WWE 2k19 Universe Mode: TNA Genesis Full Show

now little nonstop action prevention DNA Philadelphia is the home of a brand-new beginning because this is TNA first-ever pay-per-view TNA genesis what is up its your boy jnw boston the building and I’m here with Coltrane once again don’t you ready I’m bad people oh yes I am let’s get it on all the right here and Philadelphia Pennsylvania we’re gonna kick things off with the handicap match when Bobby Lashley accepted thinking on the team of asian-style and Christopher Daniel and apparently the crowd and Philadelphia loving mr. Bobby Lashley I can hit a reaction man Philadelphia has the prime of their all night long and all week long but they’re waiting for this TNA genesis so and man oh man we are in for a treat tonight absolutely absolutely we’re gonna speak and of Lorain versus testa Blanchard beer money versus obviously a little cunt with Joe and our main event a table rather than chair of minds between two psychos when Dean Ambrose faced with Sami Callihan but biggest psycho definitely likely go on kind of psycho I mean head up there with the crown of living everyone’s like Oh kind of insane the last couple weeks dangling I know I just said he’s so Fischer that he didn’t attack you rather people right oh good we have to face the phenomenal one tonight though well that’s a theme hey man Curtis Emanuel Ax and the thing is cooking for days he wanted this matchup to be one-on-one he was talking with many a father he said that man bro I wanted this thing to be a one-on-one match and AJ at that point he already talked to Eric and told me but the fake for Daniel’s health he was concerned about Daniel’s have them well being and agree of the Eric agreed to put AJ in the back to make a two one I don’t know about maybe gonna call many friction between day of the ninja from that result with I don’t know let’s see at least you got do against this power Alfred Bobby laughing okay here’s my take on it Daniel just thinking attacked by Bobby last week go to the fan for the past use for no apparent reason yeah he needs all the help he can get he’s work man like I am show you when he wouldn’t can do I mean yeah he didn’t go he don’t want to pick their over last wasn’t like anyone think that maybe Daniel should you know they shouldn’t you know man okay there’s a grown man fighting on battle there’s one in the world man but steel you can get your bag dumped man yeah they’re comfortable Daniels name the way down to the ring I never about to see how what is they might like on in this method because I mean even do following his attack that Hannigan’s lastly about two weeks ago he Disney woman a Mac in the cjp hit really well but came up short in that matter in advance maybe he was maybe feeling a little bit of yeah I I agree I think that Daniels he still will Bend up from that attacked by Bobby Lashley but I see another thing with Christopher games he should be luckily aj+ in him in his corner because I don’t think they keep the surviving on trucks or father rash throughout ages me boggle a she’s a different machine right now hey everybody I’m looking for that say like oh well then I guess the better question is who’s about to or who gonna start this match oh yeah Mrs T Hawk Chris with Daniel’s and a just look at that hey Jaden hey James putting off the match here we go just are starting off the matchup here pick four I’m right to the face here Oh AJ with a combination coming up with boss and can’t get overcome aggressive I guess perfect I’ll be famous hello Coltrane and I welcome you guys to TNA Genesis and we hope you got to enjoy it though of course a point learning paper dude your feelings line we’re further cook me like comment subscribe and also click the bell icon the way you don’t miss another TNA and AOA water flow but of course swing over to Coltrane channel from universe mode and open the unit mode and whatever elephants island do decide to do oh my god Swain go over and click that Bell but it’s enough talking about me let’s get back to Genesis man oh man yeah yeah bobby lashley oh him real quick though throw some beer thank you anyway no I’m like that oh I saw you throwing like a rag doll ok I told you by the legitimacy look at him these photos only get to people right now you make me riot [Applause] oh no it’s out of a one job that’s barely but well I kind of couldn’t see a little bit I guess the rest I only had a one down there oh we tried it oh hey guys you can see Christopher Daniels like he can’t see like he can’t hold their own they gave Bobby last second you say so because it’s not to get back [Applause] and in volatile Ashley I would kind of do what I’m doing right here just keep with that power game and keep one guy French getting the ring exactly keep them isolated from the other guy hooked on one guy at a time don’t do multiple that is what people mess up and you handicap matches that look at besides and lastly we’re getting at earlier but yeah dude kind of mess them up a bit and don’t never know oh yeah those naked on the edge a spouse only know what I got to do here names on all types of trouble [Applause] credit lad irony watch AJ Styles here if it’s not moving around here what is he doing something tomorrow no trade-offs counted absolutely I know I thought we’re gonna cover that B’s bill effect Oh Bobby Lashley that was earlier by a j-style probably safe this match oh yeah you’re probably there I mean dad will be getting laid out on the table and that is do you say every time I kind of think it that pop of crap out of here what are you telling us yeah in the crowd alone someone else be long is leave it’s kind of my boat teams there’s little I’m really both team both I get Lafley accountants a hack around a one-man team taking out both dudes here yeah I applied to say that by the license tongue acting like it on Team you and you’ll need nobody right and finally put AJ let’s see what let’s see what their yeah tonight duck you buy it just out right to the face have a shot right there on the part of AJ AJ they’ve finally got me there were they doäôt little that early storm of last loop and that was doing me what they can do for me like it solves Jordan to the top row turn round to Lashley this sound about the referee yeah it Lisa Lisa I get the right person this time well well thank you met me there every room oh I think so too I thought it was brilliant oh gosh you know you get a brewery the minute laughing tap out you can all factor thriller he has nowhere to go to the rosin no on his right side he can’t get to the rope he can’t fall by AJ Styles his leg to rope that could be