WWE 2K19 – AEW Universe Mode | Dynamite Debut

you [Applause] welcome everyone to the first episode live in the capital one arena in Washington DC for 8 w dynamite that’s tonight we’re gonna have one-on-one action to begin to show Kody the American left there to the one on one with the best Emperor Sammy Guevara and the main event little all tonight on aw dynamite Rio goes one-on-one with Melrose for the first ever women’s aew World Championship who becomes the first Women’s Champion we’ll find out by the end of the night [Applause] there’s no other way to kick up the shower there would be a therapy that better whose to one and a Edom him here comes Cody I’m and it’s done so much in this sport for many many years took a chance on himself after he left to Stanford Connecticut be able to go on and win World Championships and other Championships around the world give it a win the NWA World Championship from this oldest back at the all-in event last year and I’m coming at this I set on the aw World Heavyweight Championship which is held by Chris Jericho but there comes Jimmy goo Pharaoh [Applause] Cody’s opponent for tonight Sammy Guevara a man who feels and he’s underutilized or utter value and then it feels that people just see me as potential and that’s it let me see the Seminoles rather that he has more than just potential terribly gonna prove to the world tonight on aw son event live on TNT together got to show the world that we should be more than just potential that’s in the ring with Cody on the first episode of a e-w gotta make tender guevara been around other promotions a former triple-a world cruiserweight champion and many more as his batch of begins first episode first matchup on the show was coated with the arm rest of the Guevara as Sammy again one opportunity to show the world worldwide what he’s made of luckily in the wristlock here they’re gonna take him down that he does but he seems to be a bit shocked there and I thought he got him what a versa Tomic drop the way damage from the lower side of Guevara same with your Merriman who loves pandas I’m not gonna ask the question why but he does I’ve got the spiked out of the corner got him up with his shoulders like this no limits Gary gutbuster there by Cody Cody did he go picked pinfall here no my name in a one-town Miko do y’all know his accolades you don’t know what he’s done in this business the grandson of a plumber look at the send the whole message to Chris Jericho his future opponent for the World Championship and is also known by Tony Kahn the president of AE W made it clear that this matchup could have an effect into CODIS match up a full gear for the aw title color black hook the Camaro not even a close to town that’s how I got up to the suite dr. Vera I was up to the corner when the pulls onto the back and I shot to the left knee as Guevara coming in hot pakodi I’m gonna stop him dead in his tracks off the road food good food so they go for a crossbody but Guevara got the way and out company got his hand so Guevara Oh Sammy’s in trouble on the ropes dan80 hangman DDT Nair looking to build momentum heading towards full gear which is about five weeks from tonight in Baltimore Maryland Tony got him up here Snake Eyes face first on the top buckle when I kicked an adult-like Guevara better heidy heidy by Sammy but shoulder tackle back and forth between both men that’s Cody try the focus on Chris Jericho a full gear Sammy we’re gonna take advantage of this opportunity Cody with a power slam able to catch him in a no air then you can really going to take advantage of the fact that Cody might be blinded no my ass eyes set on Jericho but Guevara with that the first sto Monday able to keep Cody down for three nine of them faced worse kick to the gut Cody one in aw in trouble little bit now if ever slam shades of pop only see them page of the code each playbook hitting him in his old maneuver is pretty now they’re gonna come back not just jump in the position cuddled with tie affair big kick to the midsection and I’m Kuvera got Cody on me on the second rope look at the Platinum hangman de DT hangman TDT by Povera and i’m sammy going up gonna show the world why he is the best ever up top thanks darling is that enough to pit the American Nightmare my guess hook – crowd is on their feet here in the Capital One Arena DC back elbow dancing us into the dome nobody got it now Cody what about it crossroads even if he could bill at the crossroads leg is hook to town got up pony would a win in the first match of eight of satellites Loretta fireman’s carry gut buster by Cody wicked power Slam by kuvira reverse sto and then high-flying maneuver with the 6:34 pony in the end with the crossroads stance Oh that’s the American Nightmare that’s another wind in his record three and one in aew Cody all he sees is Chris Jericho