WWE Edit Out GAY STORYLINE?! Rusev QUITTING WWE?! | WrestleTalk News June 2019

WWE Edit Out GAY STORYLINE?! Rusev QUITTING WWE?! | WrestleTalk News June 2019

Did WWE edit out a gay storyline? Here comes
a surprising new challenger to Finn Balor!
And Kofi Kingston beats Dolph Ziggler… again
… but was anyone actually there to see it?
And is Rusev on his way out of WWE for super
duper reals this time? Click the timestamps
down below to jump to any of those stories.
I am a still slightly jetlagged Luke Owen
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from SmackDamn, SmackTastic, Smack Bang in
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Face. This is the 25th of June, 2019 edition
of Smackdown Live.
The show was opened by THE BEST IN THE WOOOOOOOOORLD,
Shane McMahon – who cut a promo on Roman Reigns
to hype Extreme Rules, and the show opened
proper with New Day coming out for some more
talking. Dolph Ziggler quickly came out for
yet more talking and said that he should be
WWE Champion. You know, I’ve been gone for
two weeks and missed an entire PPV, and yet
nothing seems to have changed much around
here. Dolph said that he spoke to WWE Management
– but there are no authority figures in this
company anymore – and ‘they’ made a match
between Zigs and Kofi where if Ziggy wins,
he’ll be added to the Kofi Kingston vs.
Samoa Joe match for the title at Extreme Rules.
And because of Vince McMahon’s first decree
that no wrestling can take place during commercial
breaks, it was made a 2-out-3 falls match.
A gimmick that was made slightly silly when
backstage Miz wanted a match with Shane McMahon,
and instead was given a 2-out-3 falls match
with Elias where if Miz won he’d get another
match with OmniShane. So we’ve got two matches
with the same match stipulation where the
winners get essentially the same thing. Rad.
Toddy Todd Phillips of Toddington then announced
that there wouldn’t be that many Raw stars
on tonight’s episode of Smackdown Live because
they’re over in Japan for an international
tour. Basically telling the audience: sorry
there won’t be any actual stars on this
show, you’ll just have to make do with these
Smackdown losers instead.
Bray Wyatt continued bleeding into our reality
with a background cameo of Huskus The Pig
Boy behind Daniel Bryan walking to the ring,
as The Planeteers took on New Day – who beat
them again to further establish them as the
#1 contenders to the belts. If you were going
to have New Day vs. Planeteers as your Smackdown
tag feud, why have them lose to Kevin Owens
and Sami Zayn at Stomping Grounds? Further
to that, whatever happened to The Usos being
in line for the Smackdown Tag Titles after
beating Bryan and Rowan on the Money in the
Bank pre-show?
Owens and Zayn then attacked New Day, with
Heavy Machinery running down to make the save
to set up an eight-man tag – which the good
guys won when Heavy Machinery hit The Compactor
on Zayn.For some reason, Owens walked out
on his tag partner during the match – so the
team that finally picked up a win at Stomping
Grounds is now teasing a split. Rad.
Mustafa Ali continued his Captain Hindsight
gimmick, and we then got Elias vs. Miz in
our first two-out-of-three falls match for
the night. What’s funny about these multi-pin
gimmicks is that the match structure is exactly
the same as it was before: the heels cheat
to get the heat, we get an ad break, we get
rest holds, the babyface makes a comeback
and then we got to the finish. Only now there
are two extra finishes for each match. Shane
and Elias beat down Miz, with The Drifter
getting the win to make sure Miz doesn’t
continue his feud with Shane-O-Mac. Quick
question, feel free to answer this in the
comments as well, but WHERE THE HELL WAS SMACKDOWN
In a moment of light in a somewhat dim world,
Kayla Braxton interviewed Intercontinental
Champion Finn Balor, yep I forgot he was champ
too, when he was approached by Shinsuke Nakamura
to set up a new feud. Yep I forgot Nakamura
was employed too. This only adds more creedence
to Dave Meltzer’s report that Rusev has
asked for time off from WWE and that his contract
is coming to an end, with his random tag team
with Nakamura as the Evil Foriegn Heels tag
team now looks to be over. Also: yay Finn
vs. Nakamura for the title! More of this please!
This is sadly where the light ends, though
for the time being, as up next we saw Nikki
Cross take on Smackdown Women’s Champion
Bayley, where if Nikki wins Alexa Bliss will
get another shot at the title at Extreme Rules
– which Nikki won. So, Raw’s Alexa Bliss
is once again going for the Smackdown Women’s
Championship when you have a perfectly good
Ember Moon and Sonya Deville right there to
use instead. And it wouldn’t be so bad,
but we’ve also got Raw’s Samoa Joe gunning
for Smackdown’s WWE Champion, as well as
Shane and Roman fueding on the blue brand
– which is basically a Raw storyline even
though Reigns is supposedly a Smackdown dude.
It further highlights this idea that Smackdown
is the B show full of losers and jabronis,
while Raw is full of the awesome cool kids
you actually want to see. And people wonder
why Smackdown attendance look like this in
But it’s okay kids, WWE is up for 4 ESPYS…
in a category where only WWE can be nominated
Carmella and R-Truth ran into Drake Maverick,
who again told the good guys that they’ve
ruined his life and marriage. Feeling sorry
for the bad guy, Truth said that Drake could
pin him and win the 24/7 title if he wants
– before revealing he was only joking. Truth
is a dick.
If you’re wondering why Alexa Bliss is getting