going somewhere but no okay yeah [Applause] yeah that problem with a minute yeah I told you I told you Christmas should be thankful yeah what [Applause] mr. Bachmann that is how you kickoff TNA Genesis bro that’s it Wow let us credit today the day they make a three and a little diplomat made they made it work congratulation to AJ and Christopher de you’ve been here the max I’m looking forward to oh my my girl they’re gonna turn us away I’m ready for the lady oh yeah I’m ready for this after what they have been putting Candace through making Canada’s break I read Nick oh I’ve been waiting for this one I’ve been waiting to this is look it’s all part of Texas ranchers playing you should be proud okay uh out of the tent away well I’ll leave that thing today you can is our market all right yeah and the test away is having someone manipulated to break someone else’s neck yeah that’s a test away not the way you’re subscribing TV you can forget that no I’m back with it Oh can’t wait for Nick Oh Clara breaker knock hey Candace listen I know you were they’re all set to fate doesn’t Blanchard and everything but problem it did not go into you see after what you did to carry Thane Tessa Blanchett decided that you were under faith and decided that she felt like her health of that period risk but don’t worry she doesn’t have the you know backup opponent for you know good luck they’re probably getting you oh sorry no hey watch your mouth she is not hypocritical it’s not good for that y’all like her I love it she’s awesome yeah this ain’t PS it’s called strategically planning to throw yet miss that’s what that does what this is for the beam of the love of a lifetime careful that wait a sec here we go gonna try to get her hand bone thank twice about that kid is come on you know you got you No you don’t go into a match I’m prepared against armor I come on hey you know hey hey you know fun fact s ahead tell me all this backstage before the show not scared the greatest professional wrestler and the entire world is not scared of Candace Latrell but why am I in the rain with candle away right now because she is unfit to compute right now that’s why she’s not ever okay I’ll read the questions boss man you call the action do your job oh gosh what a clap of you it makes you clapping what Karma’s doing – Candace larae yeah yeah I’m clapping – maybe you got the branchy right there that’s what part now screw that the one I have to find a candle ray right there really shining through tears of trying to fail she won but she’s not getting past our our girl karma how about a hack you think of dong-bin for whatever I get good donuts because it is brilliant planning by test of life that’s why I’m condoning whatever just a donut – you should be happy I’m God we’re getting that we will look at this banger we’re getting right here between calm and candid you are all of you in a premier chat you should be healthy you’re watching this match oh there we go [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] run away from kin and the look further prove my point he’s careless she ain’t scared she was she was backing away because this is not a fight it would be it’d be kind of didn’t would call me anything call me deserve this that’s why she’s here [Applause] [Applause] working from the time recall if not looking good for kids larae you guys should just take the thing this is such bull miss you see on your screen now karmic man all traffic trouble never taste i’m boss man we’re just paddy about Tesla that’s that’s all yeah now I’m willing to admit when wrong is wrong and listen for sure wrong I probably do that this is not wrong it’s called brilliant planning do something how about you do something then I know you wouldn’t I’m doing my job thank you she maybe get closer and closer sob let’s go let’s go I’ve got him in one thing holy crap this will probably the biggest upset in TNA so far she is so close to getting this thing I mean email it takes one move and you know how a you know what that move is boss oh never mind never mind yeah and it seemed like every time you can to try to get something going oh look at their armor just right there back hit those works he’s got a whole whiplash effect on that power oh my god the powers not a TNA universe there’s greatness right here you guys should appreciate karma I got a lotta boo different apology video they don’t have no reason at all to get what you want [Applause] meaning you should be excited that you got in these got something yeah come on yeah come on come on wrap this up wrap this up karma that’s ball game comes up now when a plan comes together right no plan comes again like you mean what was going on crush this wannabe was going on backstage scope not run this would not run this was right leave leave and we’ll uh Patti call me finish her off oh no they’ve matchable who are bidding do it karma I said I already robbed a fan this is done right this she robbed y’all she did an entertaining Mac you should be proud of her whom she’s oh no no no come on come on now come on no no we’re done with this we’re done with the help out here oh my god come on oh come on she wasn’t even prepared to face ball and now this under ordered flanger awesome of course the great Tessa Blanche is a great Ephram get it right feel around for this I mean given everything that tends to put oh oh oh God given that given everything that tends to put her through emotionally we’re having a break her friend Nick and now if she had to do that tonight she had the break I remain neck yeah she wanted second thing that’s why she did it in the end no that’s I had every right to make her do it yes she did what just don’t justify that and justify their to wire you know why you you know why she had every right to ever do it because if you want to fight the great pastor planchet you’re gonna have to prove it week in and week out Jim Carrey fan she did Texans bidding she even won that stupid 201 handicap as they put her in now all good Wow the table before chroma came out she was not good enough no the exact wording from tech the blender that ii felt that she was unsafe and whatever and all that stuff even though that was she was on state get away with a neckbreaker the biggest tire can is the raven had to do it she had to do it if you want the man’s destiny of course come on okay come on her feet on sale wait he no pork no class is unsafe karma and she’s being a living crap out of candice the way right now clearly oh come on Nick time you actually listen to Tessa Blanche’s work and nothing to me do wish you can’t do as she says didn’t maybe this won’t happen