Wwe SmackDown 10 October 2019 Highlights Full Show ; WWE Smack Down 10 October 2019

Wwe SmackDown 10 October 2019 Highlights Full  Show ; WWE Smack Down 10 October 2019

[Music] are you loud and clear all this Yammer and you’re doing and spouting your mouth off okay I’m your boss so tonight you have the night off I do not have to rule with an iron fist someone needs to teach you the lesson is to be tonight and it should be me [Music] as we welcome you to Smackdown live Tom weren’t you up there – no I’m [Music] you’re lying or not oh yeah but maybe BJ’s and I’m ready to go prepared Bernardo ladies gentlemen introducing back to last night not to have seen was the face of one Kevin Owens Kevin Owens has challenged me to a match at SummerSlam so Kevin Owens as it pertains to your challenge I accept if he loses to me then Kevin Owens will quit I believe we have heard those words from Kevin Owens before but don’t take my word for it let’s roll the footage this is a little over a year ago on Monday Night Raw if some little rivalry was set Lowndes Kevin Owens was extraordinary emotional Mike Witt but this time I want it in writing oh I don’t like him but I want to see you beat up saying [Applause] is that you’re not smart because you are and you just proved it by digging out that footage didn’t want to piss anyone off and trust me when I say that it’s not who I am today the only problem for you Shane is because at SummerSlam I’m gonna beat the living hell out of you if you like to match at SummerSlam you better hit you better stop it right there we’re going to see Kevin Owens in action and your opponent is wrong but he wants to see them fight each other so he can make the bows afterwards they’ll be joined by W hollow Famers Shawn Michaels is here Shunsuke Nakamura just when I thought you’ve already proven yourself as such a brilliant leader it’s beyond brilliant okay it’s it’s Jesus oh wow we need a special guest referee drew McIntyre special guest referee I think you should be a special guest time of course I think tonight’s match needs a special guest ring announcer David this is ridiculous we’ve got rolling Rangers Kevin Owens for that to macintosh’ special guest referee especially announcer and whose request [Music] we can receive stream rules papal real time online and opening and bam I seek title yeah we may not like shins K we’ve gone to battle many times but Eddie’s apply [Applause] [Music] one say you guys have been in the ring with Apollo Bruce Bruce has spoken up first and finally he’s asserting himself so we’ll see what he’s got Apollo goes at this match where if he defeats his gimmick were at season seven said but look he’s got Supremes but the power to I would say it’s very hard to come by a man it’s kids wiggling all the blood run to his brain and he drops it that’s for a guy like me kondal championships gang brews contender champion he might earn himself a clown for eternity David you Apollo Chris has done so much over the last few weeks of power since get his money raised nibble I’m gonna hear for Apollo freezers gotta get back I’m back inside the ring angle some more smiling huge right now what if I his name-o shouldn’t work in the gut the abdomen why here tonight we’re effort Tommy’s got to get it done but he was not very close this is a new bad attitude [Music] somebody where are your friends Cruz [Applause] where have you been all day huh don’t worry Sonya I’ve been taking care of business we’re getting a match next week wait you deserve a tag team title match the Heartbreak Kid will be on new TV tonight’s match the next I gotta take the pen I gotta put it back in my in I gotta rewrite my story Julie only for the story to take a turn on for him to get injured then replaced and then forgot and I don’t care what anybody has to say about it because the pen is in my hand and not there Ali will go down in history for a story three welcome to biz TV let’s take a look at the amazing night we had at raw reunion shall we I am just as excited to be standing in this ring right now as I was on day y’all look just like you buckshot let me hear you make some in Tampa Florida and always going after Mick Foley look at if you call these people legends I don’t respect any of these people we got to [Applause] I’m going down for one more round door slid open and there was Ron Simmons and that’s the bottom line ladies and gentlemen please get up out of your seats Shawn Michaels [Applause] with the X last night my god last night some superstars like myself loved interacting with the legend new young talents time but who I mean it’s hard to turn down so we enjoy everything to be honest everybody had a plaque where you know speaking of that raw reunion you know we as you notice you’ll plug it again the marine six close quarters out on DVD right now Sean’s amazing in it and in the words of Seth Rollins of burning it down happy to be there nope mark is I used to idolize you and we all used to idolize you it’s embarrassing it’s Goldberg in a wrestling ring you were embarrassing you were embarrassing I’m not gonna disagree with you I was embarrassed except being known as a second-rate Sean Michael there’s only one second-rate Shawn Michaels out here right now and I’m looking at him well people like me made a career something already so I will say again do something about it [Applause] there’s men strolling to someone movers is Claire next chili pepper matchup salad we’re one-on-one at Burger King Toronto’s sold out at the Scotiabank arena Elliot’s SummerSlam [Applause] but hey a wins a win I take you to it [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] the time we have the largest reunion at WWE on the Monday night we’re all in Union through McIntyre’s a special guest referee on the WWE Network innocent WWE Network