that was amazing the Big Show is putting on a big show right now their jobs The Miz was able to get out of the way there today with Tommy making a move God what a knee lift when this guy time look at Xavier woods too quick that time nope reverses it too quick from there this is what makes you one of the best in the business vicious right [Applause] could very well get dumped out here there’s the elimination you got to believe this one’s over reverses that one and Big Show was able to get out of the way they’re deceptively fast oh nasty impact the reversal by them is he gets it with a rehearsal the men’s looking a little bit shaken he’s gonna have to cut off his opponents offense quickly hey if he can’t handle a little punishment here and there maybe he has no business being in the Royal Rumble match the good news for him is that his opponents offense is likely packing a little less of a punch considering all the damage he was able to inflict earlier in this match oh boy he is rolling spinning kicked in the gut who would a jawbreaker the road to Wrestlemania begins here which one of these superstars will go on he is he’s looking banged up here guys and it looks like there’s the elimination Curitiba took him so long beautiful technique Dodge’s trouble there we got that right there’s the elimination I mean that was amazing duplex he’s calling for it the end may be near we may be looking at our winner here guys today let’s hobbies in trouble guys whoever wins this match tonight will forever be ingrained and one of the most exclusive and elite lists of all sports entertainment and that is no exaggeration this has got trouble written all over it guys yeah this might very well lead to an elimination and gets out of harm’s way oh boy that could have been bad Michael the day of Tommy may be running out of gas here he came into this match looking for a fight and it looks like he found one I’m shocked he’s even still in there guys given the punishment he’s taken I figured somebody would have eliminated him by now guys at this point I’d be shocked if his opponent is able to complete this comeback he’s making a statement here with this attack headlock Owen cheap shot right above the eye he’s looking a little wobbly here guys Michael his legs look like they’re about to give out on him all right turns it around gets out of the way of that one oh boy he is rolling he’s left wide open here I don’t think he even realizes it he looks dazed it’s about to get bad 30 superstars and in about an hour only one of them will be left standing Royal Rumbles always deliver especially sweet nicely done he’s not going to like this and if he hits this this one’s over butterfly DDT but he’s running on fumes here does he have enough left in him to capitalize whoa heard a love Tommy dodged that one and it’s reversed when this guy’s on Lookout today with Tommy has been unreal performance these guys feel no love for each other here’s another look he ain’t messing around still can’t believe I get paid to watch this amazing action here is your winner Dean [Applause] [Music] little lady said you feel the same dude I don’t believe a word you say kind I don’t think you here to stay no I don’t think you here to stay so tell me what you want tell me how you wanna show me all the reasons that you

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