WWE 2K19 Universe Mode – Smackdown Live Ep.1: UNHINGED! 😵

[Music] we are sold out here in Pittsburgh for the return of the blue brand this is smackdown live and we are kicking off this week’s episode of smackdown live with the noon general manager captain charisma Christian it was Shane McMahon who made it official that edge would be the general manager of war and Christian would steer the ship of Smackdown live two best friends now competing against each other for rival brands and if you did not catch the first episode of Raw we can’t do so by the link in the description box below our new general manager just drinking in the atmosphere and he’s right to do so it is electric here in Pittsburgh for other turn episode of SmackDown live we all cannot wait to hear the plans that Christian has for the blue brand we saw this past Monday what edge had prepared for the edge heads now you get to see what Christian has prepared for the peeps and don’t forget if you have not done so already make sure you are subscribed to my youtube channel with a notification bell turned on to start to date with all things universe mode and the crowd showing that appreciation for our new general manager tough love indeed poor strowman suspended for 90 days unpaid for his actions at the Royal Rumble Christian laying down the law Stroman is out and a golden opportunity for Chad gable in our main event tonight he will challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship against the leader of the New World Order drew McIntyre and next week it’s the return of the six one nine using in the comment section below Rey Mysterio returns to in-ring action next week on Smackdown live welcome back and a limo has just arrived in the parking lot and who is that oh my the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase what’s he doing here oh boy the dream begins one of the hottest signings of the draft the Velveteen dream we jury it was highly contested both brands wanted him but only one came out on top Christian getting the job done bringing the Velveteen dream to the blue brand he’s not explosive to Smackdown live tonight it’s his in-ring debut against Zack Ryder cocky arrogant self-obsessed self-assured here’s all of those things and more but the Velveteen dream backs it up and some believe that the dream is the future of this business and it is shrewd business from Christian to get the Velveteen dream here [Applause] listen to this crowd this man divides opinions the other like him or you love him but one thing is for sure we’re gonna watch him look at this guy the dream has arrived on Smackdown live and the Train begins against Zack Ryder we are just moments away from our first contest here and the returning blue brand I can’t wait for this Velveteen dream vs. Zack Ryder and the referee signals for the Bell [Applause] and the Train I’m just told suck wider crowd getting behind rider initially but the Train one step ahead and I keep to the back it’s a strong start for the velvetine dream shot to the midsection followed quite another and boot to the face by sac rider poor on but the dream again side steps the offense and Doug’s SAP ride up on his back [Applause] when it seems Ted DiBiase has an interest in the debut of the Velveteen dream watching from the entrance round [Applause] the train is putting in a great display thus far nullifying any sort of offense sup Riga the Claire control drives the me into picking up Zack Ryder our sins ride up off the ropes ducks underneath leapfrog over the top and the spine buster one two rider gets their shoulder up but he won’t be able to keep taking this sort of offense which relentless thus far the crowd here in Pittsburgh time to get behind it’s the train Springs off the middle of cross body Million Dollar Man enjoying what he’s saying he’s seen enough what is that all about so the million dollar man has seen enough of the Velveteen dream and his debut as the dream continues the offensive it’s falling why the pot to his feet boomers punishing Zach [Applause] looking front third rider sorry to get to his feet but rider ducks underneath snaps all over the dream elbow to the back of the head and this could be the opportunity that Zack Ryder has been writing for rider face posture and that will rearrange the looks of the Train rider man dropkick one just a one count why that needs to stay on torque between but a carpenter but much shorter Bratton Zack Ryder [Music] [Applause] the top home not offense didn’t lost some wider now up Tony back up to an area base and double axe handle and now the drain cranks sack right out to the corner rider much Spartan oh no oh well death by a driver and if he’s seeing the dream perform town on NXT you will know what is coming Purple Rain