and the aew World Championship in his future only five weeks until full gear Roy Cody weeks Jericho one-on-one so in a minute candy Omega the cleaner will be an accident alone tonight against aew champion Jericho well coming up next week gentlemen on dynamite tag-team action rematch from all-out as the lucha brothers will take on the unboxing tag team action why next on satellite [Applause] very confident words there by Cody regarding Chris Jericho but now it’s time for some two-on-two action pentagons jr. gray phoenix the lucha brothers the lucha phone is making her way down the aisle former multipied triple-a Tag Team Champions now make it away into the ring as a golfer ganks the Masters of the superkick the men who are behind the superkick par need in the young bucks as next week will begin the tag-team championship tournament to crown a first ever tag-team champion of a double here comes Matt and Nick Jackson planning to have a superkick party here tonight I’m tired of my back in Lake Jackson went to war with Pentagon and Phoenix at the all-out pay-per-view with that tremendous car crash know that as the ladder match imac said nobody will ever forget in professional wrestling here we go two bells rung as I believe Nick Jackson and Pentagon to get this match lead to the score by Pentagon and here to go in the match a lot of history between these two they also met at double or nothing as well young bucks got the win that double or nothing Pentagon and Phoenix up the win at all out there tonight it’s the rubber match between the two teams shopping the life out of Pentagon never forget during that ladder match the mask of Pentagon came off and took Pentagon out of the max for a little bit but he still did damage it would have tossed the ladder of push the ladder off to the road making Jackson I believe crashed it to the table on the outside hell of a shot to the gut that I Pentagon gonna put on a show for these folks here in Washington DC like Jackson got ours over little corner tag made their counts Phoenix Irish whip down nice double team hit Thomson Oh particular silver blade in the chest air but with Phoenix and Pentagon but on Nick Jackson manali gonna stay down and take an asshole but they’re gonna fight back got him up here fireman’s carry rolling senton combination it’s attached to the older brother here comes Matt Jackson form in the face little brother very phoenix tianyu over brother mentioned something to spine let’s Matt look at a brain gray into the corner spec them headfirst under the buckle downstairs got him up oh no Phoenix in trouble take a book Obama Phoenix now to go back got up side you’re a naughty slow down yes tell you go for a truck kick didn’t connect there shut to the back of the knee got about firemen scary said time that whould said Todd and now Oh Super Kick party no not even alive the Super Kick Irish whip by Phoenix got him in a corner and a bit clueless on and have known with that little clothesline dick damage is that enough for window cover leg hook to town its Phoenix under the ground Matt Jackson who was on a roll momentarily he had the match right where you want him he had Phoenix maybe the end was near for a Phoenix that’s where each other were down Matt Jackson Irish flip over the top hanging out that’s Matt OH Matt Saxon might be in trouble but the streets have a mic about it tensions City t up to the apron and I think that bust up and let Jackson as well as rain crawling crawling commit to tag here comes Finnegan that’s oh wow Matt Jackson smart move mint attack the Nick put a truck get grants by Pentagon kick she left him gonna tell kick kicks flowing everywhere but Mike Pentagon alone putting the first pin back to connect connect didn’t ankle to spin back he got caught with a hip toss and now Nick Jackson looking to hit him superkick but not home run Jenna Irish whip now over the top to the outside look at this so why not only today are the young bucks that they are the elite [Applause] [Music] well Pentagon looking to show why he has zero fear califor butter a three as both wrestlers on the outside might not be good for Leake Jackson and Pentagon kind of six whatever free I’m sure nobody distracted on the cow now and then Nick Jackson able to bring him back inside the ring able to stop him to the crawl towards ray and a dragon screwed there by Pentagon and no spit back kick be able to connect that time play Pentagon kick to the gut gonna downstairs oh wait a minute so they will put a fear factor we have an encounter everybody with a clothesline makalah with a clothesline so FERC X 10x and I’m Nick Jackson look at it going top we’re gonna fly here Heinrich district risking it all boots off lands into the cover shows it down for Ramos insane dream it the same the young ones in control [Applause] we’re back on Donna my knees