WWE 2K19 | Universe Mode – ‘WRESTLEMANIA!’ (PART 5/7) | #118

[Music] what is up everybody and welcome to part five of Wrestlemania where we are starting off with the tag team ladder match for the undisputed Tag Team Champions and out first it is the Boy Wonder and the greatest detective not a man okay everything living up to their names now the Miz awarded he threw the match after saying they’re extremely talented or something along the line he was kidnapped the help message was played to see in the message and the only way we could escape was to give these two who are dressing up as heroes their match at WrestleMania there should be in the Joker and Riddler attire right now for to be fair there is some credit to that mids was found unconscious backstage a few days ago and he has been nursed back to health ready for tonight King across his knee yeah kin in the nurse outfit like Joker in Dark Knight oh my word what’s happening with all the Dark Knight themes I don’t know it’s weird that’s a bit too much like showing by breeze but the world’s greatest detectives are trying to get back their Tag Team Championships well hold on just a moment the mighty perkins has just crashed the party at WrestleMania hell yeah as the majestic is here and it’s ready to get them championships so gold is spraying down it is but either gonna be alone that is the question of course not because all this talk of Brie’s anger being the best ever tag-team we have seen I don’t think so GMP I’ve got something to say about that and it’s not only Brie’s angle who will be going after them undisputed Tag Team Championships here tonight and here are our champions as it is now confirmed a triple threat tag team ladder match it is the team of key enemies Hollywood hell look at the size of that machine right there on the left it looks like a fridge freezer he does the fact that we have to take you only slightly alarming an absolute beast with tremendous good thankfully for us we have to climb a ladder or not pinfall that man does not look like the most agile of climbing ladders no this is true the Mises standing on his shoulders the Miz is there to help him out though they have the power and they have the speed the Miz must be slightly shook up as well yeah probably after being kidnapped and knocked out attempted tortured attempt to tortured by brave anger probably involves okay a GMP for us I am chasing down the midst I am taking out funding out mister it’s what’s aware he’s backing away the backing aways on anything to do with you he gets a ladder I get a ladder Oh God Oh little very bad for funding boss oh dear Tyler breeze out with the ring already why I’m Hollywood hell in the ring with metal like this you’ve got Batman with you everyone’s disappeared ah what could more way oh you just punched me in the head right at the beginning I like that we go so we’re cool what a fantastic name partnership as if that way to be on team what the hell oh god what’s gonna happen here nothing good yeah a lot of some weed incoming tries to get oh god Tyler breeze there’s no damage whatsoever with that dropkick no I made snow god I for you went right to the engine grace what’s a trophy remember my finish it should be a dropkick without power good Jesus imagine the crowd watching that can just bit airball in unison just gasping me don’t come back since the Dropkick we’re home gotta took the rope with me oh it’s Brees angles time to shine [Applause] this does not want to return either Niner stay away from amid stay away PSD for this come on Mase come on you don’t want to no one near me sorry Kane and it goes as well punch it’s all means can’t get a shine you can Oh source end of the chokeslam please Kat roll over roll over bad for him super kick god dammit supermodel kick supermodel kick yeah why is Miss vixen out Kim he’s probably a bit shook still kids just set up is he getting up no he’s not gonna go for retribution swear we’ve lost lighting we’ve got one spotlight on me for some reason thank God yeah okay something came in the ring name oh god is he stuck why is everyone watching him I think he got stuck oh no he’s back with a vendor ball team double team all right one second double team just don’t move what we go we go we go whoop meme a spoon my accustomed ass oh did you see that I’m mister first I was spanning to a second one Oh realize you taking out memories it’s all about this oh god I’ve come here to a dropkick Oh Oh God out of the ring I mean what the hell I was locked on you then for some reason what’s come here again he seems to keep getting tangled if he stays oh I’m happy that is the creepiest thing you could do in this match Oh God face-first onto the ladder Fandango Girlz in concert if he stopped like I’m concerned broken free like a caged animal wouldn’t work it out oh don’t go back Kane God it loves them ropes it’s gonna run into event careful Jesus where’s he going agility from right into a signature go to the top rope okay Oh God what just happened what just happened what think you’ve of head boy teach the ladder didn’t break the ladder got squished down into the vacuum Miller the same place the referee and the older tick of maker entered earlier on tonight in the ring things go wrong forget it Jesus he won’t even meant for them well that ladder still brick hang on I got I think if someone if you can just throw someone onto that’s what I mean regular I think they’d go on parish we clung to it just oh my god was there still ducking it oh damn it’s that DDT don’t