my car one two a dream start for the velvetine dream here on Smackdown live and this the purple rain maker the elbow drop from the top bolt securing the victory for the dream certainly one to watch and that was backed up by the viewing of the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase helped us that all about the way to find out but the velvetine dream victorious in his debut the dream continues [Applause] he almost outsmarted 29 other superstars at the Royal Rumble but became undone by the killer strong style schinsky Nakamura Chris Jericho he set the singles action next welcome back to Smackdown live and the alpha club is here Chris Jericho is here the man at the mall supply at the Royal Rumble and just came up a little bit short [Music] it’s scheduled for one-fall and from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada weighing in at 227 pounds Chris Jericho now I’m sure Chris Jericho does not need me reminding him how close he came to winning the Royal Rumble let’s talk about it Jericho rolled to the outside early and simply waited it out he saw the likes of last Sullivan Bray Wyatt Seth Rollins Baron Corbin Payne the big dog Roman reigns all be eliminated and then snuck back in to try and take out schinsky but it was a point but the plan that’s horribly wrong and Jericho tonight looks to get back to winning ways but that’s not gonna be easy at 220 the unhinged Dean Ambrose returns to the rain tonight after being up for months on the sidelines he’s finally back and Ambrose won’t care about the misfortune that Jericho had at the rumble Ambrose will be looking to dust it up and fight it out here and Smackdown live exciting to have Dean Ambrose back another picked one Christian as part of the draft ambos separated from his shield brothers Seth Rollins and Roman reigns and here we go Dean Ambrose explodes out the corner he’s been waiting to get back into the squared circle for some time he could see that with the way he started this match and not afraid to mix it up with Chris Jericho Jericho with a chop to the chest puts the planks on a forearm shot running Bulldog by Ambrose and Jericho would be wise to not stand an exchange with the unhinged of Dean Ambrose on the edge at all times as Jericho was shot to the midsection now drags and bows to the corner I’ve got to catch up briefly with angles so difficult to pin down Dean Ambrose and he said he’s excited for the future him out on his own I’m excited to see where Dean Ambrose goes to Jericho unloading in the corner these teachers back to war Bulldog from the second row pin one just the one count the unhinged Ambrose kick to the back says get up to Jericho nowhere to hide tonight for Chris Jericho when we had a duck out like you did at the rumble but Jericho a wily veteran of the Ring very smart way calculate eat go to the back of the neck take some paradise but Campos near to the head midsection to the chest for the mixed reaction again here this evening for both men powerbomb float over and bridge one to Jericho kicks out most the plans on the side of Ambrose but there are the old-school Jericho fans in the building here in Pittsburgh – as Campos is perched on that second roll and the drop kick caught Jericho flush and Dean Ambrose not allowing Jericho any rest bite smart thing to do ducks underneath Jericho arm drag takedown now Jericho now with a bridge on his own one those shoulder up elbow to the chest by Jericho that’s Jellico telling Dean Ambrose to get up and pee now those were prized with a leg swing ah right to the eye by push Jericho using every trick in the book they may take more than them and now Jericho are reverting to what he did at the run ball bailing out Jericho on the apron and arrows well Ambrose knows too well what Jericho is up to and Jericho bought himself some time now perched on the top rope walling up Dean Ambrose and bows up and Jericho or Telegraph that and Campos Oh Jericho headfirst in a two-count Dean a pose came very close to putting Chris Jericho away now ambos drags Jarek across the ring and Jericho are enterica ends up basement most of the Royal Rumble hiding on the outside of the Ring but this time Dean Ambrose has come with him nowhere to run nowhere to hide [Applause] and Ambrose oh but this is the unhinged side with Dean Ambrose dishing it out wherever we are in the arena in the ring and the outside in the crowd you name it their bows will be willing to fight but Jericho are smart very smart again from Chris Jericho and now Jericho Jericho the surfboard surfboard from Chris Jericho roughly asking the question posed those powered his way out broke free of Chris Jericho backbreaker you guys went for the job at Jericho to the punch now checks and Chris Jericho the Christian college