WWE SmackDown 9 October 2019 Highlights -WWE SmackDown Live 09/10/ 19 Highlights Replay

WWE SmackDown 9 October 2019 Highlights -WWE SmackDown Live 09/10/ 19 Highlights  Replay

[Music] [Applause] [Music] two things are clear here the yes movement is alive and well here Ryan and Seth matter and this would matter big-time if Dolph were able to pull this off and we are underway Brian Ziggler start tonight and the largest Royal Rumble ever it be a great story but it’s completely impossible Cole I mean let’s be serious we’re back in the ring now he looks to eliminate Daniel Bryan one thing Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler a known for only four men and hips history of won the Royal Rumble match from the number one and number two position we’re involved 49 other superstars a 50 man Rumble this ballgame Daniel Bryan’s three right here in front of us on the top rope Ziggler’s trying Bryan’s hanging on let’s get the rumble here now it’s Ziggler in trouble Ziggler hanging on for dear life and Ziggler bottom rope they will just rake the eyes of Bryan as well both Ziggler and Bryan entire were going to defer all 50 of these competitors to really solidify their status within the WWE Universe Oh Carl’s got a lot of room to play with to the ring see Cara top rope gonna flop aunt on bikes to the hamstrings and out Dolph Ziggler and seat breaker there now with Ziggler and now caught him with an elbow hated by Euler Daniel Bryan looking to eliminate Ziggler Fortier lives here [Applause] you imagine Michael : Curtis axel were to win the greatest Royal Rumble to make a name for yourself first ever greatest Royal Rumble you kidding me and throughout his career Brian Nash still taking the fight one man has been eliminated so far that Bain but after you expend that much energy in the early moments you really need to save some of the tank yes Ross paces axles all fired eliminate Dolph here but Dolph hanging on a tree number five Henry in his career Mark Henry just deducted into the WWE Hall of Fame how about Nick Curtis axle Mark Henry’s been here for a week in Saudi Arabia been an ambassador for WWE I retired ten months ago but I want one more accomplishment to add to my resume now Curtis axel in trouble could be world Strongest Slam time over the top one head let’s all it’s okay Daniel Bryan goes Ziggler working as a team art cousin Royal Rumbles have not fared well they’re big targets as we await entry number six new members of the monday night raw roster mike pinellas of course the husband of maria having good performance here tonight in this match definitely make Maria Brown at home their new baby prof that’s a little bit unusual [Music] with you a power love fear record careless can’t believe it as team to Brian now but they get and now it’s Mark Henry working on Daniel Bryan right hand I think Mark Henry as you mentioned may help fight Canelo set a record here tonight oh no guys is Pirozhki assuming mega look at the size of her Okies is from Japan 13 years in sumo wrestling 6 foot 4 for patient maybe like two Volkswagens colliding right now the world Strongest Man how about two pyaar ki Bono Big Show not jumping 20 bono victorious over Big Show [Applause] sue me and Henry subi and we had no time away entry number eight angles Ziegler fixer of the Ascension coming down full speed ahead newest member of itself here tonight Victor sprinted to that ring understand that you have a very limited window of opportunity to a nice victor caught himself Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler started this hollow on it Victor Cole Rumble could also do do things for his partner Connor as well Ryan on the apron Brian Brian just hanging on trying to oh they probably saw me apron Victor now going on to the top rope this Saudi Arabia and all he got was a broken arm and Bryan and Ziggler go back at it once again as we match WWE Kofi’s although lunging time would you know he’d love to end the cinderella story of Daniel Bryan here tonight look beat staying on and wisely so because Ziggler and Bryan have done a good job a little eighty men wanting to help the Mark Henry earlier [Applause] and from 2:05 live the cruiserweights show here the rivalry with his full buddy group Kulak on Tuesday nights of the states the big time off the South Col be taken aback by the high-flying moves of Tony nice Tony nice as he looks to eliminate Kofi Kingston this be incredible the eliminates robots a smart strategy and Kofi Kingston right back to work on Dolph Ziggler and how thing is about to get more crowded than it’s been thus far what half of the revival is – Wilder yeah number 11 first don’t rumble in his career oh cool Oh eat men to enter 39 be exact feel like every time we see Thomas Ziggler in a Royal Rumble match we always ask the same question how is he hanging on coming [Applause] by the time you get to the ring he’s