exclusive one-hour special event Byron Saxton is not with us here tonight because of the loss of we love you buddy [Music] the man who I hope will accept this challenge and before he comes out here is Randy Orton guys this is a moral challenge my comité of Kofi and Randy had a long history Kofi knows what Randy Orton is all about Randy Orton Center has been all too well since he had the championship around his weight now Randy we got a little bit of history don’t we November 16th they remember here’s a little refresher for you that moment still gives me goosebumps to this day now that’s not what happened at all let’s talk about the truth okay because ever since that moment I kept on grinding I kept on pushing and I became what you never wanted me to be Jimmy you think that I used my influence you’re damn right I did you weren’t ready back then Kofi what about my 18 years on top because all I had to do was be Randy Orton and with me what you see is what you get this years past WrestleMania it’s only because of me that you had a title shot so what I’m trying to say in a nutshell Kofi is that you don’t deserve I can take it from you whenever I want well why don’t we put that to the test at SummerSlam for the WWE Championship you got it [Applause] [Music] Roman reigns when Alex was not a bad pull-up between these two superstars and Samoa Joe is next we are back here on Smackdown live is Randy Orton the man that before the commercial break co-leader was a bit disturbing to me at lon it seems like Kofi Kingston over the last couple of months continues to try to correct with yeah that’s true but I know Kofi I came up with around the same time a SummerSlam for Kofi Kingston it is got worried about some lower justice so why would Jose upset rise of the spear at the end Samoa Joe wants to be in the championship picture make a point about wearing the Orkneys sitting out here at ringside whose decade-plus up in these matches against the Samoa Joe’s to the world he defeated Samoa Joe at Extreme Rules but at what cost in Norton pointed out he was the one who injured on Liam’s had his brothers helped him along the way then maybe the point light of the week David you’ve been in this business for a long long time some are told that a contaminate the coachee can’t keep doing this night is a night out especially between everything that Kingston does in this context mr. mojo he to war with everybody he’s in there with big city we are back here on Smackdown LAN dire situation here for the Duggan Thunder champion David you noticed then Randy or has not taken his eyes off the champion his student of the game and he’s out here Pink Floyd’s two rookies player back in is a from Cole three going up against Randy Orton [Applause] be seeing a prelude to SummerSlam here this is a much different Randy Orton than ten years ago as well Shane McMahon is creating this matchup it’s Roman reigns vs. Kevin Owens obviously I mean this match is just punishment sold out by Shane McMahon well that’s what you say David but nonetheless Kevin Owens is gonna have to fight brand-new tailor this hero’s return arriving for a while recovered yet from what happened to over the hand to the feed that Fowler is live next July [Music] oh we are back here on Smackdown live peach a litter since Kay Nakamura for the year continental title the following night on Raw that really grabbed the attention let’s take a look then how do you think you ended up in Bray Wyatt’s crosshairs Kayla I don’t know how Bray Wyatt’s mind works Kayla I can’t explain any of it so Bray Wyatt I’m here to challenge you to a match at SummerSlam you my friend are so brave you ready for some big news it’s officially accepting your challenge at SummerSlam I should warn you though we’ll all be a part as stipulations in this matchup and it’s all next exams gonna be happy without shame advantage again trying to put there more obstacles in the way one step ahead Toronto Kevin Owens loses he quits right please give it a warm welcome spotlight for lives well it could be a timekeeper full-time at the wasting a fabulous acquisition and Smackdown history drew McIntyre true maca tired even more difficult for why not with Roman entire Owens we are back here on Smackdown live you can see these special guest ring announcer for our special guest timekeeper is elias over here this is going to be fun Kevin Owens is walking into Tremont man brought up the tapeworm the got a year ago where was Kevin Owens you will not see him quit at SummerSlam better women and the big dog across the ring from it how do you react how do you move forward because Kevin Owens isn’t the only one that is has issues with shade but you’re right he’s got issues with every single person out here no it is this is how you use power again ladies and gentlemen in this corner Rome in the rain and in this corner Kevin oh and you know what say to bet you think you’re real funny you think you’re real smart so you’re getting dropped tonight whether you liked it or not well Miami it looks like I’m a whoop everybody’s ass tonight inside the ring the special guest referee is Owens and rains locker good job by McIntyre that’s fair and square so far and again room at the tiles [Applause] there comes McIntyre from behind who has the numbers one beat down on Roman reigns exactly what he wants but the other two do the work he’ll come in and pick the bone Romans defenseless yeah real tough Shane is [Applause] is that gonna be the scene at SummerSlam he doesn’t have to quit WWE [Applause] Owens out to put it to an end I don’t think there’s any doubt about that well I’m gonna make Shane McMahon actually enjoyable because I promised but Shane McMahon as a couple of weeks guys to get ready Owens and Shane and Toronto

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