but nothing Yeah right come on dad not yet boy sure no no no that was the more than one of most brilliant things I’ve just witnessed in TNA history why sick animes oh I actually feel bad because you don’t like this this is great oh he tells a bunch of fairness audience up on the lamp here oh do you Candace that what you get come here played ridiculous this was absolutely ridiculous she played all of you okay we’re crammed into the trap you fell right into the trap but we needed to get some freedom medical attention on you for coming for Canada for a banquet every winter yeah we did badly for Canada they ain’t moving around but I mean like like I’ll say it is what it is man we gotta wake up I don’t know what John or maybe we don t know you think about it we lost to the under speeding arrow what have they done huh what have they ever done here in T in it this is an odd term well this is author and we let don’t ya come in and schools on our home to think about I know the problem problem will be we trying to do it to be people I mean can we went out there putting on a show and you didn’t show up in my you the innovator of I but not to not the bidi only enough that you really don’t want to get media park because how did he show them what big stupid neck is all about you know what man I’m gonna make a change are you ready all right I mixed gene you did you want you want mr. 5150 back huh you want the innovator of violence back impact if it’s gonna impact you know find out well I acted really about man I’m hyped for a lick do all right get out of here let’s talking Shelton flower will stuff I’ll show everybody in here with nothing lax need to get there of themselves together apparently and I have with few they can do that you’re the main no we like the waiting to see about that one I really know to see what’s next for LAX not sure looking forward to see with one of these two teams are gonna win out of beer money and I’m just feel there cuz uh everything beer money made that big man statement about all about you know the tag whose vision I was gonna make those named Nolan all that fun stuff look in there apparently haven’t been taken too kindly left this is kind of a battle of we’re gonna be the better team here you know what team is really gonna gain momentum before whenever you know their aggression off without to bring in the other TNA attacking championship yeah beer money you you condor with a little bit heat to get recruited in there in their statement Ranga you’re not the best taxi here in Tignes I’m cause you’re looking at the best tag team making them lay down to the ring that if the undisputed era the question is what – are they gonna be oh wait a minute I’m an Adam Cole his name is Adam Cole the family gonna be one the members of the industry they’re they’re going to be representing here and apparently yeah of course Adam could not miss TNA Genesis laughter I’m gonna be here tonight that’s right baby beauty a major undefeated rarity they do kind of ride by that a free bird rule then technically do apply at the freebird rule they can use it anytime anywhere so Adam Cole was fighting them off but who do you think for the join em I think it’ll be Roger stone we could play if I could lean in I could see it being rajab strong but again maybe that variation but again given given the fat down to P never got full remembers I can see the money’s in healing you know one of them wanting to mix it up a bit maybe throw beer money off throw game come people look at I Adam Cole and they’re probably gonna think I’m gonna be out rocket strong it may actually be a project Ron for all I know good maybe not no well we’re gonna wait and see and find out who let’s find out right now who is the second remember but up under there that’s gonna fight against their money mmm-hmm I think I think rocket strong with it who is it I’m gonna figure out oh that’s interesting pick very interesting how lightly how often do is the Adam Cole and common Riley team-up shocking here well well that is we do say shock the system and I guess too shocking lax right hums like their money Riley X guys Jesus right my pad go back up between is good both teams there the book came coming I have a lot to prove and like again and I guess you can also say a lot to lose to what a fish stop brings in those 15 a taxi temperatures the next ta episode right and if you lose this match that’s gonna put you at a disadvantage I can’t get an opportunity for the tag team powder this is huge yep truthin right now you can probably say LAX hand I guess the Luther lit match you could probably be at the bottom of the totem pole the long before truth on the gravy would but you know whatever anyway seriously Bobby we know a little more divas anyway by the way natural like an atom cold get anything y’all okay okay do a lot of egos collide and here in this matchup well obviously [Music] [Music] they’re off grab them right to the face oh my doko hey Barbara Dahl time to trouble here food isn’t deep deep trouble flyer but not in yeah you dare talk in front of the Tennessee cowboy would have wrong with you oh well and okay doesn’t give a crap about him no of course it doesn’t hmm I kind of open the door to get back in this thing [Applause] no dorm ready get that out of here on the back of a stolen a baby while I watch it watch it muted uh Melbourne’s back at it again we kind of broke down earlier do league of the chaos I know every the referee in the thing in the Toledo Bell dog he’ll call and bottle ooh yeah it’s true if we stuntin it’s counting at one yellow slime I rude that what and bossman and your opinion who you got way in this match I don’t really know I mean I think I like the mix up on the part of on this field era they have two different guys that have two different guys that don’t normally team team up here right now they got bottled root in trouble so they can keep doing what they’re doing I think I’m this peel era to mess around and read and witness matchup there but don’t count out beer on England I don’t know not beer money at all but I agree with you on those points I have not witnessed shocking oh oh gosh damn time it connected mm-hmm right place at the right time [Applause] good [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] keep that in mind come on the rally is not the legal man yeah but I’m still Adam Cole and look at us now look at Adam Cole go company I counted by a thorn in the morning who grants dog died cheese oh all right James thorn that Leonor or James Storm we put a face there oh snap this normal a call super kick you know I get that out of here go to the