WWE Smackdown 02-28-17 2out of 3 Falls Match Mickie James vs Becky Lynch

WWE Smackdown  02-28-17 2out of 3 Falls Match Mickie James vs Becky Lynch

the following contest is a women’s division two [Music] speculation Mickie James have been people like rappers of the Irish last kicker hopes to see through the crafty James with straight fire tonight [Music] [Applause] this Sunday’s Wars was a big reveal to me w/e bye-bye [Music] Baro you beat me with the sheet the reference but I have a feeling Vikki James is about to get Nicki Minaj’s out here Becky Lynch is running my one chance for look Becky Lynch requested this well of course and once she beats making it to every ball I mean there’s nothing more to be said what could miki-san after that you’re pretty confident after yourself over there our counselor I am confident Becky Lynch they’re looking to settle the score in this special two out of three Falls match each owns a singles win over the other and remember it was Mickie James that will cost Becky Lynch a chance of becoming a 2-time SmackDown Women’s Champion we don’t know for sure that Becky Lynch was gonna win that match it was pretty certain John luchador comes out and turns out to be Mickie James but and then Becky Lynch loses standing switch by Mickie James what’s the strategy in a two out of three Falls match John do you want to get that first fall out of the way early and get that edge over your opponent look to me the strategy said well you win the first two Falls that’s a sound strategy WWE universe fully supporting the Irish last kicker with the arm wringer on the reinvention of Mickie James and so far so good nice cartwheel escape by Mickie James ever since Mickie James returned here to WWE she’s targeted Becky blanching she’s a first-ever draft pick for the SmackDown women’s division first-ever SmackDown Women’s Champion you understand why well you come in to make a statement you know there’s no better person to pick then Becky Lynch to be honest TIPA by Mickie James headscissors on Lynch James ends up on the apron springboard and Mickie James had that springboard sidekick well scouted Oh baseball slide dropkick by Becky Lynch the Irish last kicker isn’t Wiggles so far this Twitter three Falls match the behest of SmackDown Live GM Daniel Bryan the bitter rivalry between Mickie James and Becky Lynch now engaged in a special two out of three Falls match no Falls yet recorded in this matchup Thank You Lynsey requested as match I think right now she might be regretting that Nikki James who is a six-time champion in a previous kindom WWE just late in the big boot to the back of Becky Lynch’s neck yeah Mickie James was a great champion I mean don’t get me wrong good give me money championships on a long time Becky on the other hand back pressed by James for a two-count James has been active David she just hadn’t been in the wabe so it’s not like there’s a lot necessarily more rust on Mickie James now I’m not saying that but she’s going up against someone who just was smackdowns first Women’s Champion and the smackdowns first draft pick in deck knowledge you gotta go after somebody go after the number one person that doesn’t cross face by James but Becky Lynch back up to a vertical base and Lynch eats a vicious need from Mickie James and there’s the snapmare like you Lynch avoiding that attack and running over Mickie James with a series of maggots Rock kick by Becky Lynch live firearm in the corner by Becky Lynch Oh Mickie James discernible tall great counter by Mickie James sending Becky Lynch face-first into that middle turnbuckle turning the tables in this two and three Falls match Mickey day chain and Mickie James with a bad press hooks the leg takes up what nothing nicotine I can’t Becky Lynch even the score get back into this – one two three Falls match match out alive Mickie James scoring first blood up one nothing in this best – 1 a 3 Falls match against a Becky Lynch and she just whipped Lynch into the corner yeah don’t forget Becky Lynch was the one that requested this here in the Minneapolis where Medusa’s started their Hall of Fame career or used to seeing great women athletes there’s are two of the best right here lateral press hooks a leg and Mickie James looking to score two consecutive Falls to win the match goes for the cutter again talk about the personal issues between these two superstars we’ll think about it this dominance in the SmackDown women’s division we know Alexa bliss Smackdown Women’s Champion the relationship between Mickie James and Alexa that don’t fit these two women are thinking about it how did he go to the NBA what are you gonna do you go after LeBron James you go up your Steph Curry Oh back kick by Becky Lynch finds its target and she just leveled Mickie James flapjack countered by James with a Kip up to a point Mickie James wants to prove she is a formidable force in the smackdown women’s division and wants to eliminate her nemesis Ben Lynch once and for all and Nikki wants to do it in spectacular fashion all the way to the high rent district Becky Lynch Awards and so it comes down to the foolin Mickie James wasting little time and going back on the attack my drama smacked on live who is going to emerge victorious in this 203 falls madly go flinch just like that Beck he’s back in it – you’re right but Becky’s not able to capitalize here comes Smackdown Women’s Champion Alexa bliss I don’t blame Alexa come out here for a closer look it’s a great match I put a big chick dance and mrs. Wickham it kick down the shutters backdraft hooks a leg better come on [Applause] wicked James runs into Alexa bliss [Applause] and that’s the disarmer here is your winner by submission that King launched the iris last kicker one of the match smackdown line gia Daniel Bryan up the ante and in the end Becky Lynch delivered the Victoria it’s a huge win for Becky Lynch she’s got to be feeling great and there’s nothing else to be said for Mickie James yeah I agreed to David let’s go the satisfaction of making legs she’s good life piggy Jim since biggie James came back in the finally with us two out of three ball bats a little bit of closer into a success that’s always a good feeling and look like right here at Mickey James was the one didn’t lose his old legs are calming down great counter by Becky Lynch right into the disarmer she’s got a cinched in that’s it gotta tab [Applause] good night for Becky Lynch and so to come on Smackdown live we find out who will Main Event WrestleMania [Music]

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