a title shot and not the perfectly good Ember
Moon or Sonya Deville, it’s because they’re
involved in a terrible story that apparently
started over donuts. You think this is about
donuts? This led to a very short match, where
Deville pinned Moon after some Mandy Rose
distraction. Rad. Then in a post-match moment,
the sexual tension between Rose and Deville
leveled up when Sonya brushed Mandy’s hair
with love in her eyes – which Rose seemingly
reciprocated. This is a storyline that has
been somewhat teased for a weeks on end now,
but it was interestingly edited out of the
WWE YouTube version of the clip for unknown
Aleister Black is still stuck in the Phantom
Zone looking for someone to knock on the door,
which finally happened at the end of the segment
to leave Black smiling. And according to the
very reliable WrestleVotes, we can expect
the person who knocked on the door to be Cesaro.
Yes please, more of that!
And in the main event, Kofi Kingston beat
Dolph Ziggler in our second two-out-of-three
falls match, and our third with the stipulation
that if someone wins they get another match.
Yep, literally half of Smackdown’s matches
had that stipulation. Anyway this was good,
but no one takes Dolph seriously as a credible
threat, it’s a match we’ve seen twenty
thousand times over the last decade – and
it was our third match of the night with the
same stipulation.
It would appear that because Raw has gone
over to Japan for the tour, Smackdown was
treated like an afterthought. A total throwaway
show with very little furthered. The death
of the brand split is killing Smackdown, and
it’s actually impressive that WWE can put
on a show this lacklustre with a talent roster
this incredible. This week’s Smackdown Live
is a SmackDowner.
And now over to Pete, with the news.
Great review Luke! It’s lovely to have you
I’m filling in for Oli today as he’s away
doing some business business business. But
it’s ok he’ll be back before long. Let’s
just hope he doesn’t appear behind me with
a giant dong or something. [scared look]
Kyle O’Reilly is one of the greatest things
to ever happen to wrestling, and if you disagree,
you’re just wrong and have no soul. Unfortunately
for him though, Pro Wrestling Sheet are reporting
that he recently picked up a Staph infection
and is having to be pulled from in-ring competition
in order for it to heal.
This would most likely explain why on last
week’s episode of NXT he sat out the six-man
tag match, letting Adam Cole, Bobby Fish and
Roderick Strong represent the Undisputed Era
against Tyler Breeze, Velveteen Dream and
Matt Riddle.
After the events of Takeover XXV, O’Reilly
required stitches in his back, which then
reportedly led to the Staph infection forming.
The good news for O’Reilly fans, is that
he’s reportedly going to be healed up and
back in action in around a week’s time,
however NXT have already taped their full
set of shows until Takeover Toronto, which
means that we won’t be seeing O’Reilly
get physical until that show on August 10.
O’Reilly and Fish were actually scheduled
to appear at EVOLVE 129 and 130, however due
to O’Reilly’s infection, the duo have
been pulled from in-ring competition at the
event. The pair will still be present for
meet and greets at the venue, alongside Undisputed
Era cohort Roderick Strong, however a different
NXT star will be replacing O’Reilly on the
EVOLVE have made a press release about their
129 and 130 shows, confirming O’Reilly’s
status for the events, however in the same
press release, they also revealed that Tyler
Breeze would now be joining for the shows
in his stead.
Breeze is set to compete against AR Fox at
EVOLVE 129, and against Anthony Greene at
EVOLVE 130. Honestly I’d say this is a pretty
great replacement. Man, NXT has a deep pool
of talented individuals, doesn’t it?
You know what, scratch that, WWE has an insanely
deep pool of talented individuals too! It’s
arguably one of the deepest and most skilled
rosters of all time, and just one such individual
to be a part of that would be Rusev. However
he may not be a part of it for that much longer…
Rusev hasn’t been seen on WWE TV for several
weeks, though honestly he was barely featured
before then anyway. According to Dave Meltzer
of the Wrestling Observer, this is because
big Ru-Ru has requested some time off. Interestingly,
Meltzer also goes on to say that Rusev’s
contract is due to expire in the near future.
While no concrete date was given, it’s widely
expected that Rusev will not re-sign with
the company, especially given his very public
frustrations with WWE in interviews and on
social media.
This was compounded by last night’s SmackDown
where we saw the appearance of one Shinsuke
Nakamura, the first time he’s been seen
in several weeks too. Notable by his absence
was Rusev, Nakamura’s supposed tag partner.
If Rusev is planning on leaving WWE, he very
well could have time extended on his contract,
as WWE has been known to do contract freezes
with the likes of PAC and Luke Harper. It’s
also unknown whether he and Lana would be
a package deal, or whether they have separate
contract expiration dates, but more details
will surely arise in due course.
If Rusev does eventually part the company,
there’s no doubt several promotions would
be itching to get Rusev in their ring. I,
for one, would love to see him in New Japan.
Now that, would be one hell of a Rusev Day.
Do you want to see Oli, Laurie, Housemate
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I’ve been Chopper Pete Quinnell, and that
was wrestling.

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