trouble that maybe no don’t close it so far yep up enough to god I was like this man and he’ll vote how are we trying to take him to jail his name of this time change storm there oh do the clothesline yeah I believe I said that storm oh no I’m thinking about balls man Tessa Fletcher is still in my head yeah make you mad please don’t remind me at cheek again Oh glorious lariat [Applause] listening to me back in the pen you trying to get something going super dick get bad now James don’t you want begin some clever move on the bottom JM storm get that dude out of here oh wait a minute I lots of strong will see making German super get that out of here hold on a second my favorite match oh my god connect Bobby Lynn Spears cover this maybe I ain’t gay it’s not the end game yeah we ain’t in game yet boss apparently not and Adam cold looking to make a tag to Kyle O’Reilly but make calm overall they’ve got a wardrobe out over there yeah oh never mind I guess not commentators placed the game oh I guess it was everybody yeah nothing I wrote like a collar on it Larry and we are back at square one here forgot it back to a sea can really gain the momentum the swingman thing in their way yeah III think I think the next tag will be oh here comes James fine let’s go know what how to find his show everybody know those shots hurt like hell he’s feeling every house oh my god not another one here another one jeez Oh Oh James you got tylenols half the trophy [Applause] [Music] you got a locker [Applause] Bobby Roode is dead already oh hey that’s that that’s a mark of a great actor I’m gonna say another Street arrow on a great day I think they’ve been hoping it is removing it with look at the pussy their car matcha flavor exacting the legal tag made and the doubled end of all 100 CC’s me don’t do double-team moves but I bet they’re doing it tonight I gotta do what I gotta do here oh yeah I love Jam throw him wide open shot to the midsection you think that that DDT on um Adam Cole cuz he’s back up to his feet already yep right there this is probably it for 400 Babu then break it up that time he let it happen never problem truck to jam going on that one yeah I agree oh there’s another inner probably going out for a for Colorado on the outside and storm was going on I’m Bobby Larew going back inside the ring drop it back at each other and the two legal guys oh man every time I should have a little bit get ruder and pleaded yeah oh man now there’s a new Adam Cole kind of warm soap out here don’t gonna take your fin not a bad idea nice going hold back in it getting a little bit fatigued right now you know you can obviously see it nice how might a guy think you’re gonna want to empty further who is it though that’s the question look asking us stay stay above e for lorrog you’re gonna have a chance to win this match that’s an hour in the later stages absolutely that’s doubt about Cole oh you got that right I think that I think that is the that is ballgame right back cold one will drop it but we’re gonna hit wounds eat junk [Applause] lights out Cole getting the arm across [Applause] not yet do y’all apparel up here here comes Kyle Oh Alan oh my goodness what a match oh man these two teams fighting like the team a tag team champions are on a line I’m a storm connection oh that was a storm no pun intended oh yeah no pun intended or let it go you don’t fit the Cowboys lot like just hold on brother take that role while we know yeah you know you don’t fly because you don’t connect yeah damn did you try to drop the fly anyway they man y’all telling that to her faith but you know like that we got it hey I don’t wait on it nothing dog was trying to blend up making that tango and then of course I never got that back oh oh oh oh I’ve seen it I know storm is ballroom gyms and we’ll something right there home nope I kind of went it outside and he followed him Oh more with that more every every time he does that he gets more everywhere I know yeah laughs second and that would bother us even chocodiles last second that you came [Applause] right now this is not good at all cruel Oh [Applause] one counted look we weren’t even in position at that no I mean you get that one get over there are dogs we went from honestly they’re losing this match back to it he been playing food in a matter of two minutes yeah hey grazie yeah and then the collar Oliver think it lucky far these able to get over there what he did no I better take logic shopping projects Johnson want them for being yellow old man payment no way window wait a minute I think Stormin hurt insensitive you just come laugh I mean the triple to elbow to the head and the collab to the last oh my god the more this is not that at all oh no this is really bad oh man this is really bad James Storm as not I mean laugh and I don’t have this guillotine and locked in Kiki Kiki lock them to do good I think you hurt is he the movie cuz he probably no no wait no he doesn’t have a give me wait no you’re doing it gotcha this maybe he needs to get out of there now kind of oh oh no man is Lee oh okay our tag me to Bobby that would have been the benefit over okay I shot the bottling down the like it works yeah here we go let’s see what they got I need a face this is anybody’s ball game anybody can win this match [Applause] yeah of course you gotta fail again with names get lost if Carl undisputed you should get it right oh well I thought now the right it must have made the tag but I guess he didn’t answer I mean he tried to get something going Oh Bobby oh he didn’t go for the pin Oh [Applause] I would have never expected that what a match I’ve gotta give it to boats England Luke DS to put these two teams put on a clinic that’s become a bit stop that was it now tell us something special congratulations to beer money and then this real arrow make it back to the drawing board position guys I yeah I think Sony it with you a bit lost there may be time to rethink some strategies what do you eat but I hope James Storm is okay after that collapse that heritage it scary and look like you’re doing fine now congratulations here’s the thing about lethal okay unlike Jay Lethal I don’t need the pomp and circumstance in order to show I’m great I’ve never once been a ripoff of anyone I’ve been me since day one and I proved them wrong the best superstar here in the Activision so Eric what the partly again Jay Lethal because right because he’s little isn’t gonna be some type of challenge for me no because just like everybody else whenever I lock him into that pjp clutch it’s gonna be game I’ll see you out there jailor confident words confident word from the