gonna help eliminate – Wilder no way anybody’s properties going up up swoggle is going to go to the top why did you ruin it no don’t say I’m single it with a superkick golf new B foot 9 420 he’s thick will you stop oh what’s wrong with his face oh my god too much coal stop it gonna call someone a negative Nancy or something I’m gonna hit you his career repo cologne it’s flown under the radar here WW but himself a pre most part of smack now looking to eliminate 205 lives Tony niece who is still in there entered in the two men who started Bryan and Ziggler are still in this match well we’re gonna eliminate Tony nice he’s hanging on though Hornswoggle was a surprise to me I wasn’t aware he was in the field thinking with my heart not my brain Savior Woodson goes right to work helping out his buddy Kofi Kingston ever the new day said one of their men my very eyes I can’t believe Francesca actually made it a parents here tonight the greatest Royal Rumble city trouble hanging on to Xavier woods primo I believe thought he eliminated can Kofi Kingston miraculously survived baby Ramos trying to pry the fingers of woods off Hiromi is legal inside the greatest Royal Rumble match right Cole’s no disqualification exactly promotion taketh Savior Woods is brought me to the top I know leagues and I was trying to explain it Ziggler its wins [Applause] that’s undeniable and better ABS a lot more hair they’re gonna celebrate nobody will ever replace biggie nice ABS dance moves it’s Friday I know hey Kofi Kingston hanging out yet again like when Tebow joined the Mets it’s a whole new story just as inspiration he’s double-a now and Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan have now been in this match for 20 minutes the two men to start the greatest game for position who’s going to get it can’t believe as we await number 16 we remember that I don’t think [Applause] a runner up back in 2002 her dangled general manager of raw Oh be able to bring that trophy in that championship title to raw by Ziggler you know what sigh you know what I think is incredible Kurt Angle is the 16th century in angle that’s how long he was in the ring after entering the match at number 2 eliminated angles eliminated a handful of men here in this matchup a little gift to God warmers smackdown live general manager and Kofi and woods two guys who’ve never should be allowed in charge of anything he’s a bruiser Corey absolutely right no flips just been Royal Rumble match like this a victory for one partner can do great things for both Scott Dawson as we take another look at Dolph Ziggler nearly 22 minutes spent in this match Ziggler unceremoniously removed from the greatest Royal Rumble eliminated by Kurt Angle also Ryan this is an ideal situation for Xavier woods of Kofi Kingston’s working over clear deck who’s it gonna be Uwe enters his 13 rumble only one man is many more to Beijing longer Goldust around the faster he gets the tougher he gets look at Daniel Bryan off in the corner person on the top rope with Kofi Kingston Kofi might be out Oh Bryan almost went out Oh Daniel brows goal but it’s in trouble not above spoiling Daniel Bryan still erupted Cinderella story brian is back achievements a second member of the ascension his way to the ring get paid buy plane tickets back home immediately going after Kobe advantage I’m having your partner in this match shot at a kidney that insurance policy is going to be with those with all three members in the match well let’s hope for everybody else with a great job try to eliminate Daniel Bryan Daniel Bryan has gone over the target somebody else maybe your woods and was just trying to double leg Colonel it didn’t work all right chop that I did say was smart [Music] [Applause] [Music] who wants to walk with the lies and it’s no surprise WWE hold your applause man in a concert the Royal Rumble and here’s Elias into the match this rules Elias rules wrong with you Michael I’ll tell you what’s wrong with me remember to have Kurt Angle may be eliminated you know what Cole I was gonna say something nice about Elias for once but you wouldn’t shy [Music] I disagree with you strongly Meyer and I’ve been telling you the bigger they are the bigger the target is now and it’s Daniel Bryan and Kurt Angle what a classic matchup in the middle of the rang to Allah Fernando come the world-famous it kicks yes I have is Daniel Bryan in the predicament here the submission won’t do a whole straps come down that’s bad news fraud Kurtz’s boss there’s got to be a conflict of interest of some sort for Kurt Angle but regardless he was here no I do I had the dubious distinction of being the first person eliminated in sheet when he looks ready to go Corey it’s a long strip over I know I understand I supported wholeheartedly gonna do it in this match after entering at number one for thirty minutes a full half-hour very very stereo he