let mr. parven of English I’ll do it to dangle then that’s not the right just need it a bit more to the left yeah yeah no idea if this is gonna work or not please work glitch gods please work no not the corner I wanted that a screw and this would actually work yes it would put it me on it just we had it for a second let’s try again let’s try again Tyler oh my god he’s reversed ago no Tyler breeze Eastern well he’s just gone right onto that chair cushion there we go this is it this is it this is it if you go up on it this is it oh my god II words the invisible ladder I’m gonna throw flame is now then unfortunate me on already Clause like arcane slips away from the gory bomb no I’ve got a big boom do we’re going for a chokeslam on me then I saw that stamina hmm inside out King goes nor this is a Matt Tyler breeze big lad a shot we need some tables we need another big spot Oh God I’ve been launched at the ring by the Big Red Machine octave over actually oh no don’t leave those two idiots in the ring on the road no one better work it out well then face them two firefighters picked up average Oakland ouch Oh signature my friend angle I’m in that friend Tyler breeze is debating whether to get in the ring it’s watching Fandango he wants to be Batman did both wanted to be Batman oh God Kane are you eating in there I don’t know flying with him not that way not that way not that way Oh God you’ve taken you’ve got yourself dad doesn’t know already in that or I was at such a to repaint the spot no please just stop me from getting a kill switch goodness nor the dropkick fails she used it the shield and just dropkick dropped it oh god it’s gonna go right into your path actually saved you for a second Miz watching them I watch it and vote for him go for it and with you for need it finish it finish it Oh God Oh God steel steps into the ring now as well bright on the other side it’ll be deadly oh my oh my god into that have you got one get finish and climb I saw enough folly walk what get keen on that one somehow no no you knew it geez a shot the Big Red Machine or not Joseph on the ladder I’m doin it I’ve just been stunted white Oh God blitz games died bouncing dango I’ve got all the Lord to go he has got a load to go Kane is gonna save as Timmy won’t pay attention oh it does now ass ring or go get that then while he falls it’s still old it all I’m fighting – you brought them moving them Oh [Applause] oh god fraud right into the steps Fandango getting that ladder where’s the maze areas thrown to the other side Oh Tyler breeze head to other guys push the steps out is push the steps out telling Memphis shoosh ooh deliberate took in oh god oh god a lot of them moon stomp MooMoo and stop oh no what oh no do you know the finish what happened there we go God won it on top of everyone the pillow fight you wound up the water that’s all I know that was weird now all the way out hold on hold on yeah it’s reversal spine posture or a mango how great is it happening cents on sit down Big Red Machine incoming I don’t know Oh God post off the edge I need a jump before Fandango push either the Oh God gets him dropping out what’s happened to that bottom corner absolutely stuffed in where is God a fine t-bag Oh No Oh taking him out of the ring I have lost track of where they’re at mom [Applause] get that back in or punch Bolognese back here I’m stopped wedged in between my oh my god if he climbed on that side that’d work who’s weld that go on climb the other side mates climbing the other side miss climb climb Tyler Tyler Tyler Oh [Applause] God [Applause] it trapped him yeah no idea what he could have been him for that I got Charlie shoulder stupid return match that’s not gonna help us miss the spotlight is always that all my god I’m lonely and I leave it’s the doctoring be fair I just closed it I’m just gonna have to neutralize them is right here quickly quickly get up Ilana laughs where they now Superboy Tyler breeze do oh it’s not a super white corner just walking away from kid wait mrs. just got up from her neck America is not effective from the top of a ladder oh my god come on someone come on a sucker go on come on climb climb the damn fit not you not you No [Applause] go on sores on the climb Tyler Tyler Tyler Tyler or we may grab you a short took himself out on the bottom of five climb climb climb climb climb I’m just gonna try and hold him off to the steel steps he’s gonna go if you connect to it toilet gods climb it from that side you brat so you just pushed it over Oh God for Tyler breeze on the ladder not really the Barenaked legs on them Oh Stephanie where the Sun don’t you show my friend anger or great weight by Fandango yeah Wow the steel steps have finally gone the spot has been eliminated this is just a mugging right now Oh God we’re both launched out simultaneously you should go knock down the ring Oh God I’ve just been put to great damage from the suplex on top of the line look at me look at me running around me oh god now we’ve got chance to rip me out my socket there we go God see no date movie that Cory’s on little med I what a Fandango made sake who’s just been posting us with the mouse what is this chaos what is this chaos northern of you is shot by Fandango oh yeah what’s all me all the kicks my face Fandango television Hollywood he’ll have a chance the energy is depleted oh no oh no you’ve got to stop the meze you’ve got to stop the music I try run off for a girl but I got the big boot this is gonna take some power this is gonna take