young – JP what the other payload Enys made merry company words right and speaking of confidence in general not full of this called intensity entirely and intelligence yeah it’s not it’s not just confidence it’s the three eyes that Kurt Angle is back yeah yeah the Kurt Angle has been just an absolute Juden okay the dude has been out of the control you’ve been taking out people like it nothing ready first episode is just now they beat the brake bumps with mojo then we saw what he did to sting and all this stuff man like no Freddy look jump ready I mean can we all can we remember the attack that Koch did on Joe anyway of a few chairs Alban is legging the chair and all that yeah yeah I remember that no because Kurt Angle’s basically saying that he does whatever you want and he doesn’t care about the conference with happen there foul here Bischoff kind of run in st. letting him a from the asylum and I guess that the result that’s kind of what we’re getting what we’re getting behind joining here inmates in every single week an empty Navy can have a pure chaos yeah yeah it’s no look it’s longer than longest they gonna attack me and you I’m fine yeah anyway this mojo set to go if Linga gaps up the food tonight against Kurt Angle definitely looking for revenge at that same token so we got something to prove against Kurt and you’re looking for revenge at that same time let’s get and then I’m also let’s get on I’m really excited about this matchup I’m all for capture than I’ve seen them too I mean he was spitting the rhymes they don’t like it was show up in all this weight make some type of impact Oh [Applause] [Applause] oh man this is not looking good for Joe Joe’s in trouble right now Connors alright everywhere your credit all about the Boston ex yeah I don’t think before Joe studies that other German you could probably do something here yes indeed he needs to stay away for another German and you cannot get caught and angle off once again because well it’s not good really want to survive Oh Joe take him flying a big waves and incur crashing into the guard rails at the mouth he’s just a morning flight machine right there that’s exactly what he was he was in the air yeah watching it right out Jesus the violence up here right off the announce table the thankless we’re not sitting over there man yep I don’t know why they keep putting it out here and apparently we’re missing our Spanish commentators kill Miguel cold lives Fernando and I can’t remember the other guys man anyways yeah kind of a better every time you were here right now right yeah true and they didn’t remember that they did get back in the ring and show with them home to the faith of angle oh wow my name’s tent on yeah that’s a straight-up right in fucked off get me the cover and angle mm-hmm no Jones I guess what are you what do you think the shotty give with the Mojo I said everything continues here and they got an angle of reading when I say earlier stay away from the angle lock stay away from those journalists suplexes and be some more Joe so you do know things happen for Kurt Angle you didn’t do what you did last time German super German super German suplex German suplex angled off you need to avoid the outside lane like I got all car food ain’t no and also Kurt needs to avoid that muscle bucket that muscle buffing it yeah I’m gonna be back with some more dough in this match if that happens especially I was right this time to Bob here we go oh don’t wait it down do you want mycology the curse is broken now family took you about three or four not forget about the otter man no Kurt Angle is just taking it to a great angle the moment show Oh oh man no you could just you to shop every time nothing Jesus good carpet bring it he got like don’t watch intensity that’s ridiculous if this morning I told you Kurt Angle is bottle three eyes I said it earlier man is this a proven fact [Music] like if no tomorrow focus on LA because you get that angle lock in it is it paternity that Kurt that that’s the Mojo where I had to tap out or pass out Joe Meza rolling these homer that’s a meatball hard but it’s something it’s effective who you will do what you guys do to make an effective boss man the back of the name is doing exactly what I wear I told them he told you guys we need needs to do you doing doing it perfectly no but not so much more perfect work but yeah well you know almost doesn’t count boss yeah yeah not I won’t say it I will overpay he’s made current we’re doing it perfectly here that’s the old saying right that’s why y’all good day what do you we shouldn’t have been like uh oh you can almost on the cow oh yeah sorry for getting sidetracked again because Boston get big nigga the reference margin like five seconds they get it oh [Applause] I can’t live in this thing give them credit there no no no look you see my night you can see my day has been great because Heather blacked it wasn’t evening you every time type of lecture shows up my night gets better and better every time her name is mentioned my night have made worse and worse he do me not such negativity all we got was GJ Pete but last time I was here it was TJ people to dab and now is it now this time again is Tessa Blanche I didn’t like her last time either this hope they get it update on candles away at some point I am sorry have texty eric bischoff hopefully smelling something that’s going on with chemically you know and i’m also want to get it up going James alright alright yeah he did come laughs hopefully they’re okay we’re getting a lot of cab will be here tonight at gentlemen said that not even the land of leap of the issues do we often have a chill three matching Iran event with the madam Craig stuff is going down there yes somebody’s going to get deeply deeply heard of tonight maybe in this match do we like it a Kappa see that’s the more job looking to make Kurt Angle the next cavity here oh now do I get money sent on again whoa but no to God failed to do trying to do weekend not really working out too well on the part of Kurt Angle stick to your side you gonna worry I guarantee a real work Joe yep doing the best we can on this one [Applause] you can see this sold off right in a Philadelphia Pennsylvania they’re loving this max yeah oh oh slam slam there now Joe is trying to try to do something here that didn’t work there but now hurting with a head foot not mad me right to the backyard Kurt Angle yelling – they’re actors yeah woman for everybody here like anyone really gonna be behind him if that’s more than everything that he’d done even if I don’t crap like this again don’t tough like this I say it all the