lasted 62 minutes one year to win the rumble in 2006 number 23 is coming [Applause] his waves human anatomy a submission specialist oh and looking cool I go always looking for that next big offer to me the first match he ever won in his career his entire career was a battle royal place submission and grappling I don’t know if that lends it though battle royal environment but anything could have water and gallows made him pay but you have an issue with your eyes being treated rude Cole number 24 coming [Applause] readily fast incredibly agile and a heavy hitter in every sense of the word is a tremendous amateur wrestle incredible talent is Tucker night and there’s the power of the sleeper hold but Tucker’s trying to fight his way out of it definitely is the size and power advantage but Gulick says night gonna face off this could be an interesting matchup Hey walked right into us huge right handful [Applause] [Music] [Applause] the first Royal Rumble and Bobby Roode’s career was not a part of the genuine WWE careers what a spinebuster dawson just got picked up the victory but the record books shows Elias won there you go Cole you jinx them zigzoo it’s like the Sports Illustrated cover curse and Goldust mycrop to Scott Dawson think about Bobby Roode when he first appeared on warmer home with himself it certainly appeared that might have been decaying root sediment in the corner on the screen you goof and here we go now then fun dangled on earth can you support chinchilla fur Saxton you savage unloading on gallows at the corner you know gallows and Rhino looking together back into the ring you know Cole there goes your boys fiery get up there save it Bobby Roode’s jaw chad gable would perhaps the biggest win of his singles career Monday Night Raw when he beat prove is worth 2012 Olympian two Olympians Royce a 100 pound plus Tucker night on his shoulders a little bit of chat bad what all night a man that size didn’t used to being picked up that high here’s an interesting matchup 28 [Applause] we’re in Saudi Arabia if you gotta we talked about ray earlier he won the 2006 Royal Rumble match when he last too long ago in January when race shocked the WWE Universe with his return Bobby Roode Mysterio go in the fashion police whoa jacket world unbelievable Rey Mysterio is here two minutes number twenty-nine coming Oh Joe Rolly who knows how to win big events like this he won the Andre the Giant memorial battle would blow Joe’s parents actually got engaged here in Saudi Arabia mojo has definitely dialed up the intensity in recent months but it’s a matter of you know we were having a lot of fun a lot of exciting entries into this matchup but let’s not forget it’s unbelievable hearted hard to fathom the Daniel Bryan just Royal Rumble match ever number 30 on his way I knew with Tyler breeze the team right boggle with some words of encouragement for Tyler breeze these two have friends would you know about friends Saxton oh just like that after night didn’t look too carried away too excited in this I stressed if I has been in this match for 43 minutes that you would think look at a bride that he just kissed a them impressive no foul he’s number 31 coming damn [Applause] my veins have just been running down to the ring biggie yes custome flapjacks carve up da middle stretch this is just wildly inappropriate big ending oh look out guys good night Tucker right big there’s pancakes throughout the Rings this is a hazardous situation for anybody to into the largest history [Music] very very good play oh man oh and there’s a fire it up Carl Anderson hang it on he did go over the top rope so Big E kicks him off Ferry Building to fill up with more and more competitors [Applause] and here come please drive and he’s got the endurance he’s got the power he’s got a low center of gravity Apollo shuo crews putting on a show I’d be enough to get shoutouts cable eliminated man hit hard because attention towards Daniel Bryan we’ve been hearing forever in a day from titus O’Neil about titus worldwide still fighting still going strong after it entering at number one a dream perform Rey Mysterio like raise one of the Aquabats Elias hates all things good music from Brian everything Brian is throwing tonight has had a little extra dynamite behind there we go again God irra the tag-team champions this is Roderick Strong Robert so other veteran experience a world of success Roddy could win this thing of the backbreaker I was pausing forget there’s no way this is my guy oh Lord Roderick Strong nice try nose eliminated I’m telling you right now Ronnie’s my pick it doesn’t matter thirty five Ronnie versus the world how he lives his life that’s why fiction [Applause] his name is Randy Orton totally changes the complexion of this matchup that’s who you call it odds on favorite Joe Rowley Gordon is cleaning house Apollo Cruz has no clue he’s even in Saudi