wot antique tag team matches continues as the exaction takes down the reef Phoenix they’re gonna tuck the fish before the break we saw Nick Jackson able to land him old self in the top lip on the Pentagon jr. and was not able to get the three-count Gus fring Phoenix make the save he went on a test first onto the buckle and I ready to go drag Nick Jackson into his territory into his corner we’re a Phoenix we’re gonna do what he can to get the job done here tonight both men on something in line but obviously nothing came about oh that’s the splash in the corner super tech who missed the kick though did not land Irish whip got him in a corner now grave 10 they go for something but boots and a face took too much time rolling elbow a spinning ethical to the dome to increase that what Nick Jackson I think he’s busted over from that as well there comes Phoenix oh no panic setting over the Canadian destroyer he’s gonna go for that flipping out driver but didn’t go for it Nikki able to counter it one is use the momentum against them outside girl lucky slam and now Nick Jackson in my corner looking to have our so protect barding super take wins on the Phoenix will it be Vegas folks or sit down that Pentagon make the same mat try to make it therefore couldn’t make it in time it takes pentagon to the outside and I make Jackson looking to finish this matchup on a high know up top you thought about it and I guess but on the outside thought about going after baby we’ll check on Pentagon to make sure he’s down and out now Pentagon back up to the speed now back on the apron maybe Nick wasn’t all there I mean he is busted open who knows how much damage has been done to the cranium Oh Beck put that with a spear an exclusive spear go rate gun back up to his feet let’s hook him down in the neck Breaker up to his feet dr. Bulls on try go for a suplex kanima Oh spare again my max let’s accent the sphere nothing to have his own super kick though didn’t go for it downstairs got him off wicked power bomb lands now looking 1/2 a super tips 40 let it go wait great condom three Phoenix condom with the headscissors off the ropes slides under this Ray found him here corrected Steiner might be the end for no man able to block whatever the word food so to go for city go for a side view and I hear slam just like this brother Nick Jackson but no we’re students able to block it break out of here Oh standing Spanish flying spanish fly would I fear not the bed they young box here tonight so they keep it up bags like kicking the tool he kept them at bay did Pentagon able to take out Nick Jackson but mat able to kick-out at two heads as much of snow rolls on and I got him in the corner round them up now fireman’s carry rolling senton as both of these teams know each other so one stop contact superkick rollers an attachment [Applause] yeah come away gray Phoenix down spike them out of the corner back of a got a spanish fly and our red Phoenix feels that the end is near pretty young bucks here tonight in Washington DC get to the gut downstairs oh no violence one of those Stepney’s maneuvers you know wrestling the pile driver in a meta top we risk it all into the cover so to sit down late dog attack at and tongue I suck the up one sat down with the metros on what are these guys going to do the put into the light this is a devastating on Racine city calif luck submission whole locked in I meant able to fight out got him in the corner tag me what’s this we’re going to go for oh no watch this watch this dog fuck a bomb into the kick fuck the bomb in surgery well now Nick Jackson might have some doubts maybe went for pin there that probably wouldn’t be enough to put away Felix because one thing feed his hands is a lot of heart don’t you catch that die but I think you learn to finish and I’m that no super kick and now we’re gonna clear this look at this search at a time sure Phoenix xscape the hold makes a tag we’re going to go for it again Donna muhfucka fuck heads up burning fuck alarm head kick right making Matt Jackson we have done so much to each other what more how much more pain and suffering and punishment can they take on both teams perspectives how let it go for right oh I don’t wanna kick let’s let her go for a wife of Phoenix above dodge it and then cobbled a kick after that’s axle enough for a quick breather got back in the ring downstairs got a powerbomb Kalibak Kalibak into a bridge go down to low no no no not able to put them away now they’re gonna go for another super kick super tick party the super tick in the ring is Nick Kenny stopping the Pentagon makes the save one more time nf will see on book something off the Pentagon has thickened Pentagon the way on it inside the ring Pentagon takes care of Nick Jackson I’m top toes Matt Matt smooth saw fans move so connects with Pentagon and make the