time but it’s a ballet but like you know can’t we try – I think her crosses the line a bit that’s the way I look at it oh no you throw back do your job and go home that that’s what you do you have another great loss at the wreckage on having someone career no you go out there do your job go home if somebody gets hurt that’s on them should have been bigger inside the ring well I think I agree good angle slam and Joel just rolled to the outside wait a minute John said it was gonna make an impact and he is with jinx showing up and all white and I got a man event don’t you have something that we would join McNasty oh no this match was awesome you know John Cena wants to ruin it Oh God oh now what’s he feeling no man this is not good for Kurt Angle I think reading was just about to finish off the Mojo probably Juan Cena wants to interrupt this great match oh god man make her tell each other all steals good hey hey count it John my come on boo look I’m not a I’m not a part of the Kurt Angle van Carver nothing but um like me of course but still come on good band everything now is y’all I know the turnbuckle pad oh wait no right there very good that is TNA property what are you doing no no no no no no Josh neer please play chill just Don please you wouldn’t have hurt Jenna the love of God don’t do it no I died leave it alone Oh what is wrong with this crowd did she [Applause] like yours worse that’s me accepting this beatdown yeah and now cut I don’t want it open oh my god then I get John kind of made it this is safer now you sorry for cutting wood now you could everything um again never hate it Kurt Angle but do I support you what job doing honestly no I’m gonna conflict abolition right now I mean that month of current deserve every ounce in beating to learn every ounce of this beating of curtains rolled in the outside now we going after Samoa Joe now can’t believe you said that I can’t use you said that you are conflicted about this this is complete bull crap I think I deserved it each other single week weekend a week out you should not be beat oh yes and it was your job and I’m completed thank you therefore to come back in the fin after warning that why I’m conflicted John Cena wants to ruin it yes you on the floor enjoy man points right now well he wore all white and he’s leaving and ran in the blood of carnage Joe I have to show some people you mean bidness anomaly where life it’s a basic Duggar Mountain apparently it is here tonight if go time tonight is go time baby Callahan than myself we get to go at it one more time and tonight hey it’s Tables Ladders educator so I’m gonna match while I don’t have to worry about room cover the match come on have to worry about calling me paying a back I can Henderson what I want to defend him electrocuting me I’m not gonna live and painter I’m wearing this whip tape right now but now when I look back at it I think man that jump I needed I needed that jolt of electricity heating me in my back because that we have a fire under me Sammy now you lit a fire on the man plus I’m mad because I didn’t get a chance to make you a piece of artwork but don’t worry tonight I’m gonna do just that did not work and walk out of here the brand-new TNA World Heavyweight Champion and then I’m gonna take over everything a famiiy well Dean Ambrose just admitted in front of a pay-per-view audience that he just enjoyed being electrocuted okay whatever motivationally weirdest things I’ve ever heard yeah think on it well anyways TJ peas didn’t like this guy it’s awesome I like him in the ring that dab and get out of here though did you got arrogance like the roulette you got arrogant a mile off well it’s not my fault that your old school better that you know it may be either get a new school my friend you would love the DAP let me do that P got an airing at the mile long but I cannot lie the dude have been backing it up he had really been backing up with that win over Wickersham he went over Christopher Daniels and now we ready Jay Lethal hey give this guy a title shot please he has been dragging it up weekend and week out Leslie I would ever in jail even with a former Activision champion and a non right there ya know here comes Jay Lee so a man who was full of machismo and you may say as bark at the boss man said well Elsa said that he is um has a list of people that he has beaten before me yeah absolutely becoming a great bear man I’ve been in the ring with some of the greats maybe even some of the great thing I’m doing it wait wait wait wait wait boss do you see a shirt this is my list yeah you got Kurt Angle with Blair J Bristow Cody Rhodes I think that all of us beep yeah I told you Leto ain’t no joke man you think I’m gonna try to get it disc random there we go TJ Priya the young upstart yeah well I might have spoke too soon in Jesus he has a lisp victims conscious jackets that is really really crazy yeah but you’re not playing anything yeah yeah maybe you’re right maybe I should be a little concerned with tjp in this match my goodness your fan out for captain wheeler thank you laughing for of course I’ve seen it so yeah we’ve got this your thoughts yes thankfully baby got it man in jail Eve so uh yeah dad aw man dab on dad come without only one move boss lady oh we don’t follow it out no but what I was gonna say before that dab I’m gonna sit at TJ if he has his own list of victims he has been over the last three weeks ricochet Daniel true riches are down to my knowledge also Jiang are not on – there you go there you’re old that’s over the factory that’s over the past three weeks though I mean you have a magic name that leads beating over the over the years – and it’s all right though there you go but buddies – top-1 at least I probably will be after tonight and the best leave listen candy will be after tonight I wasn’t joking no no that was a good job doing the genesis pay-per-view man that was great that was a good job he’s not gonna be in here anyway he’s he’s way better than this but it’s so called old died a week old 40 JP forgot everything in the tang here we check out on everything in the pavement Oh boss he’s 15 years old in him that’s way too old believe they’re making a rookie mistake and he’s on a spring board and leaves her to die step zoom showed off the corner hey Jay it’s not 1998 stop stop acting like you young again you’re not young [Applause] Joe anyways yeah I know oh wow I told you Joe got it that’s my job right there – no – get it – I don’t get it I do get it mm-hmm I can’t safety and 89 properly if you guys been caught what I would operate mistakenly been saying all night but backbreaker die