Arabia’s class on the way home no chance the Orton showing us uh hey I’ve been Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio go back and forth this is incredible history between Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan indeed Randy was one of the road Ryan had to overcome alive still though though though staying Elias Elias almost eliminate by Slater he’s in trouble Elias hey you kick with your toe dum-dum look at Daniel go go now in trouble in the corner as Randy Orton looks to eliminate Mysterio [Applause] from NXT oh my sixth and he goes 355 absolute rings and look at this big man go he’s quick superstars are watching this closely the plane is still in and you see how he looked up yeah I think Brian’s having second thoughts about Daniel Bryan’s chest [Applause] the Andre the Giant memorial battle I still didn’t go over the top rope but he felt shoulder first into the steps in the past maybe squandered a few opportunities along the way but the lone wolf has a new hex almost drove Mysterio through the ring Baron Corbin really the dark face picker the super things in store Corbin under the ropes still not eliminated body minutes as routes eliminated by Corbin Corbin has been a one-man wrecking crew there goes and the ordinate Daniel Bryan on their knees do it one after poppets number 39 into the rumble 39 men maybe he’s had dinner with many princes and very important people and he just trying to slide into the red titus O’Neil trying to get into the ring and tie the city on Sprint they went headfirst through that that reminded me of when titus o’neil was trying to carry a king in front of you I don’t go there all right oh my god six nine three underpants used to be an offensive lineman made the very very impressive the little bit that I’ve seen from him at the performance center and beyond history say what you want about railing or witness what can you say Dominic let’s watch it again it’s incredible I’ve tried to worry he thought that Steve Austin won three Royal Rumble on earth is he’s still hanging on Heath Slater left looking to make a name for himself to be the one [Applause] it’s gonna get these hands look abroad licking his lips pumpkins right now isopod stroll down on a local TV station here it’s starting a rape i braun strowman might be the only person that can make eating hummus frightening but [Applause] made it look easy dad they fell ice not eliminated either life’s just told me he just told me he’s still in that handling his business right here bought by strohman not good ham three four strowman the important thing to realize is titus is still in the math monster among men this is what you’re gonna have to do if you want any chance of roman great strategy by the remaining superstars in this match superhuman power at titus o’neil go back under the rank titus oh and there goes ty Dillon sure he didn’t last long and here’s my quick parent Corbin I know drop kick by or on the mark by orden stroll bits down that might be the recipe to eliminate prawns big kick from Ray oh my gosh she’s been in this match over 30 minutes what a performance a hundred percent deserves accolade but elias Kenshin hang out outside the ring yeah I don’t believe her taki there’s any chance I think he actually has better chance just turn it around go and find him with you through a big hog market rollin punk-ass ever enter the match Hawkins try to run away it’s right it was drove was gonna bring Hawkins in the ring just so he could throw him back the woman is gonna force fuckin stooge elations just got blasted out Daniel Bryan still in the match I’m burger Mina it’s hard to look at Hawkins hair we get a steel post can you imagine if Elias eliminate strowman in this match tonight I’m sure you have as you went shoulder first into the post and an incredible performance tonight by Elias I formitz many people within WWE say Elias is already a Mick this will be entry number 44 of 15 men [Applause] the man who makes domination look easy bobby lashley once again like he’s shot on a cannon former member of the US Army Bobby oh but he ran into a clothesline a man of few words but big actions I got cut elias in half Lashley 6-3 2-6 de fire let’s see how many actually got rocked oh but a leapfrog Wow I mean calm show apply be on Raw Monday I don’t think you have to worry about it Elias 30 dork showdown they were partners Monday it’s every man for himself tonight strolling Lashley get it here comes Daniel Bryan Oh ever they under Daniel rise absolutely reckless right now I’ve got a man with incredible wind [Applause] be present match with full career remember [Music] Perrine down to the ring you’re that big that’s all you really do is lastly Great Khali and poor old Daniel Bryan of these things is not almost lastly oh my god and another one – Daniel Bryan and imagine that crashing down on the top of your cranium believe