save this time bring his funk yo what’s prevail that time that time alone now’s a bad call by Pentagon didn’t go in the ring to make the scene more a phoenix who took so much punishment in this match back and forth between both teams will in the end superkick party prevails max action with the moonsault able to make things too sweet air up dynamite bought a tag-team matchup the god Wow well they should gentlemen coming up next on aw dynamite we got the likes of Via Christi and Brook Baker why next on dynamite let’s are back here Washington DC we saw both women making their way backstage there comes via restraint this all started back at thankful to fallen with via Frisian group Vika was a part of a tag team match went back and forth and in the ends via firstly and her team were able to get the win but then after they threw some for some reason those more personal issues being unveiled at fight for the Fallen between Via Christi and Rick Baker with two boy rhythms their brawling it out in the rain has also the same night different makers to see the concussion so now did I learn a clash as being firstly from the United Kingdom also known as also known in and stardom if a current world of stardom champion is beer Presley not making away towards the ring is her opponent and dr. Brent Baker once I never knew she was a doctor I thought that was just her name but no she’s literally a doctor maybe to make her way down the aisle the only professional rustle that I know that’s actually a dentist’s on the side it’s a big it’s a bit unusual for me doctors brickbreaker making her way in the ring go to compete here tonight awesome Championships won her career I CW Women’s Champion CLO pro women’s champion WC Big Top Tag Team Champion and remakes Pro fury champion as well as no sunset flip powerbomb there by brick Baker [Applause] we’re going to take you towards being personal and went from just competition to now a personal Walker between the top German suplex a snap German there might be a firstly as off the ropes goes beyond the event don’t cut it with a spinning back-kick able to catch on a spinning back-kick did beyond or did Rick Baker NER and via proofs Lee would have boot to the dome able to take down fruit big but not down and out Irish lip got in the corner big boom able to land the big hoop there and our brick Baker away now take him down and not be able to bring her into the corner but now brick bakery but a fight back no will shut after elbows shot maybe one of the nights been so far here on dynamite be appreciable to take her down to the outside at ringside still to come later on tonight as able to counter even account of the suplex until walk back into sadly there on the outside so won’t mean a damn thing an effect shots there by brick breaker but dr. Levin to do some damage here is now spinning uppercut a wicked move by Baker but firstly now that I go for a chop when I kick to the gut Oh God thanks for something a count of eight by the referee though can I make it back in the rhythm and then nine does a big risk there by Baker she said firstly back in the room first but before she said herself back in the ring she could’ve almost got a loss there via count-out I mean wins or losses two methyls I mean how we had disqualification to a pinfall submission or count-out no wings away in my book big uppercut there by bf Presley another big foots in a face and so there first and now just jump in the position bang boom again with the boots there by being personally as awake Twitter go for Frankensteiner got battlefield Alibaug christening vote for the win for the kick-out 101 town oh one k– out ladies and gentlemen is back Oh God big tech leopard shop block but the prawn is on their feet for this matchup between these two big boot to the face back elbow before I plucked it soft wicked chop that went briskly back and forth tooth day now good grief they have a dungeon talking with her clothes on that time fuckin Dino returned it very well they kicked head flight we’ll just pussy and we mine here as Baker’s on the bottom row but is this measuring her woman here wait a minute doe gonna swoop kick on the apron Oh wicked truck kick on the apron is that enough leg is hooked no two-count a shooter up at two oh my god still to come later on tonight the crown the first ever aw women’s world champion between the Rijo and nut rolls air comes Baker now put the cool slides build a momentum rusty on the outside try to create separation try to get a breather but Baker I see we’re gonna fight towards Mia but I kick to the gut now [Applause] Hana to butter a furry look at this here got it Oh chase her Tatas steps and not send it crashing into the steel steps that kind of for butter rock Novus out of ten Kalam early in the max hopefully though not be the same situation here face first off the