often lethal and as far as tjp you look you see maybe a real no visit they know because they’re going to live it proper gently oh oh come on Jer that’s the best you can do show me some nice little you don’t let this guy back that has been impressive okay we’ll check that out man did you think you’d do that too listen the doing them I hope to see these every do with them oh do like a full speed oh yeah see that was impressive I’ll do it again okay Mac yoga or double credit they’re all right show me a little something here around a count of five and I kind of sleepy degree I’m back in the ring here tell you I’m telling you boss man ejp is the next big thing no no we’ll say it’s time to rock down home games Wow yeah oh he did it means all those gym egotistical don’t drag a promise me stop the particle fans are stupid rich and you could have – can’t do it you can’t do it like TJ piece on your back on this top of them I don’t care if I can’t do now got that one thank you why are you so badly does it do that reason affecting you know oh man I think you will need abs let hit the folks let me say it affecting affecting he there P there drop them on the back of it anyway yeah yeah obviously that one hurts yeah then I take an event kick in a normal school do you think a good activity you know that is Christmasy but don’t want it first news he did when he went with the wrestlers okay property under all right yeah it’s called ring rings got it you definitely got it like me you say you like them in the ring but you don’t like this person around we are behind absent and shows off I don’t know every young guy has that phase where they wear the wig is show off and he awesome I mean you had it before to boss Betty money I did oh good so he sure was back tjp in his face we cover one let you tell got it – yeah yeah no the older school people are watching this video saying that y’all don’t like tjp let me tell you out some alley y’all had a face of being a being like you gave me so you should respect it well I get better don’t give me that crap TJ we’ve got a long day and the Jay Lethal Dalia who trained me to cover – okay back to Jay Lethal okay you got me boss I gotta admit the tie is talented thank you you should feel got it there you go I made it y’all know that’s on it anyway all right next time I got a wipeout keep in mind earlier it was a zero count when you get back you’re getting somewhere oh oh oh this dog I know you like nipped up a little bit oh geez we love that chopping DDT baseball slide I thought the baseball coughing Heffron I don’t know Lizzy oh that’s a fine new section did you pee by now [Applause] okay oh yes Oh [Applause] all right show me a little balloon PJP gotta tap out no he’s about the trouble he’ll means looking at what a counter they’re beautiful Connor and back to the leg Oh kick that time isn’t running dropkick hey you got lethal crawling here you don’t need the trying to escape back up to speed pillows up bro living things not gonna die but I think that wasn’t my state by teaching Cooper’s a great set of face there we go Oh way to go up a haircut this time again baby not a threat of them down that clouds right there like tjp Max’s detonation kick butt oh yeah Wow balls balls do you my respect you’ve no respect come on okay right yeah yeah you got it [Applause] Oh see not Jake tgop is not on your victims list now because he’s the one that beat you you’re on now hey man I got a fancy did not expect tonight that one I think did you see that dog harness with a lethal injection what a hurricanrana beautiful repair that guy no this production team socks apparel is that we’re not gonna get a replay that graduates of cheesy ap oh my god wait a fender was crowded on all right hold on hold on what we got out of it all right well what we got okay we got our pain leave 40 days for TNA turning-point rev up oh okay I can deal with that Kurt Angle versus John Cena versus the mole and y’all with the triple threat match I’m down with that oh that’s gonna be a banger right there after what we saw earlier tonight this is gonna be off the chain [Applause] and Dean Ambrose and Sami Callihan have to kill each other in a Tables Ladders and Chairs match to determine the brand new TNA World Heavyweight Champion under the new era of CNA you got a baseball bat man just beat the day life out how to Dean Ambrose like that Sammy says Cruz scooty intial let’s get into it Devon here and ladies and gentlemen the new locked up to this point thank you guys and again probably cook my comments from Tulsa cook the mo accountable you don’t miss another TNA upload and what in the world of Ambrose is uh-oh that was man oh yeah yeah if you’re watching this after the past you out of the premiere thank you so much for watching the good joke please subscribe and share the frost man on almost every single TNT episode thank you that you will see on this channel true oh my goodness Oh No Oh God Sami Callihan you succeeded yes oh now we have blood already man when I would not even almost say three minutes to this match you really have blood no man you got it to a bear cave man Ambrose she’s wild I know no now with Sammy Peggy now oh my god and there was family Callahan that electrocuted Ian amber almost banned them into that breaker box in the second episode I know these two tear each other apart since the beginning of TNA Genesis cried on I mean I hope a fan that doesn’t get hurt but you need to good if you don’t care about anything right now all you care about isn’t hurting each other yeah you would un tEEN TOP early on tonight and one thing like a beautiful beat the ball run out of Sammy around a Sami Callihan oh yeah yeah yeah you know what type of artwork you me me I’m good Tables Ladders clean Sammy stole with that thing drive Oh wrong yeah I’m a kid and he’ll appeal boy those chair size happen some artwork with you coming too man I never failed me he’ll have the proper paint needed many ways yeah that they can see it above what a color painting you’re gonna have its range try trim drink red straight ball with it with that trash can it’s a lot of control now remember now remember you know when this mad for the now and I’m Mitchell II wanted me to delete that video of this about the matches that were announced a Bora Bora thirst try shout out to him Jonathan my boy sir strike but anyway he that we’re gonna be able to function of war this is it listening to fucking alone oh no war [Applause] insanity war right here between these two more than just punching call they ain’t the same their family bit of the bottle ring this is a main event for TNA Genesis does