and his Dean Ambrose he’s getting a better other champing back Jericho to the corner and up against the unload but Jericho he fights back once again look at the chest of Chris Jericho Crimson rate tarakoga cosign Bulldog on his own and Jericho [Applause] more than salt one specially the long [Applause] but Jericho now bidding it’s time to put Dean Ambrose away looking for the off he was going for the codebreaker but Dean Ambrose put out the way mistake from Jericho dirty deeds one two three and Dean Ambrose scores the victory for the Chris Jericho a back and forth contest between these two Jericho with a beautiful lionsault but it was the dirty deeds that would get the job done for Dean Ambrose one two three they returned and a victory the unhinged Dave our guys hit and snuck on live wait a minute Oh who the hell is that who is that trying to get a better look right just a minute is that is that Eric Young very young Oh Oh [Applause] what is the purpose in this Eric Young looks like he hasn’t had a wash in about six months attacking dinner rolls maybe Dean Ambrose has just met someone more unhinged what is their accountant doing now where is Eric Young taking daily almost just through Ambrose over the barricade and this does not look good made to the midsection young full of seatback Dean Ambrose who has just been in a grueling contest with Chris Jericho who jabbed in the duct of the chair face-first into a chair no damn those fights back Oh No Oh good God this is sickening the crunch of Dean Ambrose body being broken through a table by Eric Young Eric Young is nuts another of the big hits from Christian in the draft securing the Tag Team Championship and the kings of wrestling would defend their championship next week on Smackdown live but still to come tonight Chad gable gets his golden opportunity they shocked at the world heavyweight champion crew McIntyre and its next well there is Shane McMahon the man who chose to shuffle the deck here in the WWE and I’m sure he was very happy with the decision that Christian made to suspend the monster among men braun strowman [Applause] the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the World Heavyweight Championship so here we go main event time and check table gets the opportunity which he has earned check gable then Jason Jordan tore the house down in there two out of three Falls match at the Royal Rumble and it was check gable who was victorious and I believe that is why Christian has given gable this opportunity on our first episode of SmackDown line can you imagine the C’s if chad gable was able to win the World Heavyweight Championship tonight [Applause] [Music] but if he is to do so he will have to wrestle the World Heavyweight Championship away from the leader of the New World Order drew McIntyre and true McIntyre barely escaped with the World Championship at the Royal Rumble resorting to clobbering our official on the night getting himself disqualified to retain the championship not exactly the traits of a fighting world champion and I guess the announcement earlier this evening that braun strowman has been suspended for 90 days unpaid for striking shane mcmahon at the Royal Rumble will be music to the ears of the New World Order we know that true McIntyre Scott Hall and Kevin Nash have been on the warpath with a monster among men and McIntyre as much as he tries to avoid Stallman has come unstuck at the rumble I believe we would have had a new world champion if McIntyre had not resorted to those cheap tactics introducing the Challenger from Minneapolis Minnesota weighing in at 210 introducing lit champion from Air Scotland weighing in at 254 pounds here the world heavyweight champion true entire [Applause] so that’s what it’s all about unfortunately the despicable act to the World Championship the spray-paint of the New World Order but nevertheless that could all change tonight check gable quickly out the corner Gable one oh goodness me Chad Gable nearly spun the surprise on true McIntyre that has woken up the world champion the arrogance gone and the aggression kicks in Gable using his speed kick to the midsection sends McIntyre into the corner missed a splash the chat gable elbow to the back of the head and a headbutt might rule McIntyre and you see the size difference between these two and that could become a factor and the aggression fill it in the corner and in the favour of true McIntyre gutwrench suplex by McIntyre [Applause] if McIntyre can get past de-balled tonight things could look pretty good for the NWO you know pull stolen stalking their every move as Gable sends McIntyre off the ropes leapfrog over the top great agility by check cable an arm drag takedown to the chair stopping in the back leg drop and that’s what