WWE Smack downs Highlights 11 October 2019 – WWE Smackdown 11 10 2019

WWE Smack downs Highlights 11 October 2019 – WWE Smackdown  11 10 2019

job given me a fantastic telling Seth what you think is gonna happen at Hell in a Cell [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Laughter] Leonore now it’s your turn [Music] Cory some would say that missed even saying this but Seth Rollins might want to keep the warning ridiculous [Applause] max mom as well it is a star-studded night here tonight this past Monday Cori is going to be the captain of a Hulk Hogan’s team for this were looking to transition to a triangle but look at the power from the universal champion akhom will go wrong take it out the champion again it’s going to be hard though for Sep to have this type of the WWE Network right now Sami Zayn injecting himself into the situates guy the King Josiah Rollins ducked out of harm’s way mentum of the universal champion before a big time matchup streaming live this Sunday broke and a launch of shoved a right off the side of the face of Nakamura Rollins looks nothing short of laser focused as we head toward Hellenic [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Duras the largest wrongful-termination law upset that Kevin Owens didn’t do his bidding the best way I know how a ladder match and tonight’s Friday night a match in this [Applause] 266 pounds quite simply put the stakes of this match up could not be any I want to think such a disturbing disgusting fuck bell rings matches official Kevin Owens – his fire Kevin’s taken all of his personal issues and just put them on Shane McMahon they use the ladders to climb to grab the briefcase you can use them as this amounts of luggage as Shane is finding out firsthand vanishing Shane McMahon from WWE Kevin Owens dragging the lap reef case then Shane McMahon will be terminated from total detail and Shane able to intercept Kevin Owens in Kevin Owens totally totally career history’s shown us Shane McMahon’s especially when fighting for his well-being for his career Owens give doc nice is safe here in a ladder matches Kevin Owens now the ladder bounces right off me the face toss get the ring no place is safe in the careers at stake you will do desperate desperate things table never better figure out a way to implement some sort of defensive and Owens courier right here tonight Oh games short elbows right on the temple of Owens KO has got to be rocked right now and again the announce table bounced off the face of it is incredible that this warriors come to this place the balls anger might be Kevin Owens you have to feel for the man’s got a family now it’s final night in WWE shade on the top I don’t know high risk will it pay off to the ladder shades on the [Applause] hellacious impact can’t make it back to their feet I mean what do you do a fight all night he should try to make his way back into the ring and then he searches to scale the ladder and retrieve the briefcase which holds Kevin Owens can set up the ladder and just slowly take his time up and grab the Chatelet ankle of tena Nolan’s rolling great strategy by Shane McMahon if you can’t use your legs you can’t know it’s Devon has nobody to go and again shots to the ribs time stealing the spotlight for more deserving superstars Kevin Owen has gone up to that tyranny and who’s standing up for Kevin Owens now going to try to climb to the top rope hair for his patented physics boot Keio painted the Dropkick perfectly but the impact on his own body to pay close attention to the whiplash effect of shit but Shane took a beating on his own but here we go the latter being at home watching this match realizing that their fathers about to be on the victory meanwhile Kevin Owens’s back to the ring get Kevin Owens [Applause] by Shane McMahon’s bride finally got to him tonight it’s over here Kevin Owens honey time off Lesnar’s blocker room we’re getting closer our championship match we’re here from the legs gonna look back at 20 years comes back down [Music] my god pitch is cashing in the ultimate opportunist Ratko Larned on buckle up teddy [Applause] late April centre earlier today this is the biggest event in California Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship so now please welcome my earlier Erin Andrews I don’t care what Erin Andrews has to say this past Monday night on Raw Rey Mysterio is preparing for a universe and there you see Brock Lesnar with an f5 to Rey Mysterio but the row and assaulting Rey Mysterio son in front of everybody I want to make this so easy even someone as his way you do the math Brock Lesnar’s going shouldn’t it’s a spoiler tonight you will hear these for the WWE Championship still the top tonight there is a reason he is [Music] and tonight Friday nights max raw Tag Team Champions Dolph Ziggler on Robert and Robert Roode on the 1300 pounds heavy machinery dwarfed right now by the humanity on his side of the Ring over the years here at WWE both born and raised in the clean line with zigzag just like that Robert larae former