WWE CHEAT Fans With Brock Lesnar Cash-In! More NXT Call-Ups?! | WrestleTalk News June 2019

WWE CHEAT Fans With Brock Lesnar Cash-In! More NXT Call-Ups?! | WrestleTalk News June 2019

Brock Lesnar’s Money in the Bank cash-in
is announced for this episode of Raw! Brock
Lesnar’s Money in the Bank cash-in doesn’t
happen on this episode of Raw! But it’s
OK, because – Pull up your pants and do the
muscle man dance!
And which NXT stars might be getting called
up to the main roster soon?!
Click the timestamps in the video description
below to go straight to any of those stories.
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– as I review the Super Showdown go-home episode
of Monday Night Raw!
A big part of this episode was how WWE announced
in advance that Brock Lesnar would finally
be cashing in his Money in the Bank boombox
on Raw – I’m sure they’ll totally deliver
on that! – because Stephanie McMahon is sick
of him disrespecting the briefcase… a briefcase
whose gimmick has historically been based
around not telling people when they’re going
to cash-in. It makes so little sense, even
Raw commentator Corey Graves is confused.
Corey Graves to AEW confirmed. And I’m pretty
sure Stephanie was a heel the last time we
saw her. And who attacked Sami Zayn at Money
in the Bank!?
So Brock cashing-in, potentially wrestling
his first WWE TV match in over 15 years, was
the expectation set for this episode. Not
us getting carried away with fantasy booking
– something WWE directly promised its fans.
Keep that in mind.
The actual show kicked off with SmackDown
star Roman Reigns, but, let’s be honest,
Raw star Roman Reigns, where he was immediately
interrupted by his Super Showdown opponent,
SmackDown star Shane McMahon, but, let’s
be honest, Raw star The OmniShane!
A six-man tag quickly got underway, where
Reigns teamed with his real-life cousins the
Usos to take on their fierce back-shaving,
cornhole-playing rivals The Revival featuring
Drew McIntyre.
WWE are very good at six-man tags, and this
match got suitably frantic near the end, with
Drew eventually winning. Shane then speared
Roman for good measure.
I’m very much not into the Shane vs Roman
feud, which is pulling significant TV time
on Raw and SmackDown into the OmniShane’s
Midcard Vortex, and now they’re obviously
setting up Reigns vs McIntyre post-Showdown.
Which isn’t even remotely exciting because
they’re on separate brands, we’ve already
seen that, it had a decisive finish of Roman
winning clean, and, most importantly, it was
Super boring.
Lars Sullivan continued to beat up ethnic
minorities next, brawling with the Lucha House
Party ahead of their match at Super Showdown.
Becky Lynch came out to promise when she gets
her hands on Lacey Evans, she’ll knock her
silly. For Lacey Evans to then come out and
stand just a few feet across from her in the
ring. She’s right there, Becky, you can
beat her up if you’re that angry.
This turned into a terrible heel vs heel match
between Evans and Charlotte, which started
bad with a botched punch, and got worse from
there. Thankfully Becky eventually caused
the DQ to end it after 5 minutes. I can’t
wait for the women’s title match at this
Friday’s Super Show-ah, right. We definitely
won’t be seeing the Women’s Right in that
Rey Mysterio then came out for a segment that
was advertised for last week and then dropped
without explanation-yeah, we’re not getting
a Lesnar cash-in, are we? – where he revealed
he’s going to do the right thing and relinquish
his US title to Samoa Joe because of his shoulder
injury, not because he unfairly beat Joe at
Money in the Bank. Joe then rather justifiably
attacked Rey for being a dick.
Braun Strowman beat Bobby Lashley in an arm
wrestling contest to hype their Super Showdown
match because… wrestling!
The awkward Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss character
inconsistent friendship storyline continued
next, where Bliss was in Nikki’s corner
for her match against Peyton Royce.
At least Alexa’s caffeine addiction is consistent,
when a stagehand gave her a coffee half way
through the match, for Peyton to kick it out
her hand and Billie Kay to push her in the
spilled liquid, ruining her white jeans. Because
what’s more shallow than building women’s
feuds around who’s friends with who? Build
them around stains on clothes. Nikki won off
the distraction.
Baron Corbin answered Seth’s calling out
of Lesnar next, leading to a brawl between
the two, where Corbin laid Rollins out after
Brock’s music caused a distraction.
Then out came Lesnar for the big selling point
of the show, why many viewers would’ve tuned
in, and stuck around through the first two
hours… to just see Brock beat up Rollins
with a chair and reveal he’s actually going
to cash in on Friday. Of course, it was a
rouse! You got us, WWE. Way to sell the Saudi
Arabia pay-per-view that everyone’s annoyed
about already.
Baiting and switching three weeks in a row
with Lesnar, and then using it to sell your
blood money pay-per-view is a very off-putting
carny tactic. There’s only so many times
you can cheat viewers with fake-out angles
before they lose any trust in you as a company.
But, in truth, that happened long before now,
so maybe shame on us. And why does Brock want
to wait until then instead of just winning
the title now? It’s not even consistent
with his character of wanting to work the
fewest dates possible. Don’t expect that
motivation to ever be explained, though, because
we still don’t know who took out Sami Zayn
at Money in the Bank.
They did a big stretcher angle for Seth, with
his real-life girlfriend Becky Lynch even
getting in the ambulance for ‘realism’
(inverted commas).