gable is gonna have to do keep the pressure on true McIntyre just as he did at the Royal Rumble winning that twelve Twin Falls match a great match McIntyre fights back in a big boat cuts down Chad Gable my goodness and that her table falling to the corner but there is no escape of the offense driving the knee into the face nasty aggressive is our world champion and it’s nice to see our world champion actually on our show might Brock Lesnar on Monday Night Raw but gable again Oh to McIntyre not once but twice now has become dangerously close to losing the world championship a Gable using that agility but this time McIntyre aware of it we’ll check gable seize the opportunity not if Drew McIntyre has anything to do with it bateria fighting the German suplex one – Kim you gotta say it’s been Chad Gable thus far he’s had the better opportunities at wrapping this thing up but now McIntyre picks up gay born dumps him face-first into the mat and the first pin by the champion one two nice gable who gets the shoulder up em true McIntyre infuriated arguing over official not sure why perfectly boot camp [Applause] mr. McIntyre collarbone to be executed now McIntyre establishing himself now as the champion molding on gable take stable up David kicks his way through for our shot and gable looking for a submission here possibly turns it all the shoulder and gave up again quickly not resting at all and a splash in the second row whenever gable gets the opportunity to throw out some offense he really does one two in the world champion under pressure constant pressure by chat Gable and table well some would say he has nothing to lose tonight and order to gain where to McIntyre is the complete opposite here’s all to lose McIntyre being shot to the back second and I German suplex on his own ha ha Chad Gable and the pace beginning to slow as true McIntyre gains more control and this is a sort of pace that McIntyre will be looking for gay boy again just scratching and coring his way out of the clutches of Drew McIntyre now McIntyre Oh No [Applause] Chad gable crashing off the barrier and McIntyre the referee being lenient here and I’m glad he is because I don’t want to see this match and like it did at the rumble one two David gets the shoulder up I want this match to finish the pinfall or submission I’m going to count out not a disqualification back in time now since that offense on the outside of the ring he’s been in control and the Challenger is beginning to buckle he saw gable tries him down and the leader of the New World Order [Applause] sending a message to the fans he feels like he’s in control but he may have just spoke too soon gable fights back snaps over MacIntyre elbow to the head and Gable still with fight in him lining up McIntyre and long toss McIntyre kind of trotted into the ropes and all put landing and table he heads up to the top rope is he looking for here hello Kelowna by Chad Gable now check Gable heads up elbow right into the chest and McEntire kicks out but how much more dangle feeding up with the fans here in Pittsburgh with cosine but something he hits the Royals game again and McIntyre the world champion is reeling because David Gordon but that will kick 1 2 McIntyre desperate shoulder on the chat gable so close to fulfilling his dream becoming world champion but no McIntyre no future shop day-date a turn three – McIntyre returns it was a hard-fought contest Chad gable gave it his all many near falls but Gable he was certainly ready willing and able as you see right here McIntyre just gets the shoulder up but it was the future Chuck DDT which would secure the win for John McIntyre McIntire just dump the belt in the middle of the boring he’s not finished McIntyre may be looking to make an example and a Chad gable Oh God we need to get some officials out here now to stop this oh my god oh my god the monster among men braun strowman is here he’s supposed to be suspended but instead he’s on his way home Scott Hall Scott Hall and Kevin Nash and Bush the monster now Scott Hall the Kevin Nash don’t welcome bone Starman suspended for 90 days but still here and all my god strohman head just bounced off the steps they jackknife powerbomb by Kevin Nash and I sense a beaten-down barnstormin and look Joey McIntyre steel chair in hand in the New World Order they looked to popcorn storming out indefinitely by themselves all future shock kdj in the steel chair [Applause] stolen not supposed to be a he may regret coming to attack the New World Order oh no no true enough zijn up and also No Oh oh my god suspended or not Stroman may have just been put out by the New World Order missile medics out here the god somebody come on [Applause] [Music] you

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