apron goes Baker as Chris Lee gave the said back to Britt Baker inside the ring and the oppressor got something in mind got us down here on the cover oh wait a minute wait a minute we’re gonna rope too dr. Frank finger able to kick out keep the knife cut what’s this got it oh my god fisherman buster they’re like they have bristling dropping on the back of her neck almost on the top of your head like I mentioned bacon out of commission back that fight for the Fallen dance right got her here now rolling cutter rolling cutter there bite firstly let’s bake her back up to her feet got her up fireman’s carry no counter Danny Caine and now being Presley we’re gonna finish the job wait a minute who no guard stop the stop a curb stop by firstly lady’s fault men’s maker wanna pick in fourth battle back in fourth war between firstly and dr. Baker good Donald my tea during this matchup wisten was so desperate at this point she wanted to get a win she had her legs on the ropes for leverage but obviously didn’t get the job done there and then right here was I’m I believe the deciding factor of the match that rolling cutter and then the stomp for the win [Applause] [Music] dr. fakers brought up a fight she brought the fight to Presley but in the end Presley was that stop you’re gonna stand tall here tonight what a matchup good grief I’m sure this is far from over well Lacey’s jump oh wait backstage this the American Nightmare Cody still in the building walked him back stoic look at the talk with Kenny here that’s true well let you dump it coming up next the AEW world champion and Chris Jericho let’s check the old play to take on the cleaner kenny omega omega out for revenge slide next on satellites here we go ladies and gentlemen a match that I’ve been waiting for a rematch from double-or-nothing a rematch from Russell Kingdom the aid of the world champion who want title back in all ellicott segment page a Chris Jericho [Applause] as you can see you got the world championship title around this waist able to walk down towards the room with the championship in possession unlike before when he lost the title because he left it in the limo but that’s besides the point Chris Jericho obviously not in favor of the crowd the aew fans IEW fateful Chris Jericho obviously would love to shut Kenny Omega up here tonight but also later send a message of his own woman to his challenger encoding the one thing Kenny Omega gotta watch out for is the same move that damage to the semen that bishop double or nothing it’s the debut ethical enough to beat Kenny Omega the Jonas effect the sheriff of tops the crowd as they boo him and a building the capital one arena electric five here tonight we are electric here tonight there comes an opponent another member of the elite the tweeter any Omega to Canadians collide here tonight on dynamite that’s Kenny Omega looking to get payback after what Jericho did to limit double or nothing Kenny Omega also was in a slump in my eyes ever since aw became if a entity in professional wrestling on January 1st of this year 2018 Kenny omegas not God I believe has knocked on the wind if he’s gotten a win amazing oh the only whinnies has so far in Omega loss to Jericho he’s lost to hawk at all out the question is will he lose again tonight as he’s about to begins its Omega swinging McGregor to take down Jericho who knows of jerk we’ll have a little bit of the bubbly after this matchup if he wins tonight as Elvis shots they’re by Omega Hany Omega a decorated star around the world they’ll be able to wait chippy chips [Applause] as promotions miss Jericho worth Donnell Megan stop the momentum as Omega figures out the ball in there and sheriff who got it from behind back suplex Jericho went out for a quick breather Lestat will make a tonic and then he came back in the ring and planting them down you never want to take a mat like Chris Jericho lightly Jericho is a ten time Intercontinental Champion got to keep that in mind as well the only undefeated champion in wrestling history to win get matches against the the walk in Austin you’ll tell you that to deck honestly never let that go is jerkin I got the light of Omega will work on Omega now legs around the neck of omega here in Jericho cat somatoform be able to catch him on the floor would that be enough No Jerrica found with a nasty form ticking down Omega look like an oboe but those to form and we’ll shot there by Omega naught with a neckbreaker sir if I’m going to watch out for the one winged angel the feed trigger which well cover there by Omega but not enough not even for one count but you got to keep that in mind though a megabit saving gonna feature the with jerkles Bay Manik here tonight Jericho in the back to the sky look it up or cut their iris slip over the top hang it out let it go for right no room in the face and I’ll