not get bigger than this yeah I’m trying to determine the first me whenever I help you I honestly do not know but if y’all world champ about it by the end tonight I don’t want to pick her one I doesn’t want to sit back and enjoy the ride hang on it oh that’s counter by Dean a don’t hit me stop fine Nance a mare has a away from me there’s carolien hands wouldn’t give that spirit chair off the Bulldog and I think tout I think Sammy got busted open there oh the entity network yato it does oh it’s got to get wild up in there yeah they’re looking at we’re probably seeing double Wow jillaine awesome this is off the chain oh goodness that’s what this is the same with a very good Jam but anyway mammy oh yeah devious come on here Pammy was able to get back in this thing no thankfully apples move that away no no what if they kind of stop it if he did oh man Oh hold we got on a bloody marys mess yep and they’re not looking good for the Sami right now as an antler this part that go in but notice neither did you got one ever attempted to climb a ladder either right not one single climb so far as much did you spend tear each other apart yeah that’s one part of master dog that I was looking forward to is the bra yeah yeah not disappointing yet I don’t know they have not I don’t think they’re going to get the point either for that matter oh no he’s not the east tuning pianos if measuring he’s shot in the head of Sammy [Applause] it’s back at the terminology really incarnate but I know it hurts that’s an Atlanta Verdes beautiful counter yeah Atlanta Verdean all over you oh it never was like he fell off for uh fell off his bed or something like that guy probably worse than that no way worse than that oh well we tried it man it’s like somebody told you that you will sit on high now mean of a variable bump up round a ladder cheese I know it’s backward getting worse than worse and we’re all no no no no cuz this is brought about the words we can get here [Applause] that’s it back over it’s rancid officially over oh gosh wait chill the back of a man’s head hit the ladder danger landed on a chair oh my oh goodness gracious oh right I have no no he’s broken in half yes if he even don’t right after that fear yeah oh man whoops well he he’s back up to his feet never vote a fire don’t tell him pump up and come down that old say maybe that might be the Indian Air Force’s future maybe probably any better hope in that war annoyed championship person versus Amy Callahan fake anyway good yeah baby you say that I want to clown the car lighter and take that wall champ your took down with me okay probably only not him we’re all in the same you Callahan knows what knows what that means they’re riding on it yeah he’s barely moving right now we’re back to getting back up to escape my damn hammer oh wait oh whoa boom boom a chop what the backers damn cheese Oh God check out the lattice Mack [Applause] Jade over there they want them a theme pay you back you them you know y’all know that let’s do you know the rest yeah payback is the j-dog we wish you were here for this many ways you know cuz i know i Eric Bischoff’s about me saying cuss person I might not care hey real for somebody my thing so I figure you know Bobby you have said bad words already about the flex pay but bring it up did I anyway action coughs a me now Oh rubbing that baseball bat again whoa little bit disoriented now the blood got alive oh oh yeah yeah see the dirty brushing your eyes out yeah you can’t see crap like you’ve seen it well enough do we got do it leash the way to side [Applause] and maybe send up a table on the outside Megan are you doing this is doing oh wow Dena are you okay that cover that after that definitely please place should arrive why Nevins career yeah wait what is he thanking Satoru you just got doing I don’t know I think I won alone with dogs have a new hood [Applause] oh wait okay goodbye to Sammy let me go dr. Khurana definite rapido went very bad oh yeah but doesn’t all types of bad well Sammy dr. oh you have another chair Oh Oh [Applause] nothing light over the chair thing lateral Windsor bladder went all the time yeah most the time I’m over there never we won against the head of an Italian championship right Bobby Ordo keep that Sammy karma comes right back to bite you in the booty yep Carla now the head take under the chair now helping a Taser hold on do not now once okay okay listen okay Dean Dean you calm down with all over there you can call now that is a huge ladder you can calm down with all you mean come on Tina enough it’s enough already and the ones that don’t think you do it really worth it no baseball slide through boom this is where you’re actively to be like that teenage oh I [Applause] apologize for making in the rival Oh God I leave Sammy counter than they get back at window no Duncan no down into a ladder apparently Oh down down to the ground yeah and I think clamber maybe more of the way from Megan at TNA World Championship down with them oh my jump down to the underground anyway very sorry for those disgusting – oh oh he ain’t got to do something in the climb the ladder was deep thought was digging in you never top of the ladder trying to fight off here Oh Dean Ambrose trying to fight ready answer my wishes yep if you’re not gonna do know each other [Applause] Swink Raven the house decorate yes you’ve gotta love it this is what this is with professional wrestling it’s all about I absolutely love it let me send that live in your favela didn’t Oh amazing Oh No two of the three landed on the ladder are you kidding me all right kidding you you see what happen I’ll be lying if I say I was kidding you get to the midsection the warning [Applause] hey boss particular to this matchup done [Applause] good knowledge it assists eyewitness as if this is awesome oh man awesome amazing glorious Oh win a World Championship my god what an accident you got us killed each other [Applause] we just witnessed the destruction of Sami Callihan he will never be the same after this matchup neither of the guys are you got hit with ladders surely fanuc indeed hold on are we gonna get it thank you oh my god there you go well Dean Ambrose look at the production team made a wonderful piece of artwork and it paid off because congratulation Dean Ambrose is the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion what a night man I thank you Thank You Man for letting me be here great marketing territory the Alpha man returned to in Serengeti and that’s it for Genesis until the next time being boss and will Hama that you guys later

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