it’s a bushel lastly I told you honey made the trip from India Stroeve and uh well actually didn’t even wait he realizes the moment we are about to enter number 46 this match Jessie’s Ryan still moving right now [Applause] a dress entering kayo clear the deck here comes another boom Kevin Owens my Newton we all know the history between Owens and Brian when privacy general manager of eighties and gentlemen has set the record he’s lasted longer than any man in the history of donuts for Daniel Bryan here tonight glad Bryan got to break the record because his road isn’t gonna Lau away entry number 47 here we go it goes say Trey bar Santo Mac whether Kevin Owens like a cheat Byron Saxton suit but and look at Shane o Mac first ever greatest Royal Rumble right hand by Kevin Owens rubber beat up Kevin Owens so though you got shaving oh wow braun strowman lastly at Kevin Owens said remember guys it’s every man for himself and Brian no longer general manager of SmackDown the world-famous yes kicks the Shane McMahon is joining in Shane McMahon has been await the loyal guy called look at this this ain’t over Shelton Benjamin yeah man allied Shelton been chances with this spot in the rumble credible athlete looking at this taken that was timid Shelton with immediately targets Shane McMahon had the Commissioner or the Joey psycho takes a lot of frustration in the last few weeks that he should ready to be a champion on Smackdown live Benjamin now delivers while strowman just tosses them away Kevin Owens scream ganging up on strowman lastly joining the Frank they’d love to eliminate the monster oh my man here what’s swinging wildly the explosion of humanity caused by braun strowman cut casas meow shelton benjamin follows it up with a name Ron strobing continues to be the primary trouble everyone teaming up taking out the monster among men how much damage it Shan do to himself in the power a big squisher in the corner Kevin Owens flattened by big casts big Bobby Lashley final entry in the world’s largest I know it’s been a long day remember the night that Kevin Owens turned on Chris Jericho lost a load in the middle of the Ring Jericho’s back so much bitch TLB released between these two points in a Royal Rumble match Jericho still in it the breaker guys there are bodies everywhere Shelton eliminated looking for the walls is your Jericho shrug he knows it’s to punish him what’s Owens to pay for his sins Jericho has not forgotten what Kevin god whoo right to the face of Jericho in the ring Jericho’s Bell I don’t know what willing to try one of his own Oh God brainbuster by Babak that’s Daniel Bryan sorry with a suplex to cage or some of the hazards when you’ve got this many but strong he’s the stars to prove it yes kicks to Kevin Owens it’s not going to be slick it falls down to the corner great strategy now Daniel oh and right to the face of Owen sighs look at this ain’t no back is going up top again oh Mack going up top again wait a minute Shane McMahon to the time Oh Shane McMahon went crashing through the table he was going for another Costa two tectonic plates of the earth Oh Lord through the table I see great now bobby lashley is bobby just eliminated we’re dealing with Shane I couldn’t quite see what happened was lady went over the tables out by strowman washed up behind Brian probably pulling the Lully remarkable and out Daniel Bryan taking it to strowman as well the strobe was on face continues fighting no no no no no no and look at Roman is eliminated by Daniel big cast came up limping and Cassius [Applause] 20 hours 16 minutes five seconds up there so we’re down to Cass and strowman and we got Ashley has been eliminated right as far as I could disprove it one of these two men are gonna win the largest Royal Rumble in his swing this would be for Cash’s career cash sender from and still hanging on roaming with it about to get these hands loads of the top rope [Applause] it was exhausting monster among men endured survived and just won the father of amend rules and Jenna let’s take a look back and he just threw it let’s just he literally throws Shane from the top rope through that still had business to attend to in the form of another 7-footer before being eliminated by big cash Daniel Bryan enough contender Brian to hang his head but in the end only one could reign supreme as the winner of the focaccia these hands have been gotten braun strowman makes history and there it is the trophy presentation [Music] and first Roman not only the trophy michl is saying he has etched his name into history the whole time I knew it all along everyone in the kingdom of saudi a relation of an absolutely historic night here in Jeddah the greatest royal rumble 2030 [Music] braun strowman out last spring what a moment what at night in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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