make them back inside the ring then I go for another back girl ends of the sweetness Jericho get the legs oh let it go for that Boston Crab now chair goes being a lot of stars over the years with this Boston Crab well Ken you’ll make a semi here will he tap would he fight through everyone stand the pain did not submit sure Belarus the whole ended up Jericho now like an ass Romero special as Kenny everyone through on a punishment Jericho will a toll breaker and if no one would a codebreaker wait Jericho a little whip the leg [Applause] almost an Omega there karoku can’t believe that Kenny kicked in at two almost a three Jericho up top now looking good not gonna like the views we look up Kenny Jirka dropping the fist but now I’m a giver the thoughts a bullet may trigger feature the connects up to the face of Jericho and now I may go got it here sparking the face of Jericho after the buckle which is smart after that featured the connected to the face of Jericho able to smash his face little top turnbuckle pad and I can do manga getting rid of the plant Jericho got him up Jericho’s in trouble by the way Joe look at a pen let champion and Jericho I’ll make it down would it be – Joe colas down but not out another crowd is on their feet the crowd is electric right now for this matchup and the Omega now but a chinlock applied on to Jericho the pain maker as mobile sucks delivered there and I’ve got him here well got him up three poster you rarely see Jake will land a break that’s to maneuver and at Jerrica now within our farm his submissions he only known for that Boston Crab in the lion tamer but also today he never used a different hold never not Kenny Omega got Jericho off the ropes and I will little walk it iris Swift got over got him in the corner back elbow after that clock Omega on the fruits of the nose good for that’s agreeable Omega thoughts it at the light now get the leg here Jericho will switch one leg to the other single a Boston Crab three more damage to the lower back over Omega also hyperextending the knee as well Omega might be in trouble all Bay allow the whites through we’re gonna bring it towards chair accoun lucky told Kody before the match even started and chef can I go for maybe the butterfly effect writer put on bigger con with a clothesline other with a clothesline down the Nellie’s Jericho baby now let me kick to the spine and now look at Omega naught Jericho this precarious hold here you never see this if it’s all like this before this candy Omega they’re gonna make him tap here but Jericho give it a take him down block the form shot knocked Erica little like suplex got him down gonna make able to kick out tango for form the blocked it want to shop away to the Jericho give it a target back and forth they know each other so well as Jellico trying to go for the double knees with the clothes banker kenya Megan takes young Chirico [Applause] for calendar snapmare takedown planet Oh Jericho’s head meets iris would counter the ropes gotta know on his feet and through to did et my government a mask over their bar Omega look at fuck not enough to pin the world champion who knows maybe this match might affect the World Championship match it at full gear five weeks from tonight on top I’m gonna show you each other go for an anaerobic angel with jerk Omega stop there take down my Tara calm and I’ll check Valyrian crowd Omega here put a 10 lakh stop the momentum that does be build by Kenny [Applause] in a big accountable Erica go break your again another coplanar Jericho 10x with the Code Breaker in the middle ring hooks the leg turns it down Jericho plan let’s check the Ola now able to get the win tonight one of extra back and forth between Omega and Jericho the Boston Crab didn’t do enough Jellico got hit with the feet sugar by Omega and in the one wing angel Sally didn’t put Jericho away I thought it did but it didn’t Omega came back in this matchup at times when he thought he was down and out but Jericho harmonic opers out of nowhere and Jericho stands tall I found Kony I’m stunning every move that Jericho make and you notice that Jericho did not use the Judas effect in this matchup as the one thing Cody is gotta watch out for at full gear [Applause] well a gentleman real seemed to be confident and she goes one-on-one with my Lauro it all comes out that is our main event of a TWU thought of mine to crown a first ever Women’s Champion of eight [Applause] there we go lady jumping who wastes little time min events once Dynamite’s here comes Rijo it’s the way down the arm here Washington DC seems to be behind riho we hope ever to earn this spot by winning a matchup back it all out and now tonight he has a chance to become the first-ever aew world champion their counter opponent Weston no music as the crowd as I seem to be behind her opponent in nylon ropes