world champion went for the kick nisman multiple time champion as well of course the Hulk braun strowman 6-8 385 pack clubbing bloated off-camera here by strowman but less Skull Crushing finale to rude look out do a little forearm it’s Tucker Otis his partner [Applause] match hands speed with Tyson Fury set into the ringpost by sea the beauty and how Stroman permanently with the way [Applause] we know we know Tyson Fury has a reputation for being a river [Applause] WWE hostess their own side-by-side clash the legend killer versus the fight hunter hearst-helmsley versus the game the Lord and go see Gemini man the true test of youth bearer of up Friday night smackdown on Fox’s in Los Angeles tonight for sold out a longer here is the jimsy king the lineal heavyweight champion of the world of obviously Tyson Fury was dealt with the motions are high we new to the Edit has been a while night at concerning the 24/7 championship series uh I believe incidental contact Marsh and marshmallow becomes a 24-17 be 24/7 champion is that who’s the new champion because Martin’s all locked in the title go to our WWE you to the goal is lumberjack match is to control the chaos keep it inside the ring [Music] [Applause] bird not Google team with the man who is with us on commentary type Daniel Harper strange alliances formed out of this between you and Roman yeah they said I’ve had a long history with Erick Rowan he was Mike that twenty WWE Superstar surrounding the ring right now do you think their destruction all over the place and tell the television on October 22nd pre-order now no about how much I hate liars but there is nothing worse than being stated in on numerous occasions recently that his opinion might equal race I mean to be perfectly honest on multiple occasions Erick Rowan me or being behind these attacks oh yes it for being on knows more about Rumble James and Daniel Bryan and that’s not exactly what happens from Erick Rowan the big dog making his way through the mech Daniel he says this is all about respect and he says even I didn’t respect him I’m the one who saw the Pope so cooler heads trying to prevail his reigns is set back and we are back live ours were in charge of tossing the superstars back into the ring that they cook yeah Laurens been dominating during the break and you can see our own effectively using those massive fists squeezing the things middle the ring those body shots to low it in a big uppercut solutions sometimes you just have heart and the willingness to fight and that’s what I’ve got this reigns unloading on Eric rolling in the corner finally I thought he was going down but he did battling adversity but this motivated eric rowan the road agree with him at all and if I did I wouldn’t say anything the guy’s massive yeah but it’s one thing bad punch taught by Erick Rowan trying to fight out of it with a cup guy to beat this this is why I’m out here Oh clubs breathing good move that out Daniel play ago right after Luke Harper Brian and reigns on is going to be brutal this Sunday and Helen herself streaming lives a lot better as he tosses him right in to raise his old body as a weapon crossbody lateral press at the outrageous athleticism possessed by Roman reigns he’s going to take bayern claw Roman reigns No Disqualification in the lumberjack match Daniel please here is ending a way to work together tonight but will Daniel Bryan they better hope because [Applause] so let okay next the highlighted people’s elbow to the King of the Ring King claimant and together the man and the great one would humiliate side and on box coming up right now the governing struggle against smaller opponents it might seem unlikely but Co p-47 champion Rob stone he sent me Amin 3 yesterday mad words [Applause] before but Rock Lancer is the most decorated combat athlete in the hip the Beast incarnate is as legitimate as the day is 11 year journey which coma at WrestleMania with comfy whinny Kingston has legitimize his reign as WWE champions went to find out in moments if Kofi’s fairytale come crashing to a Halloween [Applause] and ladies and gentlemen it is our maid of a sponsored by Ghost Recon [Applause] [Applause] I was unbelievable Brock Lesnar to Kofi Kingston rot Kofi’s lifelong dream him and what has to be record fashion premiere night of Friday night the man whose son blender also mon-monday blaster dates of brocklander Cain Velasquez is the man who a nice party right to the rain brought Lester a shot let’s try to retreat the last time you self but he obviously brought backup don’t wanna be tough guys around will Cain Velasquez’s that’s what he knows that fact better than Brock Lesnar [Applause] see this right now I have never seen fear in the eyes of [Applause] and the Mali began and brought Leicester covering-up heavyweight championship Cain Velasquez in a WWE rain make no mistake Velasquez has arrived and the feast a big big problem and his name is Kay des alongside rey mysterio good night from los angeles

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