some power Oh God Tyler oh my god oh dang Garland’s of a lot of floss that was a bad fall by dango no but I just watched you passed which dumb idiot wants to come led it makes you idiot here we go Fandango to the outside through the gap of Bollywood el miserable Oh blow me down or we might get it missed that twice now that me no gain no climbing that way I can find the other side can go on a day yeah quick enough to stop them elbowed me just London I’m already angry about a damaged Oh God go on a flaw in a nomad orbiting around me what I thought arrested on my chest what is this the maze maze take your friend hanging off the rocks big felon so weak but it got the job done don’t you dare Calabrese oh this is it’s just chaos is just stuff happening everywhere Oh breeze has got nothing away that waddle it’s extra nice right now okay anyone want a double taint no [Applause] soil that I cannot not go for that opportunity [Applause] oh god what’s this geez Tyler breeze and you can exhaust it now or that so the ladder set the ladder up Oh God supermodel kick you all thank you sir and/or madam pick this ladder up Abdullah favorite of stamina actually God cane no I fell just fell what is happening here hang on a minute Kim’s taking me somewhere he wants to put you on that table Oh God fallen over table what is that flaminia we’re a bit rustic we had a bit rustic I’ve been retired for some time no gaudy knees don’t worry stood on the flutter right now God sees always well I’ve wrong just separated at the minute me looks to have recovered from his er hang out did you’d fly here earlier on earlier than the match is this it is they’re gonna go for the win here nope it’s just gonna work Tyler breeze he’s getting about the ring in it that’s where he’s going for ya well start has been set up perfectly for us if they climb that ladder Taylor anyone ate Taylor a dragger looking the Oh God so he’s going after Tyler very big red machine where are you Big Red Machine oh he’s a man and ship can be even climb that law we’d have to set the table up in the more diagonal way oh I set up already oh my god somebody climbed please somebody climb I’m wearing I could win this thing but I need to do this my soul mate whichever way it goes it’s gonna be golden yeah true guys let’s make a pact let’s make a pact well that’s worn up one outcome gone over your knees come on Me’s you’d love it go on come on do you even know me and may God’s sake I’m gonna suffer may even enroll you freaky suck all your compares in this match Oh Tyler oh god my skin going from that tight no did he pop a bollock Tyler gets the reversal in I mean gets the net brethren right what’s fun I’m not do any corner that’s fine Oh God whoa Tyler no you’re my first quick quick quick quick quick Oh God what happening oh no he’s going to push me back in there no he’s not bye oh god oh god oh god watching chokeslam now to Tyler breeze won’t happen in this match this is just something else oh my this move east of connections oh god oh god [Applause] I did a flip around the rose oh my god oh god Fandango is about to get absolutely punished [Applause] [Music] what the Frick just happened then oh Jesus Christ so the physics is the best in game when you’re on another level yeah when you get blitzed to another plane of existence that’s when the physics is like real life we’ve just seen a cross shot by Tyler breeze Oh what is happening here matches absolutely insane oh great I’ll show you that’s way too personal oh you’re a mystery game I think I stomped on his ribs aw that was the worst bit of home frame that we only need one more on that wrong Oh God collapsed of collapsed he’s going after Tyler breeze now oh god what’s to doing what’s he doing what’s he doing get the ladder machina we only need one to win it oh god yeah we’re doing all watching won’t happen in this corner okay this matches broken just don’t know him Oh our sweeper the legs didn’t work oh you missed you missed or we split the tree do it now well push it in this one I roll through the freaking ladder let’s wipe him out for good signature signature on his little knees where’s maze yeah keep kicking him yes okay fine go after the Roman wrong he’s climbing climbing it’s a race to the finish [Music] [Applause] what the hell just happened there that was terrifying I swear the computer skipped frames and they went from this flame just to grab it it Oh God Oh God not what I wanted although he’s bashing your head in took for Tyler brazzers take another position Oh God strike oh my god you just saved me will that keep up mr. Boff God divided them what is that oh no please – please – castle was excelling with a chair but is let go of it is happening here what is honestly happen in ear shot again Fandango loves to it it ticking that ladder with me though ways anger I’ve got all my nothing they’ve got nothing oh my god miss mieze what’s he got was he got he got oh gone what is he doing to him oh nothing the speed of Oh God thank God finally pulled that off [Applause] Oh or a panic amount when happened Jesus why is he showing all these eye lights [Applause] we just wonder God that much we deserve some respect dammit your new undisputed Tag Team Champions at WrestleMania surprise entrance the team of G and P whoo that was the difficult match but somehow we made it looks it as well judging by faith good lord I’m not going to be a walk for weeks after that everybody we end part 5 of Wrestlemania [Music]

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