listen to the crowd is booing all over not a rose here again the crowd seems to be behind mostly reah I seen another rose backstage she see three more she didn’t talk to no bodies I didn’t want to go up a time to work but I’m feeling might not get it well for me that’s what it’s all about there aew women’s world champion check who’s gonna walk out with that prestigious gold here tonight free whole lot of roles mid event on Tata Mike Baptist there we go we hope came in hot for the back elbow took her down and I hope so they go for a knee but obviously didn’t work out there Oh Conan eat that time you’re gonna take that my love there she didn’t mention that size will be a factor in this match but not our rules is a lot bigger than rehung oh they’ve got a lot on their feet I think feels like a featherweight nevermind of cruising with a featherweight here [Applause] never want to count out the size of a Rustler that made me super small but in the end the strikes can be lethal might be lethal enough to take down their opponent as Rio seems to be in control so far in this match when I line up nylons gonna come back miss the pulls line and I got in the corner went for a splashdown arose it would have dodged a bullet there got her open the shoulder now fireman’s carry position now looking good food riho face her salute first up to the top rope big shot there that’s real trying to go for something it out let the knee even achieve you down the need to face took it down referee touch make sure the tumors are down and they are and a kick-out at one let’s read all gather the surfboard stretch aware we’re down maneuver one of these women will have the opportunity to lead the charge in the ATW women’s division as nyla role it’s that time cut early polls are never going to get back in this match – no kick to the gut gotta hear there should be there quicker there we’re helping a fisherman that quicker and out we he’ll go on up top now looking for different our rules waiting for now let’s get up to feet something big you wanna go for a video of a crash landing when did hold of me of the met there and I’m not only gonna take advantage we’ve got the arm but when you think Rijo might be down be able to fight back but neither destructor over the top rope out to the outside of the track and online another to go to work [Applause] and my low roll is getting tucked around the creek side there’s with women’s is brawling it out our ringside can a six-letter referee there’s no way you’re gonna end this wall tunnel max on account out I know if I her to eat yet but now we’re here eat an eight count and a nine hopeful you realize in fulfilling epidemic back inside the ring in time by the rules almost cost the women go Red Code Red close the ropes Buddha with the title tool the to count a to town iris lift got in the corner back over there by Rijo we have coming in strong so we’re a backbreaker yeah but a capture it took the work is my luck yes Rijo who’s been through a lot for her career as both women are on the outside once again back and forth between Milan rolls got her here wait did he take my Rijo is what it’s all about for the aw woman’s fault I know you’re live on TNT [Applause] rosalie before big rate for a full minute face for real but not a centre back inside the rake at 6:00 and now please paint a face the after nearby nyla lettuce been trying to find a way to get back in this match but it’s been all tiny right here got her down what is this now we’re gonna go for something here wait a minute the Buddha long got elected the foot along non arose in trouble if she taps welds the first ever Women’s Champion it’s not eleven of brick to hold in exchange for a second I thought I was going to tap there and I’ve got elected stn that’s why we’re all gonna tap here all that weight on the fact of reality as mal rolls STF walked in didn’t tap the heart of real cannot be deducted cannot be overlooked you can appreciate the fight the will not to say die attitude booth oh that’s the one there take a fluffy brush suck there by nyla let it out got her up on her shoulder doc counted shots on it back any like a female version of david into life here clueless aren’t any outside as kick to the gut letting go for a last step I’m spinning back and able to take her down that’s real government and it’s occurring again what were you sick wheels down and out she finds a way to come back stronger and a five out of three is all it’s a third time they’ve outside the ring in this entire matchup live here in Washington DC on TNT for EWTN of my flats or comforts and now immediately goes for the camel clutch they’re going to rip stuff back of Rijo it’s really some me here or is she going to take a nap and go to sleep no able to fight through it I’m not alone not a rose trying to go for something for real calendar form in the