Thankfully this was followed up by possibly
Bray Wyatt’s best Firefly Fun House promo
yet – a super serious episode… about exercise!
Bray introduced a new puppet friend – Huskus
the Pig Boy, an amazing play on his first
fuller figure character Husky Harris, continuing
each puppet being an element of Bray’s damaged
psyche, whom a puppet Vince McMahon threatened
to fire for not being in shape. That was brilliant
enough as it was, but then Bray and his cast
of puppets launched into a Tim and Eric style
green screen music video of them all doing
the Muscle Man Dance work out. The key to
getting your character over, it seems, is
to pre-record all your stuff in advance so
McMahon can’t tinker with them.
Triple H and Randy Orton had their first non-video
package build for their Super Showdown match,
and based it around the size of Hunter’s
testicles. If only other roster members were
trusted to get over without scripted promos.
Ricochet then took on Cesaro for the third
time in the last few weeks in a very good
TV match, with their spots riffing off their
previous matches. Ricochet rolled up Cesaro
for the win, leading Cesaro to beat him up
afterwards, get a table from under the ring,
to find 24/7 champion R-Truth hiding on it.
This was pretty funny too, with the usual
undercard scramble chasing Truth out the arena
to follow. The better finish, however, would’ve
been for the lights to cut out and Undertaker
to win the belt.
Instead he came out to cut a promo on his
Super Showdown opponent Goldberg, which was
the usual Taker stuff of death and souls,
but no ‘rest in peace’ catchphrase, because
he’d spent too long walking to the ring,
and Raw had run out of time.
The third hour of this show was pretty good,
even if they did completely drop its ‘gritty’
theme. Unfortunately, overall, the Lesnar
storyline not making sense and cheating fans
one too many times made this a deeply frustrating
watch. This week’s Raw is the
worst possible score, Bore.
And now over to Luke with the news!
Great review there, Oli – glad your final
thoughts didn’t get cut short by the show
Following on from their excellent TakeOver:
XXV show – which you can watch mine and Laurie’s
review of on the WrestleRamble – NXT will
be getting ready for their next set of TV
tapings to build towards their next big show
TakeOver: Toronto. As well as advertising
the re-debut of Punishment Martinez – who
has been renamed to Damien Priest, we should
see more re-debuts on the show along with
some new names.
It’s being reported that Adrian Joude will
now go under the name Artuo Ruas, Jessie Elban
will now go by Jessie Kamea and Luke Menzies
will be now be called Ridge Holland. Which
is also the name of an excellent wallet.
The bigger changes however come for former
Impact Wrestling X Division Champion Trevor
Lee – who has changed his name to Cameron
Grimes, a reference to his hometown of Cameron
in North Carolina. And perhaps most upsettingly,
the excellent Eric Bugenhagen has had his
excellent name to something way less excellent
– Rik Bugez.
Someone looking to get in on the NXT action
is former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion
Sasha Banks – who hasn’t been seen on WWE
TV since she lost the titles at WrestleMania
to The IIconics. It was revealed late last
week that Tyler Breeze had moved from the
main roster back to NXT, and it looks like
Banks could be getting on that train.
NXT UK’s Piper Niven – otherwise known as
Viper – recently appeared at an ICW show to
challenge NXT UK Women’s Champion Toni Storm
to a title match at the promotion’s Shug’s
Hoose Party 6. ICW themselves tweeted about
the announcement, asking if Storm will accept
the challenge – which Sasha Banks replied
to asking if she could accept instead.
It was reported over the weekend that Sasha
Banks had a meeting with Vince McMahon about
her future in the company, which reportedly
went well with Banks expected to return to
a WWE ring in the summer. Or could she stop
by NXT UK for a series of matches with Viper
and Toni Storm first?
Someone who could be moving from NXT to the
main roster is The King of Bros – and reader
of the WrestleTalk Magazine Matt Riddle, it
really is an excellent magazine. Riddle actually
teased himself for a Raw debut – or debutt
if you’re talking in Riddle-ese – but of
course that didn’t happen. However PWInsider
are reporting that Riddle is set to be part
of the huge 50-man Battle Royal at Super Showdown
this coming Friday when WWE heads to [country
According to PWInsider, Riddle’s name was
brought up as recently as this past weekend
for a spot in the Battle Royal, and it’s
been reported that The King of Bros could
be one of several NXT names to make the trip
over for Super Showdown to compete in the
match. This was to be expected, with NXT stars
like Roderick Strong, Babatunde, Dan Matha
and Tucker Knight entering the Greatest Royal
Rumble last year.
And now Dave Meltzer is reporting that WWE
have plans in mind to also bring up NXT Champion
Adam Cole and NXT Women’s Champion Shayna
Baszler to the main roster in the near future.
According to Meltzer on Wrestling Observer
Radio, WWE are in particular high on Baszler,
and she is “supposed to be geared up”
for a main roster call-up soon. When these
call-ups could happen it unknown, but the
speculation is they’ll be after Summerslam
which allow both Cole and Baszler to lose
their titles.
There’s also no word on wether Adam Cole’s
call-up will include the rest of the Undisputed
Era – or whether he will be called up as a
singles star.
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Owen and that was wrestling.

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