face and then I don’t want off the ropes trying to go for the knee but missed it back elbow suck in the face back by Rijo just back and forth action here on dynamic left edge tops being exchanged takedown with the renounces bringing the fight to Rose here wicked backbreaker took down nylon Oh able to counter and took her down with a feather belly toss the native beasts try to drop the over-the-top Donella but real ducks too banal again Matt O’Connor has something in Marvel’s gonna do over vacuumed out I figured vacuum out there where you know they to capitalize as the Pony freak right now look at a break in half in Reno with an end Rijo and those who dreams of becoming champion here in aw design and we know realized kind of seven not letting the risk of losing or having this match in on a draw especially with the women’s ought to be on the line go to that whatever the Frankensteiner the : get him down to go for way no an encounter Reynolds got it down kick-out oh my god that is what theyíve W is all about hard-hitting action grant matches the true alternative a professional last night but I got the right block pic big room right even a stun Nayla Irish sweat off the ropes trying to go for another half the rather maybe they got blocked there now that gotta come behind where they’re gonna strike and then turn our inside out and in front of the backbreaker and now neither Rose feels at the end his fear for real for real calendars the native B stock countered by Rijo even the launcher off the top rope [Applause] that’s a soccer good position here look at out of that snapmare try go for maneuver but got blocked Irish whip 911 – got the corner back breaker Lance on their feet Missouri House bills like any on time but the fifth time they’ve been outside the ring here back and forth this matchup it’s a max that nobody will ever forget got a five mother of three everybody will overlook you we have everybody thought that not a rose is just going to squash her like a bum and easily win the championship but I can the heart the desire to win in Rio will not be denied what this real gonna do to take down the native beast able to block the through the Bulls line snapmare takedown elbow to the face big shot there and I’ve got a ton of go for spinebuster maybe or side girl Maggie slam but that block that swing blade I don’t know one want to swing blade big kick to the gut and another one got her here what’s that again swinging neckbreaker no I’m not able to kick out and I quit get clothesline stand what’s there in the corner and I’m neither rose Oh God the Banzai drop almost like a seated senton and oh no oh no oh my god oh god the teen teen teens he applied it’s real gonna sit me here was she gonna go to sleep what’s real gonna do look at the strength of Reid Oh God she will not be denied when Madeline laterals neither would be deny this Wow off the wrong truck free goes down that spot for the referee and I’ve got it from behind elbows shot down from behind but no real encounter setup walk it kick to the gut as we know to become the Women’s Champion mr. truck kick that’s none either like a capitalized but the knees knee at the knee and the Cullinan Nina to the face from real still in this box at the age of 22 later become champion something affecting Annie [Applause] snapmare takedown bitch walk kicked in the back tygo for wicked right did not connect and everyone’s watching the world is watching with bated breath they feel that any big move in this match could be the deciding factor it could be the end of either woman dispatcher one big blow and it’s all over mister D Rio Vista Dean and I’ve gotten out of here with a wrist lock but I shot that I got a smile rose none of us again got a locked-in of God another key T DT to fly Reles got to talk about at this point the punisher she suffered in this fact can she survived and now arose let go of the hole [Music] not I realize that wheels not going to give up there [Applause] the amount of pain and suffering that both widows endured in this match is unbloody real witness takes her down so I go for a kick got taken down Boston Crab busted crab locked in reels trying to figure out what could she do she didn’t tap not I let go though not allow SPF the SPF is locked in SPF is applied here what is real real tax by the rolls that native paste [Applause] what a battle women’s tipping champ back and forth at time to thought wheel was down and out real fights true that’s the crown obscene up behind that arose through more behind Rijo they’re booing the heck at another Rose wouldn’t chef here in Washington DC in the Capital One Arena ladies and gentlemen your first-ever aew women’s world champion they made a feast in nylon rose I thank you for watching episode 1 of a e-w tournament live on TNT

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